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  1. Whitefish
  2. Lake Trout On fly
  3. Finally Got out!
  4. how's the fishing looking on the Kinni in wisconsin?
  5. Finally, What a Day!
  6. NE PA Experience anyone?
  7. The Colors of Spring
  8. If you could be air-dropped to fish anywhere in America....
  9. fish#1:my first CUTBOW? fish#2: what type of CUTTHROAT is this?
  10. Colorado River Cutts (photos not working...)
  11. Sink Tip? 15'? 24'? Sink Line?
  12. First Trout Caught
  13. video - salmon fishing in sweden, mörrum
  14. Using Dabbler Patterns
  15. Hendricksons !
  16. What Makes a Great Fly-Shop?
  17. Where Should I Go!?????
  18. Spring fishin: PEI Streams and Rivers
  19. Sulfur nymph vs March Brown
  20. Setting the hook for steelhead vs trout?
  21. San Juan In August
  22. Spring Road Trip
  23. Conejos river colorado ? trip in late june
  24. No fish pic here, but a great view of one of my favorite spots
  25. Where are all the fish
  26. First trip of spring
  27. Dry Fly Gold in April
  28. Bucket List MUST Fish Fisheries of the EAST?
  29. Pigeon Forge
  30. Worm problem!
  31. Need help please!!!
  32. Fishing on the Manistee River in MI
  33. Arrrrgggghhhhh! And I'm no Pirate!
  34. Fishing hobbled
  35. Breaking in new net
  36. sick looking trout
  37. Beautiful Weekend in the NC Mountains
  38. Erie Steelhead Tomorrow?
  39. Small stream speckies
  40. opening day strategy
  41. Favorite Leaders for Salmon?
  42. Personal Best: Twice!
  43. Finally Got Out
  44. river question
  45. Salmon
  46. soft hackles for brook trout? (not on swing)
  47. Shenandoah National Park in Winter
  48. Multipurpose patterns/sizes for NOT a trout fisherman
  49. Help With Fly Patterns for Brown Trout (Lake)
  50. Video report. Flyfish Taimen in Siberia
  51. Starting Rivers in Portland, Oregon?
  52. Steelhead with bad Gill Plates
  53. Montana in July
  54. Spring fed pond with stocked trout?
  55. Highest value #4
  56. About tippet for Great lake steelheads
  57. Winter Fishing In Idaho - Part II Or, How To Wipe A Bad Day Off The Map
  58. Fishing Midge Nymphs.... Need some help!
  59. 9ft 5w rod small stream spey fly line?
