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  1. Fly line lingo in english
  2. What line?
  3. Mastery Textured Series GPX
  4. Another shooting head thread....
  5. Atlantic salmon line help
  6. Line selection help
  7. Floating line sinks?
  8. Looking for line for a 7 wt.
  9. Maintaining a Silk Fly Line/ Bamboo wont seat
  10. What does WF6 stand for?
  11. Recommended Fly Line for a Slow/Moderate Slow Rod
  12. Rio Clouser vs Outbound Short
  13. salt lines for 8wt BVK
  14. Joan Wulff Fly line
  15. A Question For the Experts
  16. Camo fly line?
  17. Line for short stout rods
  19. Sage TXL and Rio Trout LT DT
  20. Airflo Ridge Lines
  21. Rio Smallmouth taper for heavy trout nymph rigs?
  22. 12 pound test backing question....
  23. Help Choosing A Fly Line...
  24. Cleaning fly line
  25. Fly to leader
  26. recommendations for Sage 586-4
  27. Does it exsist??...Or is it like the mythical Unicorn.
  28. Fly Line Weights and Ratings; Company links Here
  29. new line for Loomis streamdance GLX
  30. Fly Line Chart
  31. 4wt line
  32. What sink rate is best for fishing for bass?
  33. ? about Sage Ultra Performance Taper maybe a rep know
  34. New line for 4wt
  35. Airflo clear floating line
  36. WF 6 Intermediate line - which to choose?
  37. Rio Mainsteam line ?
  38. Best Bass Bug Line.
  39. What line should I get for my 3wt CT?
  40. Braided line maybe?
  41. Line: where and what to buy?
  42. Orvis Clearwater Line
  43. 6'6" 3 weight rod with vintage reel: Is a 2 wt. line better?
  44. Fly shops in new york
  45. what line for a GLX Whispercreek 3wt
  46. Sage Xi3 - line for pike
  47. Dacron or Gel Spun Backing
  48. Distance line
  49. Best 12wt line for Tarpon?
  50. Rio Versi Tip on sale!
  51. Clouser line and 9' 8 wt redington predator
  52. S.A. Sharkskin
  53. Cortland Line-Leader Loop Connector
  54. Flytooth Razorstrike line
  55. Cortland Fairplay Floating Orange Fly Line
  56. Line for Winston B2X 6wt 9ft
  57. RIO Accelerator Fly Line?
  58. Use for old worn out fly line...
  59. Are high end fly lines worth the expense?
  60. Leader building
  61. 5 wt floating line recommendation
  62. fly line to leader loop
  63. FFM "Tippet Shoot-Out"
  64. WF or DT on your small creek rods?
  65. Recoil strippers and line choice
  66. Question about Sylk
  67. Making Indicators out of fly line
  68. Why doesn't Scientific Anglers publish the 30' weight of their lines?
  69. 9wt line needs replaced
  70. Help with line for Ross Flystik 8wt
  71. Maintenance question for lines.
  72. Cortland BOSS
  73. 7 wt line advice
  74. Cortland Sylk DTF First impressions
  75. Help with Silk Line
  76. Crosscurrent lineing
  77. double taper & weight forward
  78. Organizing Leaders!?
  79. Quick Line Question
  80. New guy to the Sport... Help
  81. Overlining
  82. Orvis leader to non-Orvis line?
  83. Replacing the welded loop
  84. Need line for Selway
  85. leaders and Tippets
  86. Airflo Ridge Rangefinder Distance
  87. Recommend a fly line to the nube
  88. Rio Deep 7
  89. Fly line memory??
  90. Making The Blind Splice connection, by WJC;
  91. Removing some GNARLY line memory
  92. Wulff Fly Line
  93. line to leader connection.
  94. Cabela line
  95. Backing to fly line question?
  96. Airflo?
  97. When it's time to change your line?
  98. 3wt Fly Line
  99. Fluoro tippet for floating line?
  100. Line choice for a 6 wt TFO BVK
  101. Hand-woven tapered leaders
  102. Line choice for Sage SP 6Wt
  103. Fly Line Twist
  104. Freshwater fly lines
  105. Which inexspesive fly line?
  106. Line Choice for 10ft 7wt Z-Axis
  107. Cabelas Airflo Supple EX fly line: WOW!
  108. nice new old sa reel
  109. length of sinking tip on sink tip lines
  110. SA Gel Spun backing: is it hollow braided?
  111. Power Pro ACE Hollow Braid
  112. Switch rods..
  113. Line recommendation for a Scott G 3wt
  114. Lines in storage since 1983. They seem nearly pefect to me. What gives?
  115. Orvis Clearwater new lines $11. Is this junk?
  116. fly line: choices are swallowing me
  117. Bass Leader
  118. braided loop connector and nail knot
  119. Presentation line for BIIIX 6wt
  120. Fluorocarbon Tippet
  121. Scientific Anglers VPT line
  122. Would you buy a SW line if.....
  123. Gel-spun vs Dacron Backing
  124. Top All Around WF Lines
  125. RIO Slickshooter and other such running lines
  126. Line Recommendation for 7 wt bass rod
  127. How to Convert the Old Line Weights to Modern AFTMA Line Weights;
  128. Finally free of the aftma!!! :)
  129. SA Air Cel lines ?????
  130. prefered line???????
