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  1. If I may...
  2. C & R explained.
  3. I'm worried about Jerry!
  4. If you feel like giving to a worthy cause...
  5. Well, that's one way to experience fish
  6. Male Death Wish ... Xmas shopping with your wife.
  7. Hunting success
  8. Looking for an old site
  9. Sundance says I need this for fly fishing
  10. Mich. U.P.
  11. Funny Video!
  12. Well, It is Montana.
  13. One Of The Neighbors Stopped By Last Night...
  14. Happy Birthday Ard
  15. Fall Report
  16. USPS Pickup Stamps
  17. Korean grilled chicken.
  18. Monday morning wake up
  19. Omaha's deep fried carp
  20. Interesting to see where the 'Internet' thinks you are.
  21. Congratulations IA_Trouter!...
  22. A whole new take on 'Catch and Release.' Get the kids.
  23. Many years back both my kids went through this out door program.
  24. McNerney's Dedication to fishing and forum
  25. 'Winds at 6mph with gusts to 10.'
  26. Amazing deal from Amazon and Fishpond
  27. Raise a glass to this guy
  28. Cast!...
  29. Wild West... America's Great Frontier
  30. Pot luck dinners, you're on the 'Salad List?'
  31. This made me chuckle....
  32. Tapatalk issues?
  33. Which one of you fly tiers has been tagging gas pumps in LA?
  34. Drift Boat Sweepstake
  35. Our Dog Boss In Action;
  36. Do You Know Video Editing and File Conversion?
  37. Unexpected Delivery - Someone has some explainging to do.
  38. MLB Playoffs 2016
  39. This golf video made my day
  40. Reservoirs create greenhouse gases?
  41. Grannie smells like Lavander ...
  42. Caribou or trout...
  43. WTO Finds that 4 European Countries illegally supported Airbus
  44. A tad too much for a single old Guy and Dog .. stock the swiming pool with trout?
  45. Polyvore- A warning, or maybe a tip..... :)
  46. Fishing Applicable Quotes...
  47. Catch and release wild trout
  48. My fishing buddy
  49. It seems like winter around here.....
  50. I don't know how to title this,
  51. This is why I prefer my Local Fly Shop instead
  52. It's Not Fishing, But...
  53. AH HOY MATIES! Did Ye rember what day this be?!
  54. Finally, everything is over...I hope
  55. Serious 'Good Eats' in your slow cooker.
  56. Are our priorities upside down?
  57. A new tool to deal with camp site 'Bittie Bugs.'
  58. World's oldest snowshoe found on a glacier in Italy's Dolomites
  59. Personal & Fishing sidearm pics
  60. In comparison, the L.A. River does not seem quite so sketchy...
  61. Happy Birthday Larry
  62. Cuisine of the Commonsewer...
  63. Politics affect ur purchases?
  64. Good Luck to our Friend Larry.
  65. Anyone here work w/Autodesk Inventor?
  66. How many years have you been fly fishing?
  67. "Tippet Rise"
  68. One lightning bolt vs. 300 reindeer
  69. Served hot or cold .. simple 'Good Eats.'
  70. A boy, as stick and two willing Yellow Labs.
  71. Its 0200, you wake up and want something to eat ....
  72. Well there goes the river for another year.
  73. Soooo ... where's the rest of it???
  74. Speedo drops sponsorship...
  75. Kindred spirits
  76. Pet thread
  77. Olympics + "Rhythmic Gymnastics."
  78. How you hold your coffee cup says a lot about you?
  79. Private John Allen. National Fish Hatchery
  80. Car tag
  81. I just hurt myself again+ Olympic Gymnastics
  82. Cue the theme music!
  83. Best Route to see all the National Parks
  84. Functional Tattoo
  85. Transporting blackpowder guns across state lines.
  86. 'Thar be Bears, Thar be Bears' High cute factor here.
  87. One Way to Fix a Sign
  88. New to the forum and to trout fishing
  89. Two Birthdays Today!
  90. Need a new set of kitchen knives - suggestions?
  91. Our addiction isn't all that bad
  92. Wildfire!
  93. Life in Retail
  94. Sitting here in the heat...
  95. Free Kindle FLY FISHING ON THE LORD'S DAY: (An Angler's Apologetic)
  96. I wish I had read this book
  97. Shaggy Dog story; so bad its good.....
  98. Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck
  99. Targeted Ads
  100. A new beach side 'Munchie?'
  101. Break a rod . . . in anger?
  102. Fish Bras
  103. This could make for an awkward moment with a buddy
  104. Instant Karma - African lions kill 5 poachers
  105. Hey, Pass me a Beer!
  106. Fireworks: I must be getting old
  107. Too Early for this
  108. Every one loves 'Munchies' be it on the river or in front of the TV.
  109. Check out this hatch
  110. Home again
  111. The rudeness just keeps getting better.
  112. So Cal wildfire fighters of a different kind
  113. On the Current river
  114. Fishing Reports for FFF Friends Rather Than the Google Hordes.
  115. Good day with the family
  116. Woozer! I max out painting a flat wall ...
  117. It's been a while...
  118. Do you like to watch 'Magic?' As in Magic tricks.
  119. 4th of July .... Light the fuze and RUN!
  120. Screwed up the audio on my old lap top ..
  121. Like a bit of 'Hot Sauce' to zip up your food?
  122. 'Catch of the Day.'