  60. Winter Fly Fishing In Idaho
  61. Not Even the Dentist...
  62. Heddon 320 reel question
  63. Fishing with a 7wt 7 1/2 rod just bought
  64. Places to fish in Summit County CO
  65. Material for Sucker spawn : Angora yarn vs Glo Bug yarn ?
  66. Already talking about the salmon run
  67. Limestone I.D.
  68. Steelhead?
  69. Thanks brookfieldangler
  70. 8WT Rod Suggestion
  71. Bronze trout
  72. Color or shape?
  73. Any 10wt suggestions for a poor caster?
  74. Caddis emerger size question.
  75. question about furled leaders
  76. Nymph Box
  77. Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Fishing Report
  78. BWO Wd40 techniques
  79. December Day
  80. Over view of Winter Steelhead fishing in Oregon.
  81. Any help/ideas for going to OR or WA for steel?
  82. Just Another Outing in Southeast Idaho - Spring Creekin'
  83. Ice/cold
  84. Summer Break July/Aug 2012
  85. urban angling
  86. NYS Erie Steelhead Tribs?
  87. Pulaski NY Salmon River Fishing Report
  88. Help with line choice
  89. Parasol Emerger
  90. Bad news from Oak...
  91. Bleeders...
  92. Going Local
  93. NY Buster Browns!
  94. winter trout fishing
  95. Does blue excite the trout?
  96. Catching Up
  97. What Can Brown do for You?
  98. Things I learn...
  99. Steelhead salmon river pulaski ny fishing report guide
  100. Asheville NC guide recc
  101. Fall Browns destroying flies
  102. Some tactical questions (trout fishing)
  103. bright skies and salmon eyes
  104. Nice Grayling from an English river
  105. There's no Place Like Home
  106. I Can't catch a stocked trout
  107. Skagit River - Mid November.
  108. Shenandoah Fishing - Tackle reco
  109. Rainbow Flies
  110. It all Finally came together!
  111. I went trout fishing ( LOTS of pictures!! )
  112. When does adipose form?
  113. GSMP Trip Report - Oct 2012
  114. Caddis Nymph Patterns
  115. Sept Id and Wy trip
  116. bluegill culling on trout streams opinion
  117. A day's fishing (pic hev)
  118. Does anyone have a steelhead hammer recipe?
  119. Top 5 Steelhead flies?
  120. Guest Speaker Joe Humphrys on Night Fishing
  121. Wind River Range Trip 2012
  122. Where's the Water?
  123. Best book on flyfishing lakes for trout
  124. Henry's Fork... A great trip
  125. Catch statistics for Atlantic Salmon in Canada?
  126. Gray Reef, North Platte!!
  127. Almost the End
  128. Instruction on Double Flies? Dry + Nymph?
  129. 3wt fly rod
  130. Fishing in the US
  131. Trout ID needed
  132. Where did the fish go???
  133. Fishing Mysis Shrimp Out Side Colorado?
  134. Anybody fish Yellowstone in October?
  135. Amazing Day Fishing (Pic Heavy)
  136. Another couple of firsts for a newb
  137. What's best way to upsize a leader?
  138. Colorado trip
  139. The Oregon Trip: Eight new types of trout, including one that doesn't exist
  140. What size leader for large tube fly leech patterns?
  141. A quick tour of some recent trips.
  142. Smoky Mountain Brook Trout
  143. favorite gear?
  144. Trout Beads for Salmon River NY
  145. Put Together a Video
  146. Essay: What I Did on My Summer Vacation
  147. Results from removal of a couple of those dam dams!
  148. Good books or DVD Steelhead Great Lakes tribs
  149. Pandora's Box: Fly Selection
  150. Two firsts - one day
  151. Surprise!
  152. Colorado Suggestions?
  153. Help with Pacific Northwest
  154. 2 Plus Pound Sea Run Brookie
  155. great trip!!! with pics!
  156. First Fish on first tied Fly
  157. Return of Fishing with a Friend
  158. Playing tourist and fishing some...
  159. Good Salmon fishing books?
  160. Fishing for Shad in Sacramento CA
  161. Picked up a pretty brown today
  162. Any tips for fighting large fish in current?
  163. Northwest Miramichi Crown Reserve trip video
  164. Lost the biggest trout of my life
  165. Small Trout Religion?
  166. Trip to the Bighorns (pics)
  167. Hot days and low water, give the fish a break
  168. Night fishing question
  169. Backpacking and brook trout
  170. Dolo, Late June 2012.
  171. Tahoe bound first time coldwater advice
  172. Alpine brookies and camping
  173. Lake Sumner NM Tailwaters
  174. Felt sole in Alaska
  175. Aleka Rods/Reels
  176. Help with first hike and fish adventure? lake fishing
  177. Cursed & Forever Skunked.
  178. Monster Day on the Clark Fork
  179. Fly Fishing Short
  180. spring trip 2012
  181. Nymphs in fast water
  182. Another question...
  183. Controlling the Big-uns
  184. where to fish in September?
  185. Wind River Range--looking for recommendation for base camp
  186. stealhead questions
  187. Nymphing
  188. some sierra fishing
  189. Father & Son fishing
  190. Brown Trout County
  191. Rod/Reel help
  192. Northern California guided trip advice?
  193. how to fit 15hr. fish+4hr. drive into 24h (pics)
  194. A first today
  195. Had a good day off
  196. Rainbow Spawn
  197. Smith Optics sunglasses, mirror or not?
  198. How many?
  199. Fly line, Sage ONE 6wt, Taupo region NZ
  200. Gone fishing!!
  201. First fish on fly I tied
  202. 25" Rainbow and a 24" Football
  203. Buttersides
  204. powder or liquid
  205. Outlet mall and Toilet bowl fishing!
  206. Where's Run-Off?
  207. Rainy Day Success
  208. Catskills Trip
  209. Parklands Manitoba - Tub-bow Rainbows!
  210. Best Time Fishing in Years
  211. My First Guide trip
  212. Low Battery
  213. Catskills this weekend
  214. Buffalo area trout?
  215. Im so proud!
  216. A bunch of runts....but good to be back in trout water
  217. nice nite to fish
  218. Club outing in Mammoth area Pic heavy
  219. Perfect day on private water
  220. 3 species on Cinco de Mayo !
  221. Muddy stream fishing
  222. Quick Go Pro Vid
  223. Tiger Trout Pics
  224. Looking to get a new rod
  225. Minnesota
  226. couple of firsts today
  227. Light weight waders
  228. Ever have one of those days?
  229. Backpacking and Fly Fishing The Smokies (Pic Heavy)
  230. Some South Dakota Pictures
  231. Sometimes things just work
  232. Looking for new fishing partner
  233. convince me that small flies work
  234. Can I fish for trout with a 7wt?
  235. Need help from troutmen
  236. Idaho Dry Fly Fun...in April!
  237. north ga creek in pictures
  238. Today's Therapy Picture Report (Pic Heavy)
  239. Small Stream Nirvana
  240. Streamer Fishing
  241. a small accomplishment
  242. Opening day in SE PA
  243. Finally made it to the 'Dream Stream' (pics)
  244. Big fish little stream
  245. Old film of Lee Wulff
  246. Brown Was the Color of the Day
  247. Solo Backpacking and Fly Fishing GSMNP
  248. Favorite Small Stream Off to a Great Start
  249. Stocked Wild Or Somewhere in Between?
  250. Targeting