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  1. Cool weather trout fishing
  2. 11/5/14 Farmington River, CT....Dry fly season winding down
  3. Big trout surrounded by little trout: what do you do?
  4. Margaree salmon, late NB Runs - thoughts on Binocs - ASF, Oct. 23
  5. Didn't get skunked!
  6. nice brook trout
  7. Great Lakes Salmon and Steelhead
  8. ASF RIVERNOTES and other Salmon News - Oct. 18, 2014
  9. Fishing with the Original Tenkara Bum
  10. The luckiest man, a trip home.
  11. Wisconsin Salmon Fishing
  12. Horsepower rods - thoughts? Jerking steelhead in.
  13. Summer Dry Fly Fishing
  14. Falling leaves and MEAT!
  15. Wormy trout! Yuck!
  16. Lackawanna River
  17. Mad River fall report
  18. Kootenai in October?
  19. Move on or change up?
  20. Esopus Creek report
  21. Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report
  22. Trip report and new rod
  23. Pictures, please: what flies are you carrying lately?
  24. Flyline age?
  25. Reel Weight for 7ft Split Cane
  26. Steelhead season on the Salmon River ?
  27. Today's Fishing Report Salmon River Pulaski NY
  28. Big Brown Trout
  29. Cali Trout?
  30. when is it too late
  31. Poor old Black Earth Creek
  32. Want to hit the beaverkill, NY
  33. Recs for fishing near Denver
  34. Housatonic River
  35. Fall 2014 Landlocked Salmon thread
  36. adding weight to nymphs/strike indicators
  37. Alaska Rainbows in early November?
  38. Broke in the new 3wt
  39. First morning in Michigan.
  40. Upper Delaware
  41. Steelhead in New York
  42. Funny thing
  43. Bull Trout
  44. ASF RIVERNOTES & other ASF News - Sept. 3, 2014
  45. New Zealand
  46. Pics from my first ever trout trip
  47. Awesome day for big trout
  48. Size Does Matter
  49. No CO Fishing East of I25
  50. A Tip for New Guys on the Long Follow
  51. First Fish on Bamboo
  52. Rainy Day
  54. surpise catch
  55. Trip Report to YNP and Madison River
  56. Advice for slow, deep pools.
  57. My exciting trip to the Dean River
  58. The mighty atlantic
  59. Low water/ tough day
  60. Upcoming trip to the Madison and YNP
  61. Late reds
  62. Brookville tail water?
  63. externally new to ff help please
  64. Fly Fishing in Almost Heaven WV
  65. Problem fishing a dropper
  66. AK beginner
  67. Farmington River, CT....a close 2nd to the Upper Delaware
  68. First Guided trip on the Jefferson!
  69. Absorbine Jr. On fly line?
  70. Upper West Branch Delaware Dry Fly fishing 7/30 7/31
  71. Need more help?
  72. Barbless/Dry/Long Shank-anybody make this hook?
  73. Need help!!
  74. Abel Super 6
  75. Upper Green Wyoming Fly advice
  76. From Salmon River NY to Pere Marquette MI
  77. Jeed's Journal: I swear I am NOT Horrible
  78. $2.00 Seine Net
  79. North Fork of the White River, Missouri
  80. PA to CA gettin the drift
  81. Montana Fly Fishing Help
  82. It was a great birthday on the Yellow Breeches
  83. Trout Stream Investigation
  84. Best Buddy learning to fly fish and I.
  85. fishing the flatbrook
  86. Mad river ohio
  87. 6/30 WB Delaware River dry fly action
  88. All Day May- New Fly pattern
  89. Streamer junkies!
  90. New here.....
  91. Lots of fish
  92. Leader choice for ultra light 2hander switch rods.
  93. An Evening with the Drakes (pic heavy)
  94. Rubber net advice
  95. Fall Rogue River OR, Trip Advice
  96. how often do you keep your catch?
  97. 5-weight rod review
  98. advice on my first fly rod.
