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  1. Fall Flyfishing for Bluegills in Mississippi
  2. North Alabama Adventure
  3. Fishing today with an old rod.
  4. Fall Bass in Southern WV
  5. tippets and line setup
  6. Lesson learned at Brookville Lake
  7. We were on them today, fish ID help?
  8. Bury me with my 3 wt
  9. Nice morning...
  10. Son tied his own fly for this one..
  11. Will smallies eat big clawed craw dads?
  12. Kayak smallmouth
  13. Fly fishing for bowfin
  14. Weedless frog
  15. low water fun!
  16. Diversity
  17. Gotta Thank Some Paddleboarders.....
  18. Orvis Recon 8wt
  19. Am I missing out by not using an indicator?
  20. Berry Picking Carp
  21. Good place for a bass foam popper assortment pack?
  22. Finally balanced out my outfits a little
  23. Gar On The Flypole
  24. Canada Fly In Trip
  25. Fluorocarbon tippet material
  26. Most "non-typical" thing done with an 8 wt?
  27. A Woolly Bugger to Rule Them All
  28. Locating panfish post spawn.
  29. Revisting the "Brookie" of the Bass world
  30. I didn't catch a big fish today
  31. before work bass and gills
  32. It's been a while....
  33. Observe,Design,and Success!!
  34. Smallmouths & fly selection -- describe your approach
  35. Largest fish on a fly rod yet!!!
  36. Just ordered a beginner combo package
  37. Circa 3 wt.= Fun
  38. Northwest Illinois
  39. Start em young!!
  40. I have a new addiction.
  41. Crappie lake
  42. Muskie Rod
  43. Virgin waters in the amazon - brazil: Exploratory trips aug/sept 2016
  44. The white bass waiting game...
  45. fishing in the cold
  46. Mississippi Crappie
  47. Early season sunfish
  48. Turning Conventional Techniques To Fly Techniques
  49. Pre shaped cork poppers....?
  50. Baby Turtle Fly Pattern??
  51. First Fly Cast on Water Today
  52. Colorado River (Tejas) winter bass
  53. Looking for a rod. Any suggestions?
  54. February's fish on the fly
  55. Engraving on Abel nippers
  56. found open water and made the most of it!
  57. Leaders for carp fishing
  58. Easy to tie carp flies?
  59. Biggest fish caught with a 5wt
  60. Extremely New to Fly Fishing!
  61. Warm water fishing for a change
  62. Back from Amazon.. OMG!!!
  63. Species ID
  64. Not new but a good reminder for winter fishing
  65. Rain, trout waters blown out, more rain, what do ya do....
  66. Bass fly source?
  67. Ecolodge d Barra, Amazon - Brazil. our #1 top fly fishing destination in the Amazon
  68. a break in the weather
  69. What are you Tying?
  70. Took a break from deer hunting
  71. First bass on a fly rod
  72. Fall fishing should be great!
  73. Heading to Rio Marie (Amazon)
  74. Sunfish flies
  75. Colder Weather, Colder Water
  76. First catch
  77. season is about over so......
  78. boldness syndrome in sunfish
  79. Tough Bluegill scenario...
  80. The Bugaloo (bluegill pattern)
  81. Sunfish Capital of the World - Onalaska, WI
  82. Bluegill Management ?
  83. Snake Handler
  84. Popper Gills
  85. Sage VPS info needed
  86. Carp on the fly SALT LAKE CITY
  87. Cat on a fly
  88. Beginner Smallie Outfit
  89. Fishing the suburban sprawl
  90. Hybrid Stripers
  91. Versatile setup?
  92. Carp - Gear and tactics
  93. Darth Baiter
  94. Nymphing and hook size for panfish
  95. fly fishing during heat wave
  96. Best places to order warmwater flies
  97. Another 8wt recommendation but this is more specific.
  98. Best LMB flies
  99. Bass outfit recomendations
  100. Recommend 8wt bass/ surf rod
  101. First real fly fishing trip!
  102. Sunfish- post your pics
  103. Me, too, Wabi---Make the most!
  104. make the most of the opportunity
  105. Advice on a new bass outfit.
  106. Eagle Claw Featherlite...Overlining?
  107. In Town Jordan River, UT
  108. first time bass fishing...so fun
  109. hot afternoon at the lake
  110. Moving to Warm Water Country - Couple Questions
  111. where can I buy "darth baitor" worm patterns?
