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  1. How to find fishing locations? streams & rivers
  2. Anyone in the Pagosa springs,co area
  3. I just LOVE
  4. why am i catching fish like this?
  5. Fly fishing in Patagonia -Limay river, Irigoyen River, Rio Grande and more!-
  6. Chasing little brownies
  7. It's official, runoff started today
  8. brook trout - streams
  9. question for a fishologist
  10. fantastic river locater
  11. When they're on, LOOK OUT!
  12. Flyfishing in Sedona, Arizona
  13. fly line?
  14. Beautiful Rainbows On the Lower Sacramento River
  15. Best Line For Targeting Trout with Streamers...
  16. "Match The Hatch" Challenge
  17. need help ASAP under the deluge
  18. Fly fishing Blackstone River - Massachusetts.
  19. Salmon & Steelhead Rod Weight?
  20. 1st time Lake Shasta region - advice on gear needed....
  21. Seattle trip, might get a few hours for fishing
  22. Jumping fish
  23. new rod?
  24. Travel to Chile, River Gol Gol
  25. reading the water?
  26. Bitter root River in MT fishing, but what dries are these?
  27. Any recommendations for non felt boots?
  28. Indicator Position
  29. Whats your go to fly?
  30. Sea Trout Land FOTOS
  31. Patagonia Norte
  32. Seatrout LAND
  33. The 4-1-1....1
  34. RIO GAllegos Argentina
  35. stubborn steelies...
  36. Now is the time for this. Chile
  37. Dead or alive?
  38. Some nymph fishing things
  39. Patagonia 2011 fotos
  40. How are you catching so many?
  41. OT: Smallest steelhead ever on my gear rod
  42. Pyramid Lake advice
  43. My thoughts on the 10' 7wt Helios after fishing it for the first time
  44. The First, The Last & The Tenth
  45. Dries with a 6-weight?
  46. pond brookies
  47. Temperature above 40, so went fishing!
  48. Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Show
  49. Nothing but Muddy Rivers in Georgia
  50. Valuable Lesson Learned (i.e. sharpen those hooks!)
  51. Midge Success
  52. Fishing the Wilderness section of the Main Salmon, ID
  53. Alaska fly fishing addicts..want a paid vacation?
  54. Glissmeyer Adventures 2011
  55. Nautilus FWX Reel
  56. I have been absent,,sorry
  57. Stripers eating our DH Trout
  58. Anyone Heard of "Angler's Roost NYC"?
  59. I have a confession...
  60. The True Meaning of Coldwater Fly Fishing
  61. Let's Talk Flesh Flies
  62. i have the urge to go fishing so bad!!!!
  63. Landon Mayers Pets
  64. My Brother the Duck Hunter.. Feather Question?
  65. Spring Break Colorado
  66. Steelhead flies??
  67. Been too Long......
  68. Fishing In MN Trout?
  69. Montana Stonefly Nymph Flies
  70. Hero Cam
  71. Need some Northern US travel help...
  72. We don't need no stinkin' wool socks
  73. Montana Fly Fishing Hot Spots?
  74. Just My Luck
  75. Raven's Fork NC
  76. Fishing Flaming Gorge Late May
  77. I love trout
  78. The Cats Whisker Streamer is a classic in Britain. Have you used it in the US?
  79. Does salt water run off effect Trout?
  80. Any Good Books???
  81. Getting old
  82. Tandem for Sparkle Pupa
  83. The great trout and salmon shakeup opf 1988!
  84. Just some pics to keep the fish porn flowing.
  85. Good Start To The New Year...
  86. What were your top 10 trout flies that worked in 2010
  87. Savage river MD today
  88. How late will they "run"?
  89. White River 12/22/2010 and 12/23/10
  90. Hatchery Steelhead....
  91. A visit to the Cumberland River, 12/29/2010
  92. Steelhead new rod. any advise
  93. Wild Water TR
  94. Discrimination?
  95. Is there a rainbow thread?
  96. Winter foray
  97. Fly fishing the Yellowstone River in Winter
  98. my recent ties!
  99. Steelhead NE OHIO/NW PA
  100. A report from 12-14-10
  101. Look out steelies, here i come!
  102. what was your first trout like?