  99. GOLDEN DORADO - Techniques, Flies, Rods, Reels, etc ????
  100. Tanago
  101. Beaverkill river info.
  102. Dean River Gear?
  103. Fathers Day on my home stream
  104. Brookies, Brookies oh my.
  105. Missoula Montana BRO style (Pics included)
  106. Skill level- Dries vs nymphs.
  107. Last minute trip to the reef
  108. What Should A Certain Type Trout Look Like?
  109. Big fish, small flies
  110. Have you ever forgot...
  111. Help ID this fish
  112. Wanting to throw more streamers, sink tip?
  113. Central PA explosion
  114. Ever set yourself oddball artificial challenges & limitations?
  115. Farmington River, Housatonic River, CT.
  116. Some nice videos Trout Fisherman might like!
  117. Fantastic Deal on Atlantic Salmon Book
  118. North Platte - July 9th
  119. Pike Leaders
  120. Aggravating day
  121. 5/27 Beaverkill River Browns taking March brown dries
  122. Indicator with a hook?
  123. Northwest steelhead question
  124. The Simple Things...
  125. First Fly Rod Help! Allen,Redinton,St.croix or Loop
  126. Eleven Mile Canyon 5/4/14
  127. Grannums question
  128. Common Cents Rod Rating Method...interesting results
  129. What Line?
  130. Good day of dry fly fishing Farmington river 5/12
  131. Southern Rockies in HD
  132. How Big Of Brown Trout Will This Stream Hold?
  133. Davidson River, NC 5/9
  134. Question about sulphur spinner "hatch"
  135. San Juan in New Mexico
  136. Is there a "Best" time of day to catch trout?
  137. Define "in the film"
  138. Mittersill Austria
  139. Trout tactics AFTER the rain...
  140. The Gunpowder River in Maryland
  141. Tails of pools suck
  142. What is up with this trout?
  143. Wading the Salmon River
  144. Newbie Going to Yellowstone needs advice
  145. Fist taste of success!
  146. T-8 to T-14 and single-handed rods
  147. Salmon river , New York
  148. 1st dryfly trout of 2014....less than 1 hour from NYC
  149. How to Fish/Breakdown/Approach Waters Unfamiliar To You?
  150. Dry Fly Fix - A pictorial
  151. Beautiful day Northwest Arkansas Rainbows getting good
  152. Indicator Fly Heresy!
  153. Big Lake Harbor Help Needed!
  154. Steelhead Alley
  155. Magic river ?
  156. Small Public Lake Stockers
  157. New to Spring Fishing Near Denver
  158. California North Coast fishing trip report........ Long read!
  159. Lower Sacramento River trip. 3.16.2014
  160. March Freestones
  161. First fish of the year
  162. First trout fly fishing trip, what to take?
  163. Missed Lee's Ferry
  164. Back on Track Again
  165. 5wt. weighted line for lake inlets.,...
  166. Fishing the Eagle (pic heavy)
  167. Tying class!
  168. About Salmon River NY: Losing Public Access from Altmar to Ellis North Side of River
  169. Davidson river
  170. Red River Gorge, KY?
  171. Current Flies?
  172. Your Daily RainBrown..Spring Break?
  173. Alaska in June....any takers?
  174. Rig weight
  175. Help me pick a trip: Iceland or Slovenia
  176. Top 3 Steelhead Streamers
  177. icerd creeks
  178. Redband Trout? N.F. Clearwater, Idaho...
  179. 9' or 10'
  180. 5wt for streamers?
  181. Cascading (i.e. Dropping/Ganging) Nymphs
  182. Yesterday at the Current River
  183. Drysuit/Wader leggings?
  184. It has begun!
  185. Jurassic Lake DIY trip?
  186. I gave in
  187. Ice on line
  188. First Weekend in April Steelhead-Where will the ice be out?
  189. Trout at Marysville, Victoria, Australia.
  190. Best Rod/Reel Combo around $400-500
  191. Fly guide
  192. Spring Steelhead
  193. This is why we do it.
  194. Noob dry fly question
  195. Suggested Flies?
  196. Who's idea was this?
  197. 1st overnight'r
  198. This!
  199. Fly fishing in Oklahoma tailwaters
  200. Tubefly for resident brown trout
  201. Sink rate of sinking line
  203. Idaho Steelhead
  204. N. Platte overnight backcountry suggestions?
  205. Attention Iowans: trout stream questions
  206. No midges today.
  207. 4wt. streamers
  208. Streamers, White River, Snow...and lots of Streamer junkies
  209. Pulaski NY steelhead river fish guide spin fly fish report salmon river
  210. Newbie question
  211. Ice is nice...In my Scotch.
  212. A little past due, but my first trout on the fly
  213. Provo River, UT
  214. Some winter steelhead in Cali......
  215. Winter time blues, I refuse!
  216. Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend
  217. Oregon River's aren't as toxin free as we'd like.
  218. How would you approach/fish this situation?
  219. Tahoe area fishing
  220. Midge hooks and the Davidson
  221. Tippet Length / Where to Begin?
  222. Midge size
  223. Go to winter nymph pattern
  224. Alevin?
  225. New to Fly Fishing
  226. Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Guide Fish Report
  227. Anyone trout fishing in WNY this time year?
  228. My First Steelhead Trip Video
  229. California Coastal Lagoons
  230. My Top 50 Fish of 2013 (video recap)
  231. Winter stonefly nymphing?
  232. Fishing in France?
  233. Would you fish this?
  234. Anyone With Advice on Catskill's in Spring
  235. Michigan in February?
  236. Steelhead Rod Weight Question
  237. South Platte River
  238. Trout fishing and camping in the Smokey Mountains Help!!!
  239. High Country Fishing in the Off-Season
  240. Finally, a warm up! Life is Good.
  241. Pulaski New York fishing river guide has Pulaski NY river guide fish report
  242. Utah Winter Fly Fishing
  243. Do you fish High Country Streams?
  244. Nearly hit an inside the park grandslam
  245. Would these patterns work on a cold day in PA?
  246. Streamer Express Line - Reel Capacity?
  247. A Step Further.. What if we stocked Bugs?
  248. black friday trout
  249. Incredulous
  250. Proper Reel for hardy 9ft6wt Zenith