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  1. Frenchy
  2. Trip to Sonoma County, CA
  3. I'm Getting Too Old For This Sh.....
  4. Yosemite Late August
  5. San Gabriel scofflaw celebrities
  6. Hot Creek Ranch
  7. Runoff and Rattlers
  8. Dry Fly Fishing on the Lower Sac?
  9. Pteronarcys Californica
  10. Saturday on a So Cal small stream
  11. River Clean Up in Redding
  12. The Mighty Kern
  13. R.I.P. Sport Chalet
  14. Hat Creek
  15. California commercial salmon season cuts plannned
  16. Truckee River
  17. LA River Cleanup - April 16, 23, 30
  18. Yosemite today
  19. backpacking rae lakes
  20. Lower Sacramento Fishing Great at 20K
  21. Big reedy and pontoons
  22. Kings River Access
  23. Northern California Classic Tackle show this weekend in Santa Rosa
  24. Kern River End of March
  25. San Fran area Middle March
  26. Riverside area
  27. Wild rainbows on local stream
  28. Trout Streams Left out of San Gabriel Mtns Nat'l Monument Planning
  29. Trinity River, near Douglas City Feb 12th-15
  30. March trip to Northern California
  31. Eastern Sierra Saturday
  32. Snow-capped Mt. Baldy
  33. Should Alder acquaintance be forgot…
  34. The Trout that saved Mono Lake...
  35. New storms could make for wettest week in 5 years
  36. 2016 Steelhead Card simplified location codes?
  37. Truckee, Ca.
  38. Snow, at last...
  39. Flyfishing between Bodega Bay and Ft. Bragg?
  40. Yosemite Info
  41. One More Trip....
  42. Will El Niño be able to flush fish invaders out of the L.A. River?
  43. Eradication of nonnative fish from Sac Delta
  44. Shop Amazon? You can be giving CalTrout some much needed funding...
  45. Researchers determine origin of mysterious stone columns along Crowley Lake
  46. Castaway: test drive your next fly rod in So Cal
  47. The Local Crick
  48. Flood Insurance! +California in particular.
  49. New law protects CA rivers from gold mining
  50. Yosemite / Merced River Report
  51. Spontaneous Sunday Outing
  52. Bishop Fly Fishing Fair
  53. 155,000 Hatchery Trout die in minutes
  54. Movie on East Fork San Gabriel illegal mining
  55. La Times article on drought vs native fish
  56. The hatch is ON in the Eastern Sierra
  57. Rough Fire / Middle fork Kings River update
  58. Warm Water Affecting Fish Stocks
  59. El Niño update
  60. Chasin' Stripers (Not Strippers)
  61. LAST CHANCE TODAY: Angeles National Forest comment
  62. Hatch Chart for the Pacific Southwest Region
  63. Cal Trout - Fishing the Drought 2015
  64. Should I buy a Nat'l Forest Adventure Pass?
  65. Eastern Sierra snowstorm today!
  66. You know there's a drought when...
  67. Fly fishing yosemite?
  68. 96º, In the Shade
  69. Tule 411
  70. Sign of the times...
  71. A Quick Drive
  72. Carmel River dam removal
  73. Eastern Sierra Fun
  74. Quick E Sierra report
  75. Flyfishing between Reno and Fall River?
  76. Worth Their Weight in Gold
  77. A beautiful day on the Lower Owens
  78. Recent outings
  79. Hot Creek/Owens River area questions
  80. Cuts spawn in Truckee
  81. Stanislaus River area vs Kutras Ranch first week of June
  82. Lake Tahoe, Truckee River and a little perspective on the drought.
  83. Lower Sacramento River Closure in Redding
  84. Smith River/Panther Flat CG – Mid June
  85. Silver Fork of the American River
  86. NewPort Beach Fishing
  87. Owens/Hot Creek
  88. Spinner Fall Lodge?
  89. Flyfishing in Kuaui - guides, DIY?.....
  90. Upper Klamath Trip
  91. fishing around Big Bear.?
