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  1. Chetco River from top to bottom in a small raft.
  2. John Gierach interview
  3. Western Native Trout Initiative Announces Small Project Funding Recipients
  4. Exhibition celebrates women in fly fishing—and angling art
  5. Rockford's Peter Humphreys earns reputation as best spey caster in Midwest
  6. Catskills Fly Fishing Event
  7. Seattle rivers become salmon fishing options in August
  8. Golden Trout Wildfire
  9. Carp on the Fly Features in US TV Show
  10. Poisoned Lakes To Recieve Cutthroats
  11. AFFTA Joins TU in Opposing Bill that would Trash America's Backcountry
  12. Lahontan stocking for Tahoe
  13. I know what it says on the menu, but what's really on your plate?
  14. Shark fishing banned in the Bahamas
  15. Fly fishing for kids - Tahoe/Truckee
  16. Tubeology launches in USA with Umpqua!
  17. Northwest Miramichi goes catch and release
  18. Young Summer Steelhead Euthanized at Alaskan Hatchery
  19. Felt boots are back.
  20. Unique Opportunity to Fish Abaco with Flip Pallot
  21. The Fonz goes Fishing
  22. Residents speak out on proposed Pebble mine.
  23. so what is it worth to you?
  24. Threatened Bull Trout to be Restored to Oregon's Clackamas River
  25. Alaskan Artist Donates Summer Series to Pebble Mine Cause
  26. Win a dream fishing trip to Bristol Bay, Alaska
  27. Federation of Fly Fishers: Great Mission, But Lose the "Conclave" Moniker
  28. The Bigger They Are, The Ardea They Fall!
  29. Salmonstock! National Acts Headline US Concert to Celebrate Wild Alaskan Salmon
  30. A disgrace to their country
  31. a smallmoth question
  32. Cape Cod seals shot
  33. dolly varden fly
  34. A New Partner Joins Casting for Recovery
  35. Brit opens up the amazing fishing of the Amazon rainforest to fly anglers
  36. Orvis rolls out its 2011 free fly fishing clinics
  37. Canada loses moral high ground on salmon conservation
  38. The Big Issue: Losing America's Last Great Wild Fishery
  39. Maryland Whirling Disease
  40. One from the Archives - Jim Hardy on the Design of Trout Rods
  41. Trout Unlimited Sponsors Fly Fishing Academy for Bristol Bay Youth For Third Year
  42. Salmon River Revived
  43. Two of Washington's Toutle River tributaries open early for hatchery steelhead
  44. Lake Huron salmon fishery decline is a learning moment for others
  45. Quilcene National Fish Hatchery Releases Coho as part of Centenary Celebration
  46. New podcast published - T&T Reboots
  47. Oregon lakes may have ‘$1 million fish’
  48. Spring Chinook Fishery Reopened on Lower Columbia River
  49. U.S. National Fly Fishing Championship starts in Cherokee on May 19
  50. Proposal would restore cutthroat trout to Tahoe
  51. This is NOT GOOD; anyone know this guy??
  52. cortland reel capacities
  53. Scary Decline In Striper Stocks
  54. Skin Cancer Is On The Rise
  55. Third plan for Columbia Basin dams and wild salmon may still have holes
  56. Biologists fish for answers about the trout in Hidden Lake
  57. Free Registry or $300 fine
  58. Snow Trout, Chocolate Mahseer fishes high in nutrient value
  59. the effect of the digital world
  60. Tip o' the hat to several Native American Tribes in Montana.
  61. Kaufmann's closes
  62. Tippets
  63. Tippets
  64. Thomas & Thomas Under New Ownership
  65. 3 million year old mayfly fossil found
  66. $1 Million Available for Habitat Restoration Projects
  67. Youth Only Beginning Fly Fishing Clinic
  68. 6Th Annual Fly Tie-a-Thon for March of Dimes
  69. Would you fish for "caged" tuna
  70. Endangered coho salmon return to Russian River
  71. Stan Bogdan
  72. Pacific Salmon Staple of Ecosystem
  73. UK fishing on eBay
  74. Circle Hook Survey
  75. Montana's "Wicked Witch' is 'dead' ... for the moment!
  76. Norwegian website
  77. Havana good time - fly fishing Cuba
  78. The $1000 Trout!
  79. AFFTA Stands Against Montana's HB309
  80. New world record Atlantic Salmon (landlocked) ratified by IGFA
  81. If you build a dam, what you do with water flow is now critical path.
  82. Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
