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  1. Some Henry's Fork inspired caddis
  2. Faceted Tungsten beads
  3. Stupid saltwater hook size question
  4. Panfish Fly Thread 2015
  5. I am a happy camper.
  6. Fish USA. Americas Tackle Shop
  7. how many humpy.......
  8. Two minute ties and Guide Flies
  9. How many wulff patterns....
  10. Tips on tanning hides for zonkers?
  11. Homemade streamer wallet
  12. Dyna-King Barracuda (x-post)
  13. silver pheasant?
  14. lemon wd
  15. Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug and Chadwick-477
  16. Help. My boys want to give their dog a haircut.
  17. March Brown English Male
  18. Pros and cons of soft hackle "feathers"?
  19. color of flies
  20. Stonfo Fly Tying Vice
  21. Baby trout
  22. A.K. Best's top 25?
  23. Finally got around to tying a couple things...
  24. Nail hardner
  25. Judging for book contest "trout"
  26. What do you guys use to transport fly tying materials?
  27. Cam Vise worth it?
  28. Anyone have experience with the Wholesale Fly Company?
  29. best values for hackle
  30. Winter fishing...at last.
  31. What's Your Favorite Dubbing?
  32. Favorite Patterns using Jungle Fowl
  33. Need Barr Emerger Help?
  34. Late to the Ostrich party
  35. tying materials you can't find anymore...
  36. Alternative wing burner mterials
  37. Can you recomend a good tying book?
  38. Greasy Elk hair.
  39. First attempt at deer hair
  40. Fly box setup
  41. My Boys Tied Their First Flies
  42. Streamer dubbing help
  43. flexocrab
  44. Learning the secrets of the local fisheries dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  45. Blue Winged Olive Patterns
