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  1. Fishing on the Sidewalk
  2. 3wt or 4wt for bluegill.
  3. Arapaima on fly
  4. The Unknown Smallmouth Bass River
  5. 7 Big Bass Fishing Lies - by John Carll
  6. Rivers Full of Carp
  7. Don't Turn Your Back on Uncle Jon
  8. New World Record Bass Caught Yesterday
  9. What's Out There to Fly Fish For? - by Dave Whitlock
  10. Stripers by Kayak - by Casey Smartt
  11. Fly Fishing for Chain Pickerel - By Rob Woodruff
  12. Fly Fishing the Bass Spawn - By Cliff Hilbert
  13. Kayaking East Texas - By Dr. Lynn Gray
  14. Bream Fly Fishing - By Cliff Hilbert