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  1. Playing Hooky
  2. Have You Stuck a Fly in You or Others?
  3. A Poll Regarding Posting Content
  4. How Many Flies Used per Hour of Fishing?
  5. Leader choices
  6. How often do you fish a Bamboo rod? and why?
  7. Putting fish on the reel
  8. Either I can't find the fish anymore or the minnows are them!
  9. Gear Survey!
  10. A question to those who don't tie...
  11. Angler Category
  12. Swinging flies (How do you weigh it down)
  13. Sage Approach or Sage Response
  14. New to Fly Fishing, Limited Sale, Which rod would you choose?
  15. New to Fly Fishing, Limited Sale, Which rod would you choose?
  16. How do you get to the fish?
  17. advertisement????
  18. MT vs. CO
  19. Best combo for 100-125$
  20. IGFA Members....
  21. What to do with - Unclaimed Prize Poll;
  22. Waders
  23. Simms Waders
  24. Fall2012: Photo Contest#1 Vote
  25. Photo Contest #1:Fall Vote
  26. An Ethics Question
  27. Where it broke at poll
  28. What tools do I really need to start tying flies?
  29. Best starter rod outfit
  30. How Close to Home is "Good" Fishing?
  31. How Big Is Your Library
  32. Barbless or barbed hooks?
  33. What members posts make you lol the most?
  34. Four Stages of Angling
  35. S&A or RIO?
  36. Dream Destinations......
  37. Should the forum have a Photography Catagory
  38. What do you need to fish?
  39. Bug seining?
  40. How many kind of fish do you target?
  41. What type of leader do you use?
  42. Your Fishing Frequency, How often;
  43. Waders vs. Shorts
  44. 80/20
  45. What do you consider a "caught" fish?
  46. The most Gratifying piece of gear
  47. what are your priorities when buying a rod?
  48. Fish - Smart / Notsmart?
  49. Sight fishing or blind fishing?
  50. How do you straighten leaders and tippets?
  51. Where will you take your Big 2011 trip?
  52. All I Want for Christmas...
  53. Do you like "opening day"?
  54. How many fish fourums do you visit?
  55. what's better, Size or numbers?
  56. Team USA
  57. What's better- woman in waders or lingerie?
  58. Do you buy or tie?
  59. Daily Fly Fishing News
  60. How many streams,creeks,rivers....have you already fished?
  61. How close is too close?
  62. Favorite Places to buy flies?
  63. What brand of hook do you prefer?
  64. How Do You Organize Your Flies?
  65. Favorite Western Tailwater?
  66. how do you fly fish at you local stream?
  67. Direction of Fly Fishing?
  68. Indoor Fishing?
  69. How far can you cast?
  70. Keeping The Craft Alive
  71. Floating line... WF or DT
  72. Floating line... WF or DT
  73. How do you connect to NAFFF
  74. Eat that fish, or release it?
  75. Fly Fishing reference book
  76. What do you wear ???
  77. Which fly would you choose
  78. What Rain Gear/Wading Jacket do you use?
  79. Touchy subject:Barbless or barbed
  80. Underwater Cameras
  81. What knot do you tie your fly on with?
  82. Traction Control
  83. Aztec Angler's Live Person
  84. What Color Fly Rod Do You Like the Best?
  85. What release tool do you use?
  86. Most Productive Flies
  87. What Fly Fishing Organizations do you belong too?
  88. On average how many flies do you carry in your fly boxes?
  89. How Many Fly Boxes Do You Carry In Your Vest/Pack?
  90. How Many Flies Do You Lose In A Outing?
  91. Favorite number of rod pieces?
  92. New look
  93. What type of water do you enjoy most?
  94. How Many Fly Rods Do You Own