  123. Bag it or box it.
  124. RIP Bailey ( dog )
  125. Work for University
  126. Done this... tounge skid marks on my plate.
  127. To whom ever .... Your birthday basket came today.
  128. Anyone else collect match books?
  129. Anyone ever roofed your own house?
  130. Admit it ... you too dig your toast/muffin out of the toaster.
  131. My Sour Memorial Day
  132. Divorce Sucks!
  133. Sports capital of the USA, SF Bay area
  134. THE cook book you want to have ... trust me on this one.
  135. AHHHH, a good dipping sauce or marinade!!
  136. Thank you, Veterans
  137. Smoke 'em If You Got 'em.
  138. If you can untangle a nasty wind knot...
  139. The Most Annoying Machine Ever Invented?!?!
  140. Dogs Tail
  141. Craigslist is a hoot
  142. Lets all take a moment please...
  143. Traditional Archery
  144. Mother @#$%#!$^#%^ Chipmunks....
  145. Mt Washington NH
  146. Sorry, but nature doesn't work that way
  147. Plugging The Blog Entries;
  148. I'm claiming my hectare on the banks of the Ozernaya River
  149. Whooa Moments. Actually had Eggles do this a couple of times.
  150. The Revenant
  151. Computer help
  152. It's 0Dark30 and you want a cup of coffee to head out the door.
  153. 2016 US National Kayak Championships
  154. 'Do not call' registry for cell phones.
  155. You really can 'over think' a simple 'problem.'
  156. Hour before sun up and you need to rig your rod....
  157. Who doesn't like a good BBQ burger ... and screwed them up.
  158. Sally Hansen's is so Yesterday
  159. Suck up and order cheese on that Burger!
  160. When you have a 'House Keeper' who tells you to go...
  161. Lost... and FOUND
  162. Jokes only
  163. Speaking Of News;
  164. 5 years and 2000 posts
  165. Happy Birthday to JP in Southern France!
  166. Drinking Like a Fish
  167. You're minding your own business and MR BEAR injects him self onto the trail.
  168. Prince Nymph
  169. Unnamed River
  170. Wife's non profit - great news
  171. I.D. a fish, save a child
  172. Any Bose Wave Owners?
  173. Olfactory Enthrallment
  174. Official punishment for messing up the one word?
  175. Future Massive Earthquake in Pacific NW Cascadia Fault fault
  176. NHL Playoffs
  177. St. Louis Cardinals home opener
  178. I can't believe he is gone
  179. Anyone Like Morels?
  180. An Early Birthday Present for Larry!
  181. Two incredible planes and pilots
  182. Massive fish kill has many wondering how Florida lagoon will survive
  183. What Glue or Adhesive should I use
  184. So I'm hanging out in the fly shop yesterday....
  185. Giving Back to our Troops
  186. How do you take a shot like this:
  187. NHL Playoff time
  188. I, for one, welcome the challenge
  189. Birds-of-Paradise Project
  190. Fishing in Kenya
  191. Formula 1 - 2016
  192. What is your earliest fishing memory?
  193. It's Like Washing Your Car To Make It Rain;
  194. Serious ''Good Eats" part two.
  195. How do you make the transition?
  196. Hitting the Reset button
  197. Free Kindle Books for Zane Grey Fans
  198. Are You Hungry Now?
  199. Vietnam War
  200. House Bills Threaten To Give Away National Forests - Outdoor Alliance
  201. Super Hydrophobic Coatings
  202. Experience points?
  203. Fishing songs
  204. Which lens should I buy for my wife's birthday?
  205. Sweet Deal on Smith polarchromic glass
  206. Well... I survived the Boy Scout's Snow Base.
  207. Florida State Boxing Cahmp protects girlfriend
  208. A Lifetime Valentine's Gift
  209. NASCAR - Racing League?
  210. Serious ''Good Eats"
  211. HBD killem
  212. Need to 'repair' the keyboard on my computer.
  213. ProStaffer?
  214. Fishing partner
  215. Illicit Streamer Sales Are on the Rise
  216. Making Physics Fun
  217. The Bluegill’s Unknown Legacy
  218. Huge 'Cute Factor' going on here; your future beach pard?
  219. Superbowl 50 Pick and Tell Thread;
  220. Southern Culture On the Fly
  221. Proud papa has to brag
  222. Fly Fishing Merit Badge
  223. HBD jaybo41
  224. Yeti
  225. Aerial Photo Essays of Jassen Todorov
  226. Snow Monster
  227. 16,000 Posts for Larry. Wow...
  228. Glenn Frey, Eagles founding member
  229. The "hatch" in your house
  230. Sooo, what's really under the cork of your bottle of wine?
  231. Hbd pocono !!!
  232. Video of the day - 1/16/16
  233. Want something Epic for my 50th...but don't know what??
  234. Yellowstone NP Backcountry Camping Permits
  235. Don't you wish we did this to tackle thieves?
  236. Mind Candy: "TED" presentations.
  237. "Foreward Men! We shall 'subdue' the 'Invador'
  238. Missoula MT, who knew? Want a good 'cold one' after fishing?
  239. What's in the water in Idaho?
  240. NFL Playoff Thread 2016
  241. Shared 'simple' dinner/lunch recipes?
  242. Tonight's dinner: Couldn't get more simple than this.
  243. Here's what your fishing dog needs. ;>)
  244. Politics And The Forum;
  245. Thanks Cutthroat Leaders!
  246. What's at the bottom of the canal
  247. Finally "off the hook"
  248. The Bad Advice Thread
  249. Andean Trout
  250. If you like to BBQ, here's a heck of a web site.