  112. Herring on dry flies
  113. you should have seen the one that got away
  114. Catfish on a 2wt
  115. Bronzeback At Sundown
  116. Advise needed newby smallmouth outfit
  117. Tippet or Bulk Tippet choices.
  118. Bass of a lifetime
  119. Caught my first bass on the fly today...
  120. mailman left another long box today
  121. 4th of July Fly Roddin' for Carp
  122. slow down & enjoy
  123. Annual Wisconsin Trip - Musky
  124. My journey with grass carp (White Amur)
  125. Carp beware!
  126. Home Waters
  127. Weedy Pond on Sunny Hot Day HELP
  128. Fly sized for blue gill
  129. First flyrod bass
  130. New rod
  131. Thanks to All !!
  132. Fly selection 6wt - help
  133. Finally some Montana carp
  134. Thank goodness for a random tie
  135. Biggest Fly Bass Tonight
  136. 2wt & poppers
  137. What did I do wrong?
  138. some 2wt fun
  139. New personal best...only a bluegill but...
  140. Great Day on a pond
  141. A Fun (and Harrowing) Day On The Water
  142. Hybrid Bass on a switch rod
  143. Skunked:(
  144. First bluegills on a flyrod
  145. The Brookie of the Bass family
  146. PB LMB on Fly
  147. New to Bass Fishing
  148. New PB by a lot
  149. Gills and bass.... Agood evening
  150. took an old rod out today
  151. Hallelujah! First carp on a fly rod!
  152. White Bass on the fly
  153. Santee Cooper Stripers?
  154. plenty of bluegills
  155. 3 wt Joystick
  156. new fly rod
  157. 3wt Bass
  158. Lean green eating machine.
  159. Shirley's first cat's on a fly rod
  160. Hit the Secret Lake Saturday
  161. What fly when?
  162. My 2015 Season Thread;
  163. Flies for fast river smallies
  164. Switching to warm water
  165. Thoughts on leader
  166. catfish on the fly-advice
  167. Slammminggg
  168. new 6wt reel: echo ion vs redington surge
  169. Tying a bass leader
  170. Ultralight Fiberglass and Bluegills....
  171. Tenkara and Western Warm Water
  172. Crappie line leader and fly advice for still water
  173. Which bass fly line to choose?
  174. Starter SMB fly box
  175. carp leader recipe.
  176. Got off my duck for 2015
  177. Top Water Bassing
  178. Why Smallmouth???
  179. 5wt To Handle Carp
  180. Some recent videos
  181. Quittman Bass Fly
  182. Beautiful Creek Bass and Introduction
  183. New to fly fishing.
  184. Caught a Little One, Today
  185. HELP ME! Any Tips for For Grass Carp?
  186. Delaware river l smallie tips
  187. Maybe I'll Keep Working....
  188. First Bass of the Year
  189. Carp in Low-Vis Water?
  190. Spoon River?
  191. Another Muskie Junkie...
  192. Smallmouth rod Help.
  193. Legend Elite 690-4 SW line suggestions for smallmouth
  194. Mini Muskies...
  195. Off the charts Pike fishing on the fly
  196. Pb & j
  197. Smallmouth on popper.
  198. General Discussion for Smallmouth
  199. Good spots along the Little Miami River in Ohio?
  200. Bass on a 5wt
  201. New guy hello & questions
  202. Carp Leaders
  203. Northern On a 6wt questions
  204. Muskie fly source
  205. My first sand bass on a fly rod.
  206. help with winter carp.
  207. Musky Flys
  208. Musky on a Fly
  209. Best Bass Flies
  210. Adding a weedguard to a hard bug?
  211. Budget bass outfit
  212. Lunchtime biking/fishing...
  213. First catfish on flyrod.
  214. Warm water fishing in winter
  215. My quest for a dedicated bluegill setup...
  216. Colorado Walleye questions
  217. Where do the crappie go?
  218. Float Tubing for bluegill today
  219. How would you fish this river?
  220. Have muddler, will travel
  221. Schooling on Hooked Fish
  222. Carp spots near sacramento ca
  223. Copper John strikes again!
  224. Southeast Musky Fishing
  225. Set-Up For Bluegills
  226. Float tubing grand slam
  227. Interesting experience scouting new fishing spot
  228. Smallie Success
  229. God bless the Bluegill!
  230. Fishing in muddy waters
  231. Help Please!
  232. Fun with "Feather Flies"
  233. Double fly rig for finicky clear-water smallmouths
  234. Does this sound right?
  235. Top water smallie!
  236. Favorite 8 weight bass flies
  237. Fresh and saltwater rod?
  238. Sight Fishing for Gar with Quinte Fishing Guides
  239. Summer Fun!
  240. New #8 bass/pike line
  241. See that 6wt bend!
  242. unknown bass spots in nj?
  243. 5 Weight Bass Flies?
  244. Whitefish fly fishing
  245. Carp Plan of Attack
  246. Hot Weather Bass
  247. South Florida-Home of the Nuclear Sunfish
  248. Bayou Bonefish!
  249. Strip mine gar with bass on the side
  250. O Canada!