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  1. Mending
  2. 4-5 pc. 4wt. Help
  3. Allen Fly Fishing Podcasts - Beginners Series
  4. need some advise ... leaders an such.
  5. What size leader can I use?
  6. How to nymph fish
  7. Cabelas Drake III Question
  8. New guy questions
  9. beginner confusion on how to properly use leader and tippet
  10. Where and how to fish for idaho carp
  11. Keep missing river brownies
  12. Stupid newb question...assembling a new rod.
  13. How do you fish a wolly booger?
  14. Rod and reel for starting out
  15. Travel Rods with 6-8 pieces
  16. How to Tie the Basic Clinch Knot
  17. Gear for fly fishing the surf
  18. How do I make my own Braided Loops
  19. What gear do I need for trout fishing?
  20. How Do I fasten two loops together
  21. What are the different fly rods used for?
  22. How do I fish for Steelhead?
  23. How do I cast more line?
  24. Can I cast more than one line weight on my rod?
  25. How do you use a fly reel?
  26. What do I look for when buying a Used Rod
  27. How do I tie knots used in Fly Fishing
  28. What do I look for in a Pontoon Boat
  29. How do I make a loop on my fly line?
  30. What is a good low cost outfit for a beginner
  31. What are the AFTMA Fly Line Weight Ratings
  32. What size tippet do I use?
  33. Is the tippet and leader the same thing?
  34. What do I do if I break my fly rod while fishing?
  35. Is is bad to not practice catch & release?
  36. What are the best sunglasses for fly fishing?
  37. Why am I not getting a good hook set?
  38. What is the best floating fly line color?
  39. Is a longer rod better than a short one?
  40. Can I Bend My Wrist While Fly Casting?