  92. People work on Wednesday, right?
  93. Traverse Creek Falls
  94. Lower Owens Valentine's Day Weekend
  95. Shasta Dam project update
  96. Drought update
  97. Steelhead Exhibit at Aquarium of the Pacific?
  98. Lower Owens River Inaugural Cleanup Day - February 7th
  99. The Locals
  100. Ghost Towns and Browns
  101. June Lake Question
  102. Fishing near Placerville, CA
  103. Lower Owens, east side of the Sierras
  104. San Jose and surrounding area
  105. Dreaming of a White Christmas
  106. My Name is Mud
  107. Any fish in the Kings River near Reedley?
  108. Muir Woods coho salmon vanish
  109. Rock Slide!
  110. Fly Fishing around Carlsbad CA?
  111. SoCal Surf @ El Segundo
  112. Does anyone in SoCal ACTUALLY fly fish?
  113. Trailer Park Fishing
  114. Day at the Gorge
  115. The Local Stream
  116. Merced River near El Portal
  117. Bob Mariott's Fly Fishing Fair
  118. Wild Trout Day
  119. Carl fishing spots near Sacramento Ca
  120. Fishing Bishop
  121. Need Last Minute Advice on a Northern California trip
  122. San Diego fly fishermen
  123. LA to Denver $49 each way
  124. L.A. River flyfishing contest!
  125. Farmers versus Fish - Round 1 Goes to the Fish
  126. Fishing near Santa Clarita, CA?
  127. Formely stillwater, now a stream again.
  128. After the Storm
  129. Lower Owens
  130. Truckee Fish Kill
  131. Cadillac Desert
  132. Little Virginia Lake/Eastern Sierras...What worked...
  133. SoCal Locals - We Need the Rain
  134. Upper Kern lodging?
  135. Yosemite High Country
  136. Day 1 - FotK
  137. Eagle Lake, CA
  138. Long Hike, Great Times
  139. For those who fish in the National Forests
  140. Netflix movie about John Muir Trail
  141. Inland Empire Fishing
  142. Do I still need a NF Adventure Pass?
  143. Fishing around Yosemite
  144. Trekking SoCal Mountains
  145. said site
  146. Local outing recommendation for fly AND spin?
  147. Golden Ticket - Pt 2
  148. L.A. River
  149. My little SD trout stream!
  150. Deep Sea Fishing Maui
  151. Long lunch and local trout
  152. McCloud
  153. Panning for Gold
  154. clark fork
  155. how was the day
  156. Yuba
  157. Eastside Adventures Before the Gen Opener
  158. San Gabriel River National Recreation Area? Need Your Input!
  159. What's a pike minnow?
  160. Quick Owens trip
  161. sierra opener.
  162. SoCal Mountains
  163. Eastern Sierra, 1st week of May
  164. New Fly Fisherman. Gold River, CA
  165. Oahu Bonefish In June
  166. SoCal Watershed
  167. Fishing near Willits, Ca
  168. One Surf Fly
  169. Northern Cali fishing
  170. No water in the SoCal trout rivers
  171. 2/5/2014 Update on California’s Emergency River Closures
  172. New to Fly Fishing
  173. Bad water news in the west
  174. Hawaii Bass Fishing with Haley
  175. Tying 'em op..
  176. Northern California Cabin - Walking distance to River
  177. Big Island: Hawaii - Any reason for me to take my fly gear?
  178. Hit the south for of the stanislaus
  179. Kirman Lake Adventure
  180. Klamath Fishing Report
  181. I need help with a trip to Central Coast area
  182. Heading to Hat Creek
  183. Sierra brook trout
  184. Lower Sac, Lower Feather, lower Yuba, or Moke
  185. East Walker River, Bridgeport, CA
  186. Rubicon Trail
  187. Golden Gate casting club
  188. Poaching news, Ca style
  189. Broke in the new rod
  190. In Search of Golden Trout in Eastern Sierra's Lakes
  191. Results of recent outtings
  192. Lower Sac Hatch Info - Late October
  193. Anyone hit the E. Carson recently?
  194. Yosemite Lodging?
  195. 2013 Shad
  196. fly fishing in the rain, sleet and snow
  197. Mammoth Lakes flies?
  198. Coming to LA..
  199. Newbie reel question
  200. Last Minute Trip To Yosemite Conundrum
  201. Fishing season question
  202. Steelhead success!
  203. Fishing the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra
  204. Yosemite National Park fly fishing
  205. Steelhead woes
  206. Some CA winter Steelhead pics
  207. Hey I'm Dave. Looking for feeshing buddies
  208. Looking for a Bay Area fishing buddy
  209. Winter Fishing
  210. Piru Creek (North of LA)
  211. Lake Amador
  212. San Francisco area fly fishing
  213. Fall browns
  214. McCloud - Upper Sac trip
  215. Quick E Sierra report
  216. Point Pinole, San Francisco Bay
  217. Waste pack suggestions?
  218. Silver Lake or Caples Lake
  219. New to Fly Fishing any Suggestions
  220. Simpler times in the GTW
  221. Feather River Salmon?
  222. Sierra fly patterns?
  223. BIG BEAR, CA Stream & Lake fly fishing
  224. Lake tabeaud?
  225. my biggest trout on a fly rod
  226. E Sierra Sights
  227. Fishing Along Dusy Ershim Trail?
  228. Fly fishing in the float tube
  229. Pinecrest or Yosemite July 27-29
  230. Lake alpine
  231. Northern Cal trip
  232. Upper Owens & Hot Creek
  233. Mammoth Lakes Trip Late June/Early July
  234. hip boots or waders
  235. Free Casting Lessons
  236. New guy
  237. NO BROWNS in the EWR....
  238. california coast
  239. Dunsmuir/Upper Sac/McCloud.
  240. New to Forum and Sac area
  241. Fishing Buddy Wanted! - mccloud/pit/upper sac
  242. First Time Lake Tahoe, advice?
  243. Heading to L.A. May 5th - 11th
  244. The Double Haul Ball is here for all you surf lovers
  245. Solo upsetting trip
  246. Ventura County anyone??
  247. Early Spring flies for CA
  248. Mokelumne River
  249. Eastern Sierra?
  250. Fly Fishing Sunnyvale, San Jose, San Francisco Area