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  1. Hen Neck Hackle for Dry Fly
  2. Trout flies with blue wire?
  3. Analysis?
  4. Aligning Hackle fibers for throat hackles
  5. quick, easy and inexpensive use for hide remnants
  6. Bead Head Soft Hackle Recipe
  7. Hackle for Royal Coachman ?
  8. Fly Dressers Guild
  9. Trying my hand at poppers
  10. A few more wet flies i tied today
  11. Charlie Craven's second book??
  12. applying Sally Hansen's
  13. A new style minnow fly
  14. Classic Carrie Stevens' streamer, the Red Devil
  15. Hair of the dog
  16. A long overdue update (extremely pic heavy)
  17. Fontinalis Fin - 2nd attempt
  18. Streamers365
  19. If you're going to watch anybody tie a Clouser...
  20. Married Duck quills
  21. Holberton - Winged Wet
  22. Peak Vs Anvil - Which one to get?
  23. The Official BIG STREAMER thread
  24. Streamers, Nymphs and Dries
  25. beginners fly
  26. My first tied fly....
  27. For those who tie "TINY"...
  28. Materials - Another newbie question.
  29. Question about tying bead head flys
  30. Picture help
  31. What I call a Wet Sexy Hooker
  32. Alternative to Mothballs ???
  33. Tying nOOb seeks advice...
  34. potentially a new material, and a fly example - The Firey Red Head
  35. natural dubbing
  36. Feather Dyeing?
  37. Jungle Cock, imitation or replacement
  38. Recommended flies for Montana
  39. Wapsi bugger chenille?
  40. Have you ever seen a vise like this?
  41. Congo Fibers?
  42. Fly Rattles
  43. PSA; Just noticed
  44. So here it is; not Merry Christmas, my JOCK SCOTT.
  45. A gift to my daughter
  46. head cement
  47. Fly durability...
  48. weightless synthetic flies
  49. GLC Fly Tying Expo, Holt, MI Dec 3rd
  50. Want to tie, need information.
  51. Question about goose biots
  52. I think I ruined my head cement
  53. Bead Sizing
  54. Tying on a hook with a down eye
  55. Fly Tying Workstation
  56. taking picture of flies
  57. Hook size
  58. Some basic tying techniques
  59. Nymph Tie-Along?
  60. Hook FAQ
  61. International Fly Tying Symposium
  62. Thank You Allen Fly Fishing
  63. Tying on hook alternatives.
  64. Easiest Patterns and Sizes for a Newbie
  65. Mini-Gurgler for bluegills
  66. synthetics
  67. Hen and Gamebird hackle
  68. Hackling wets: cheating with large feathers
  69. A Lot of extra tying materials/hooks. looking for advice on selling
  70. Soft Hackle?
  71. Tying the Jock Scott
  72. THE Steelhead fly?
  73. Trying to find a few resources...
  74. Input requested for Beginner Fly "Tie-Alongs"
  75. limited materials
  76. Allen fly fishing question
  77. cheap and effective fly tying
  78. Meat Whistle fly tying video
  79. Non figure 8
  80. The case for tying your own.
  81. Collins Hackle
  82. What kind of dye?
  83. Epoxy? Head Cement? What to use?
  84. sister carol grass carp fly
  85. Fly tying materials
  86. Material sources
  87. Flymen Fishing Company
  88. Identify this vise.
  89. Here's why I like Davy McPhail
  90. I have officially joined the tying club!
  91. Videos
  92. Another great vid- Soft Hackle Emerger
  93. Great tying video- The Brassie
  94. Tying Scissors
  95. Vladi Worm tips?
  96. So here is my first attempt
  97. Devaux thread
  98. Tying with foam
  99. Rite Bobbin
  100. Success With Flies from The Salmon Fly Tie Along Thread!
  101. Gunnison River Fly Tying Kit
  102. Head cement bream repellent
  103. Copper John Critique
  104. Tying Flies for Spin Casting
  105. Body or Belly?
  106. Wapsi Kits???? Other brands? Opinions Please
  107. MAYFLY Rotary Vise
  108. Do bluegills eat minnows?
  109. Long feathers
  110. Microwaving materials
  111. A Big Thumbs Up to Joni and her furled leaders.
  112. Following Recipe's
  113. Tropical strom lee /october caddis
  114. Allen Fly Shop Hooks
  115. Big hook problem
  116. different wings for the Kelly's Cajun FW flies...