  83. Vermont BANS Felt Soled Wadding Boots
  84. Dick Talleur
  85. allen trout reel
  86. Charles Jardine joins G.Loomis
  87. Dams on Kennebec still killing Atlantic salmon
  88. Gila Trout Season in Southern Arizona
  89. RIP Sylvester Nemes!
  90. EPA announces plans to assess Bristol Bay environment
  91. Get your favourite fishing forums on your phone!
  92. Gone Fishing: Paul Volcker Retires From Public Life, Heads For the River
  93. Farmed salmon escape in Canada
  94. wadwe boot re-soles
  95. The Ska-opper - a revolutionary Steelhead Popper
  96. Alaskan Salmon River to be Restored in Tongass
  97. Hardy Zenith 5# wins fly rod best in test
  98. Closing Waters to Sportfishing in Southern California
  99. Stewart's Spider
  100. China International Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition 2011(China Fish 2011)
  101. Steelhead fishery re-opens on Columbia's Hanford Reach
  102. A chance to fish NZ at minimal cost
  103. Alaska's true reality show: salmon or gold mine
  104. More than just fly fishing in Montana! Go Cats!
  105. Talented fly tier turns thief
  106. ASMFC Votes in Favor of Striped Bass Conservation
  107. Fishing charity hits the headlines
  108. Hardy bring back the Taupo
  109. Bonefish and Tarpon Trust
  110. EPA rejects ban on lead
  111. ESPN Finalizes Sale of BASS to Investor Group
  112. Fish&Fly / ClubFishWorld special offer to Chile
  113. IGFA launches world record iPhone app
  114. Pero Honored at Wild Trout Symposium
  115. Dry Flies Floating On Air
  116. Product Recall - Simms Wading Staff
  117. 3M to Acquire Ross Reels USA/Ross Worldwide Outdoors
  118. Fishing on the Frontier - Part 33: Leader-to-hand
  119. Rookie on the riverbank - Episode 3/3
  120. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter - October 2010
  121. What's the Government up to this month?
  122. Be the village hero - in Laos!
  123. New Bahamian FlyFishing Federation proposed
  124. Nebraska says snag yourself a Paddlefish
  125. A Special Night for FryFly
  126. Sportfishing Industry Asks EPA to Dismiss Petition to Ban Lead in Tackle
  127. And now for something completely different..........
  128. Florida Permit need your help! - Success!
  129. BTT Fundraising online auction begins!
  130. Hanging by a Thread
  131. Rookie on the riverbank - Episode 2/3
  132. Ennis Dam Break Update!!
  133. Dam Break at Ennis Lake!!!
  134. Good News For Sockeye Salmon!
  135. Grants Respond to Spread of Invasive Mussels In the West
  136. Life on the Fly by Tom Johnson - book review
  137. Florida Permit need your help!
  138. Interesting Read On Brown Trout
  139. Hanging by a Thread
  140. Pesca Maya - Pesca Gratis!
  141. Frog Hair Reported to be Going Out of Business
  142. Spot the fisherman
  143. Potential world record brown caught in USA - 41lb 8oz
  144. Class in session at FFF Conclave - join the Jardines
  145. New NRX fly rods from G Loomis sweeping the awards
  146. Murphy runs for AFFTA
  147. Louisiana re-opens most state waters to recreational fishing
  148. Iceland For Everyone - Fly Fishing on the East Ranga
  149. Trout saved as wildfire approaches in New Mexico
  150. Comprehensive Angler Access Study Has Surprising Results
  151. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter - July 2010
  152. 2010 Gold Cup Champs Fished with Hardy Prototypes
  153. New Mobile Web App Puts CA Fishing Information at Your Fingertips
  154. A Passion for Tarpon by Andy Mill
  155. Review: Redington CT (Classic Trout) Rod
  156. Giant Tarpon amongst IGFA hopefuls
  157. High on Fishing
  158. The Avalon Fly - Permit catcher extraordinaire!
  159. Cobia rumble
  160. Book Review: Do Fish Feel Pain - Victoria Braithwaite
  161. Hardy & Greys announce major breakthrough in rod design
  162. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter
  163. May news from Casting for Recovery
  164. Honey...It's Your Wife or The Trout!!!
  165. New Fishing iPhone App - iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times
  166. New fishing show on WFN needs your support!
  167. $1 Million Available for Community-based Habitat Restoration Projects