  46. Artistic flies
  47. Even with tying do you still buy?
  48. Realistic Fly Opnions?
  49. I hate decisions!?!?
  50. Pheasant feathers
  51. Which brand hooks to buy or not buy?
  52. Oval Tinsel Substitute
  53. I really enjoy carving balsa and painting with the Copic airbrush.
  54. Magnifier/light
  55. Need a better brand of cone head
  56. Spey shrimp.
  57. Mylar minnow pattern I was playing with last night.
  58. 'Bug Collar' Question
  59. Looking fora resource for tying tips
  60. Looking for Fly Tying Vise
  61. my fly tying station
  62. Wapsi Chenille Durability?
  63. New Tyer-Need Your Opinion
  64. mystery nymph identity
  65. Ooooh ohhhhh that smell!
  66. Saltwater streamer hooks.
  67. Fly tying materials show?
  68. Silver Creeks UV Products
  69. the Hans Weilenmann interview
  70. Finger Tips
  71. Parachute and Caddis Dry Attempts (Pics)
  72. Parachute dry fly question
  73. Barbless hooks
  74. First One that didn't succumb to the razor blade
  75. Orvis Fly Tying Contest
  76. Green Beauties
  77. Are you a binge tyer or slow and steady?
  78. Dyna King Trekker. Hook slipping.
  79. Not quite the Answer
  80. Nano Silk from SemperFli
  81. Gray Ghosts with a little bling
  82. Favorite YouTube Fly Tier
  83. Hooks for pike flies
  84. Winter Midges
  85. Hi Tail Craw
  86. wooly bugger
  87. Black Ghosts
  88. Foam hopper size recomendations
  89. Eastern Green Drake
  90. Tying with Klinkenhammer hooks
  91. Best Weedless Hook Method?
  92. Another getting started tying thread...
  93. Fly tying
  94. Flashy Ghosts
  95. Renzetti traveler 2200 vs Dyna King Trekker.
  96. Free to good home: Tmc quick finisher
  97. Materials Suggestions?
  98. Selecting a vice & materials
  99. 7/0 hooks
  100. Just tied my first fly
  101. Whitlock's Red Fox Squirrel-Hair Nymph
  102. Storing fly tying wire
  103. Renzetti 2200 traveler vs Presentation 2000.
  104. how long have you been Tying
  105. Fresh from the dye bath...
  106. Schlappen vs Saddle Hackle
  107. Need step by step for epoxy or UV shrimp.
  108. Harley Reno's MWB
  109. Been on a bit of a streamer kick lately.
  110. Animals for material.
  111. Improvising materials
  112. Has anyone ever compiled Charlie's Flybox Patterns?
  113. Identification Guide to Decorative Feathers
  114. Up eye, down eye, straight eye... Does it really matter?
  115. weight to line ratios
  116. DIY Travel Tying Box for woodworker types
  117. Mallard duck feathers.
  118. Ray Bergman's book "trout" giveaway
  119. Anyone want to donate me stuff for my fly tying desk?
  120. Maribou quality
  121. CDC Breaking????
  122. Rare feathers
  123. water based head cement
  124. Tying Panfish Icefishing Jigs??
  125. Interchangeable articulated fly
  126. Understanding Fly Tying Hackle
  127. Tiemco 16/0 Thread ...say goodbye
  128. Short marabou tails?
  129. Mid winter steelhead patterns
  130. Question on tying flies.
  131. Small Wooly Bugger
  132. Dubbing for dry flies and emergers
  133. Promised to take these Guys Fishing
  134. Tying with Partridge K3A Swedish Dry Fly Hook?
  135. Let's see your travel tying kit..
  136. Newbie in the need of help!
  137. Vise Magnifier?
  138. Beads?
  139. Names that demand a fly to be tied for them
  140. "Stink Bug" Pattern as a joke
  141. Thread storage
  142. Considering a new vise
  143. Help with hooks
  144. Whiting 4B
  145. Genetic hackle for streamers/saltwater flies.
  146. Right hander trying to teach left hander.
  147. Getting the most out of CDC (stretching?)
  148. New Flies Uploaded
  149. beads again
  150. Looking for a good starter kit...
  151. Zap a Gap help ? Smoke?
  152. New Flies Uploaded
  153. Turkey Biots
  154. First flies tied
  155. I found a website on hooks and thought I would share
  156. Organizing materials
  157. Good Tools - Bobbin Holders
  158. Need Nymph Hook Suggestions
  159. Crinkly Hair
  160. Help Tying a new Fly? Merlino Hex Sculpin
  161. Feathers - treating for mites & dying?
  162. Montana fly soft eggs
  163. Best way to tie a woolly bugger?
  164. Montana Fly Company Hooks (Anyone use them)
  165. Where is the best place on an elk to get hair?
  166. WTT partridge and starling
  167. Using barbless hooks as the lead fly
  168. Everyone says good tools
  169. what are the typical flies a new tyer should have?
  170. Where do buy your materials.
  171. Which Hair Floats Better??
  172. Mustad C70SD.
  173. Uv glue and light.
  174. Stripping Quills
  175. Adams, PARACHUTE Adams and PARACHUTE BWO
  176. My first attempt at a fly
  177. Streamer hooks
  178. Bucktail as moose mane sub
  179. Great Lakes salmon patterns?
  180. Okay, I Gotta Ask...
  181. Alternative Materials
  182. Tying with the Divine Proportion in Mind
  183. Flats flies assistance please
  184. Hungarian partridge skins ?
  185. You favorite wet fly ?
  186. Hanak Competition Hooks
  187. Inexpensive mag glasses
  188. Got my first vise in the mail today
  189. Smack 'em Spey
  190. mayfly hatch
  191. Articulated fly hook arrangments?
  192. what am I doing wrong?
  193. Beahead / TungstenBH RS2
  194. Before I waste time and material,,a question gang
  195. For thread splitters...
  196. Well here's my first fly
  197. Online tying matrials
  198. Starting to tie fiber baitfish patterns....help!
  199. Just wanted to share my first attempts
  200. The Story Behind the Crazy Charlie
  201. Question for those who use the copic airbrush system
  202. what scissors do you like?
  203. J. Stockard
  204. Veevus?
  205. Need a quality UV lite
  206. Best place Online for hooks?
  207. New vise
  208. Half Hitch question
  209. Thread Control?
  210. anyone suggest a good book for saltwater flies
  211. Your favorite Short shank hook for saltwater baitfish imitations?
  212. The easiest fly ever ? WILD !
  213. I have a elk hair question
  214. Stripping Peacock Herl
  215. Anyone ever tie with antelope?
  216. I want to start tying bigger flies.
  217. Hook Frustrations
  218. Popper question
  219. looking to get into tying flies
  220. Am I a hertic ?
  221. What patterns do you all like for bass
  222. Show me the 24's and 26's
  223. Royal Coachman- Special tie
  224. What hooks DO YOU NEED to use?
  225. Dry Fly help
  226. Help identifying uses for a few different materials...
  227. Try our fly tying beads, free of charge!
  228. lets talk contrasting segmented abdomen options
  229. First fly ever
  230. Dai Riki Hook Size information
  231. First articulated flies
  232. Deer hair
  233. Annoyed with myself
  234. DIY eyes
  235. Finally back to the bench!
  236. Tanner's LBT
  237. First week of tying
  238. Hooks
  239. First three for me
  240. My first vice!
  241. And it begins!
  242. Material I.D. Help !
  243. First run of poppers
  244. Free sample packs of Allen hooks (Limited supply)
  245. Wet fly hooks
  246. Thunder Creek
  247. Made my own Cree
  248. Mixing colors
  249. FlYSlingers Musky Fly, Husky Musky
  250. Easy to tie BWO nymphs?