  117. PSA on Biot placement
  118. Plans or ideas for a tying desk?
  119. The next 'wave' in hair fashion?
  120. Getting Deer Hair Wings to Lie Down
  121. Todd Collins....woven hair hackle tools
  122. Rubber Hackle Bugger
  123. Resurrecting the Alexandra
  124. UV knot sense or Epoxy bodies
  125. Good scissors for trimming
  126. Making a dubbing brush
  127. 12 Step Program
  128. I Need a Prescription.................
  129. Floss vs. Thread
  130. As if I need another expensive hobby...
  131. I Think I like Flat Tying Thread Best
  132. Feel free to criticize my Muddled Zonker.
  133. Can't Fish So I Decided To Design a New Fly
  134. voodoo leech
  135. Senyo Laser Dub
  136. My kind of guy!
  137. Got a VLADI WORM question
  138. The First Fly (?)
  139. Agesus Tying Vise..?
  140. Wire size question
  141. Creating Dubbing Brushes
  142. I'm just starting out tying..
  143. a little bug for small streams
  144. Patterns for a new Central Florida fly tier
  145. Waxing Thread
  146. Tom's Rubber Leg Gold Nugget Stone Fly
  147. Fly Thread
  148. Clear Cure Goo - No Directions
  149. waspi poppers
  150. How do you store your tying materials to keep away pests?
  151. My First CJ's There Not Great Hopefully They'll Fish
  152. Fly Finishing Drying Rack Station
  153. If you start seeing WACKY prioces for saddles, here's why
  154. Best Fly Tying Scissors Under $50?
  155. Need Brown Drake Patterns
  156. How Do All Store Your Beads
  157. Anyone No Where to Get Best Price On Tungsten Beads
  158. Golden stone plus 2
  159. using bucktail and a hair stacker....
  160. Simi Seal
  161. Tying in CDC feathers as wings? any preference
  162. Which purchase from Whiting?
  163. Fly Tying Lamp
  164. Craven's beginners book
  165. My new tying station.
  166. A custom desk to be built
  167. Started Tying My First Copper Johns But...
  168. Glad I finished swap flies early
  169. Reading Fishing the Film by Gary Borger
  170. Your "GO TO" fly
  171. Dubbing in Place of Peacock Herl
  172. Kaufmann's closing?
  173. What Materials do you use to make Dubbing
  174. Beginner Looking For First Rig
  175. What fly tying books and/or dvds would you recommend?
  176. tiny dries
  177. Anyone tie made up "Scraps" flies?
  178. Compara Hatch
  179. Tiger Musky Flies
  180. Rite-Bobbin Magnum Half-Hitch Tool
  181. Evening session
  182. Looking for latex
  183. Mystery Wing Material???
  184. EHC Tips and Tricks?
  185. Egg Fly Troubles
  186. Using PolyPro yarn for wings on duns/caddis dries
  187. Tying Outside Of The Box
  188. Calling out for a big thanks to peregrines.
  189. What fly tying tools do I need?
  190. Tying Morrish Mouse
  191. Wrapping marabou
  192. A big thanks to pocono
  193. The Old Feathers Are In...
  194. Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear
  195. What kind of hackle should I get?
  196. substitute for dubbing
  197. Magic tool
  198. Good "tooth-cutting" flies
  199. Tied my first flies today!
  200. Crystal Midge Size 24
  201. Stonefly Knotted Rubber Legs
  202. New to tying flies! Need Help!
  203. Old Feathers
  204. Some new fly swaps starting up
  205. #1 Micro-Barb Saddle for Dries; Good enough?
  206. Walleye Flies
  207. made another nemo
  208. Bass Popper Hook Suggestions Requested
  209. Epoxy Application!
  210. need ideas..
  211. Choosing A Hun Skin
  212. Sometimes fits of rage are the mother of invention!!!
  213. ACCU-POINT Hooks
  214. *DOUBLE* Articulated Streamer
  215. Anyone Tried Colored Jewelry Making Wire
  216. Head Cement And Its History
  217. Anyone tying these?
  218. Double Hook Streamers
  219. Just doing some tying;
  220. Early Season Emergers and Wets...
  221. Flytier07 - Pics of Flies
  222. Getting Started Tying Flies
  223. fly frames
  224. Gold Ribbed Hares Hear Nymph Photo
  225. Brassie On a Scud Hook or no Nah?
  226. Fluro Fibre, Holo Tinsel, Krystal Flash, Wire, blah, blah, blah
  227. Beginner hackle feathers
  228. Tying Hooks
  229. Favorite Midge Pattern - Cyber Swap
  230. Jack Dennis Fly Tying DVD Collection
  231. Just bought a pheasant pelt and need some help
  232. Klinkhamers-which hooks to use to tie them
  233. Bulk tubes for fly tying
  234. Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?
  235. Anyone useing synthetic wings on their drys?
  236. Having trouble hackling parachute patterns
  237. Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin
  238. Fly Tyer magazine
  239. Feather Question
  240. Confessions of a half hitcher
  241. Need some help
  242. First Flies in Years On My New Regal Revolution
  243. magnifiers
  244. Scuds: Antenna and tail or not?
  245. Big fly fiber tip
  246. What is Your Favorite Damselfly Nymph Pattern?
  247. my first post on the fly tying discussion board
  248. Secret to Properly Securing Hair to a Dry Fly
  249. New Find
  250. New to tying