  168. May news from BTT includes gulf oil spill update
  169. Win a Salmon Rod Contest
  170. Atlantic Salmon Highway - The Miramichi
  171. 10 Waters to Watch list published
  172. Finding Walter
  173. How big can the Fish&Fly media empire grow?
  174. Anglers Hooked on Maine Smallmouth Bass
  175. Alaskan Red Gold still under threat from UK mining company
  176. Rafters Vs. Fisherman
  177. Tackle review - Allen Fly Fishing XL 5/6 Fly Reel
  178. which rod to take
  179. Patagonia's new catalog goes digital
  180. Urge the White House to Safeguard Recreational Fishing says the ASA
  181. Anyone visiting the North of England in May?
  182. Utah set to halve river access
  183. Montana on your mind?
  184. Alaska commended for saying goodbye to felt
  185. Ascension Bay - a saltwater fly fishing paradise!
  186. MANOIR MALVOISINE - a little corner of trout fishing paradise in Normandy
  187. US fishing numbers on the rise
  188. Alaska's Koktuli River - calls for Outstanding Natural Resource designation
  189. Pirates of the Flats Honored in 31st Annual Telly Awards
  190. Plight of Pacific Salmon uncertain
  191. New World Championship Bass on The Fly Fishing Tournament
  192. Tippets using berkley fireline
  193. Tippets
  194. Reel Artistic
  195. Armchair casting
  196. Zen and the art of permit fishing
  197. Alaskan Adventure
  198. Juneau to introduce felt ban next season
  199. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter
  200. Casting from the Shore CD - the review
  201. New world record brown trout ratified
  202. Farmed Salmon Exposed - watch the full film here now
  203. Patagonia Expedition 2010: Memories to Last a Lifetime!
  204. Michaelangelo's trout - fishing in Tuscany
  205. Bonefish on a budget
  206. The Silence of the Solitary Fly Fisherman
  207. World Trout grants $75,000 to grassroots groups
  208. FlyFishingWales with Kim Tribe
  209. Berlin shifts role to Business Manager at AFFTA
  210. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter
  211. Request for Award Nominations, Wild Trout X
  212. TFO Partners with Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute
  213. Florida Cold Kills Result in Fisheries Changes
  214. Chasing Rainbows in the Wild West
  215. New outdoor sports show for Philly in February
  216. Gary Loomis - podcast interview with Zach Matthews
  217. Chilean Lodges take innovative step in combatting spread of aquatic pests
  218. Anglers Advised to Avoid Endangered Coho Salmon
  219. Fly Fishing legend Arthur Cove passes away
  220. Rusty Gates...
  221. AFFTA announces new show and new Marketing Director
  222. Florida Permit anglers - BTT needs you!
  223. A River Runs Through It: The History of River Trout Fishing in the UK's NE
  224. Fancy some half-price winter fishing in Florida?
  225. National Sporting Library Hosts its First Symposium on Fly Fishing
  226. "Flies That Catch Trout" by Terry Lawton - book review
  227. Fly Fishing Retailer show heading for a new home in 2010
  228. Fish&Fly Winter 2009 ezine - 'Focus On... The Seychelles'
  229. How to tie the Tucked half blood knot or Improved clinch knot
  230. How to tie a Palomar knot
  231. How to tie an Arbor Knot
  232. Federation of Fly Fishers newsletter - Nov 09
  233. Film shows how fly fishing helps returning servicemen
  234. Here Come The Girls!
  235. After H1N1
  236. Latest news on the fight for Bristol Bay
  237. Dancing With Trout
  238. New Law Targets Poachers Not Sportsmen
  239. Terry Lawton is..... Lost in France
  240. Petition for mandatory release of wild steelhead in oregon.
  241. Trout and Salmon Fishing on the North Branch of the Potomac
  242. Saltwater One Fly coming to Huntington Beach
  243. Attention US Sport Fishermen
  244. Fishing on the Frontier – Part 26 - San River Perfection
  245. Tackling Tasmania's Wild Trout Fishery
  246. Pirates of the Flats to Debut on ESPN2
  247. New UK tv series 'Born to Fish' available online!
  248. Jazz & Fly Fishing 2009 - Touring Wild Waters
  249. Florida bonefish and permit need your help!
  250. "Once In A Blue Moon" - Best Film 2009