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  1. Hook size/fly weight vs. rating of rod to 'do the job.'
  2. Dying feathers
  3. What Spey or Other Fly For 2 Hand Casting Are You Tying Now?
  4. Three Hackle Holographic Spey fly
  5. Akroyd Inspired Tying;
  6. Ard's Nine Three;
  7. GBSpey
  8. Sunray Shadow;
  9. Moving Traditional patterns to Tubes;
  10. Tube Flies;
  11. Silver Rat
  12. Thunder and Lightning Variant
  13. The forgotten colour!
  14. Hybrid Streamer for Trout & Salmon;
  15. The Last Fly Tied for 2013;
  16. My Take on the Thunder & Lightening Slip Wing;
  17. New Twist on An Old Pattern;