  131. Grain Weight to "Rod weight"
  132. Furled leader building help?
  133. Tenkara line + leader
  134. Shooting line??
  135. Wulff TT more reel space than WF?
  136. Fly line to leader-tippet?
  137. RIO Trout LT
  138. SA GPX on Sage TXL
  139. Step by step braided loops
  140. A reliable conversion for grams to grain.
  141. Difference in sinking line, intermediate, and sink tip?
  142. knotless flyline to backing?
  143. Best "style" steelhead/salmon line (singlehand)
  144. Saltwater lines
  145. How much backing?
  146. Making your loop on the end of fly line
  147. Which 2nd line should I use?
  148. Line color... again
  149. RIO lines video.
  150. anyone ever try this dacron for backing?
  151. DT Ques...GPX brand and preferred way to attach to reel
  152. Fly LIne for Classic Fly Rods: Winston WT, T&T Paradigm, Scott G2
  153. intermediate lines
  154. Switch Rod lines
  155. backing care/maintenance
  156. "Welded" Loops
  157. Discovery!
  158. What's My Line?
  159. Fly line help...
  160. sage equator
  161. Weight Forward vs Double Taper Lines
  162. Better sink tip line for my 9'6 7 wt??
  163. Sink Tip for Winston GVX 9' 8WT
  164. Sink tip with a indicator?
  165. Lead Head
  166. intermediate sink recommendations
  167. Old line?
  168. Switch Fly Line, Regular Fly Line, Grains...I'm Lost
  169. Fly Line Manufacturing
  170. Rio Versi Tip - Positive & Negative Feedback
  171. lost 8 inches off tip of fly line ?
  172. Ultra light wt line
  173. Shark tooth leader/tippet cutter
  174. Cortland 444
  175. Fly line ratings?
  176. RIO- Selective Trout vs. Trout LT
  177. A Case for Half-Weight Lines
  178. Tippet and Surgeons knot question
  179. stillwater techniques for sinking and sinktip
  180. How much fly line can you cut off?
  181. Leader to tippet loop to loop
  182. Wulff Triangle Taper Floating Fly Line
  183. Stripped off my reel, tossed to the ground, gave it the finger and set it ablaze
  184. line for smaller flies
  185. Backing?
  186. Airflow Line - Fast Action
  187. Orvis Bass ?
  188. Which line for 20 foot deep lake?
  189. Dry fly tippet type?
  190. SA's Sharkskin lines
  191. quality lines?????
  192. fly line backing for 3wt reel
  193. Switch Rod fly line
  194. overlining light weight rods?
  195. Where to start with trying furled leader?
  196. How much line can be cut off of the tip?
  197. Reasonably priced line for Avid 3Wt
  198. Looking for a Silk Fly Line?
  199. Tippet Tangle
  200. Fly line life span
  201. Another Tippet type question.
  202. Left Kreh fly line
  203. Tippet Question
  204. Wright & McGill bamboo rod - what line?
  205. Dying a Fly Line;
  206. Fly line on spools
  207. What is comparable????
  208. Do I need Sinking Line???
  209. Running Line
  210. The classic Scientific Anglers Air Cel Fly Line
  211. cortland 1/2wt lines
  212. Help with fly line
  213. Help ID the Unknown Fly Line, anyone?
  214. Leader: Straight or Tapered (warm water fish)
  215. Newbie who needs fly line recs
  216. Fixing a cracked fly line?
  217. line wt vs Strength?
  218. Cortland sylk; go one line weight over
  219. Broken Fly Line
  220. Rio LT fly lines....
  221. Line weights
  222. Best Floating Pike Line
  223. New Rod, What Line?
  224. Allen Fly Line in Hawaii?
  225. Bass Pro White River Fly Shop Bass Taper Fly Line?
  226. Fly line types
  227. Fly Line Conundrum
  228. Building Furled Leaders Without Jigs or Tools
  229. End of Floating Line Sinking
  230. Tippet to leader knot
  231. furled leaders?
  232. New Here
  233. First rod and just spooled - twisted line? Wrong knot?
  234. line memory
  235. Line recommendations for small rods?
  236. Line problems
  237. Warm or Cold, how to choose?
  238. Best Knot to join fly line & backing
  239. need advice on fly line
  240. SA Mastery Textured GPX
  241. Monic Clear Floating Fly Lines?
  242. Russ Peak Loop Knot
  243. Dacron Q
  244. line help
  245. how cold is too cold?
  246. sharkskin magnum, pike/muskie or bass bug?
  247. Fly line life expectency.
  248. Lines and Flies for Steelhead Fisning on the Salmon River NY
  249. Fly Line for Orvis Superfine Trout Bum 3-wt. rod
  250. GPX Master Textured Series