  103. Favorite Fly Line
  104. guide ice
  105. DH Piddlin'
  106. Your favorite winter fly
  107. Cut Throat Trout Pics
  108. What are you using to insulate your hands from the cold?
  109. Brown Trout Question???
  110. A great read on the state of Steelhead runs on the Umpqua.
  111. Good Day On The River
  112. BEAD SIZE for Salmon River, New York!
  113. Winter trout in the North
  114. PB Rainbow
  115. Why I swing flies
  116. Steelhead on Friday
  117. Check out our latest Video from Umba Fall 2010
  118. Chattahoochee River ( Brown Trout in spawn mode )
  119. Start Up Question
  120. First Salmon Ever!!!!
  121. Rainbow Trout Pics
  122. Late in the Fall
  123. What Time Is It?
  124. My first Steelie
  125. Roaring River Missouri - Fall in the Ozarks
  126. What type of box?
  127. Another Perfect Morning
  128. Broke the ice!!!
  129. My Son's 1st Brown's
  130. Slaying Some New Water (pic heavy)
  131. Swinging for Steelhead
  132. Ahhhh, summer is over...
  133. Awesome Half Day Fish
  134. My Skunking is over!
  135. Brwon Trout caught in Brook trout waters
  136. Some Extra pictures!
  137. 1st King on a fly...
  138. A Little Bit of Creekin'
  139. Delayed Harvest
  140. Winston Boron IIt vs Scott G2, 3wt, others?
  141. best rod length for steelhead?
  142. Trifecta
  143. Some pics from this past WED
  144. Salmon - Do they eat flies?
  145. Newbie with a fly question
  146. out and about in Utah
  147. wanting to catch some salmon in california
  148. I just HAD to go fishing!
  149. Trout fish Chile/Argentina inexpensively?
  150. Middital Idaho East
  151. They're all grown up!
  152. So...who is ready.....
  153. Wanted Info on North Platte. WY
  154. The rod that started it all
  155. Trout line: WF or DT?
  156. Butter and Bronze
  157. Kentucky trout adventure
  158. What flies are these?
  159. All in all a good day
  160. Worse for Wear
  161. WY and CO recommendations
  162. Wednesday Night's Fishing - My First Sea Run Brown
  163. trout fly arsenal?
  164. Knotless leader and sinking lines
  165. what kind of line?
  166. Trout Fly Identification?
  167. Brown Trout Pics
  168. Pink Is My Favorite Color
  169. New friends
  170. A new trout for me!
  171. Brookie Bonanza
  172. Mending in FAST water
  173. Pa.steelies
  174. Steelhead Seminar in PA
  175. my first brook trout ever!!!
  176. Setting the hook during a drift
  177. My Dad and I's Last Outing With His Narraration
  178. Fall Steelhead
  179. they are here
  180. nice shoes for fishing??
  181. New 2wt
  182. Great Day On The Water
  183. Vancouver Island 2010 (Pic Heavy)
  184. Interesting Markings On This Trout
  185. Change of pace
  186. A little teaser
  187. American River in Sacramento
  188. Another new guy!
  189. The Blitz
  190. New to the forums!
  191. Escaping the dogs days
  192. Brown Trout Feeding Pattern
  193. August Long Weekend in Saskatchewan
  194. Anyone else looking forward to fall?
  195. Rain or Shine
  196. New Water and New Tales
  197. fly fishing in michigan
  198. Undesignated stream/feeder
  199. Better late than never
  200. Best Of Both Worlds And A Mystery Fish
  201. Water temp and survival rate
  202. Cold Mountain waters and Bears!
  203. What rod should I take?
  204. Went Searchin For Smallies But Instead I Got These...
  205. Vacation Trout
  206. Nice day out in colorado
  207. Heading to Gods River for monster brookies...need some help please
  208. Stillwater Brown Tactics: Spring and Summer
  209. More Explorin
  210. "Creekin" with my son
  211. More From My Undesignated Stream
  212. Some pics
  213. What? Undesignated Water?
  214. Learning to fish salmons...
  215. Still Water
  216. What would be your choice of flies at a mountain lake
  217. How to fish a sculpin pattern?
  218. Small Water, Gotta Love It
  219. Pink Weenie
  220. A Fun Afternoon...
  221. Michaux state forest pa wild brookies
  222. Best small stream flies?
  223. Weekend on the Cranberry
  224. Slam?
  225. Canada Day - Personal best brown!
  226. Wading for Arkansas Trout?
  227. From one extreem to the other
  228. A Day on the River w/ a lovely lady in tow
  229. Just another creek
  230. Hot Hot Hot
  231. Back at 'er - Browns....mmm....
  232. Cherokee Disappointment
  233. Takin' the Old Man to a New Stream
  234. Multi flie Hatches what to do!
  235. Small streams
  236. Fishing Small Streams for Trout;
  237. Great Way To Start Off The Week
  238. Plan C
  239. Antietam Creek Report
  240. Small Water
  241. Too Warm for Trout?
  242. Fish ID needed.....
  243. Hiawassi River trip ( Tenn. )
  244. Name this fish, pic
  245. Trout fix - pics
  246. Out And About In Southeast Idaho
  247. Awesome Memorial Day Weekend (Pic Heavy)
  248. Hit The North FOrk of The New Yesterday
  249. Dusted off the ole 0wt
  250. Tandems Help