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  1. Confluence Films Begins Production On New 2013 Film, “Waypoints”
  2. American Angler - now on iPad
  3. Columbia River Native Salmon Given a New Lease on Life
  4. Cutthroat Leaders Unveils New Website
  5. Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska - December 14, 2012 Newsletter
  6. Article recommendation
  7. Train to Teach Kids Fly Fishing with NFSP
  8. politicians, lobbyists and money
  9. RIO Products Releases iMOW Tips
  10. Mmmm, Trout Bugers !
  11. New saltwater fishing permit required in Georgia
  12. Free women's fishing clinic in Crystal River
  13. Mat-Su Salmon Science and Conservation Symposium
  14. Urgent request from AFFTA - The Sportsmen's Act of 2012
  15. Hoagy Carmichael to speak about his book on The Grand Cascapedia in Ridgefield CT
  16. Sportsmen welcome EPA’s open and transparent process for the Bristol Bay watershed as
  17. Striped Bass Poachers
  18. Book Review: The Way of the River
  19. National Fishing For Schools announcement
  20. HMS Bounty .... so sad.
  21. Forum Apparel
  22. Lance is the Champion!
  23. Malselv Gold and Silver - A quest for mighty salmon of the Malselv
  24. Crazy Carp
  25. Habitat Protection Vital To Native Trout
  26. Alaskan Lodge for Sale
  27. Hardy and Greys Up For Sale
  28. ISER Researcher Criticizes Pebble Data, Shively Shrugs Off Concerns of Hunters and Sport Fishermen
  29. Striped bass recrutment
  30. How did all those 'Port of entry' boat checks go ... looking for NASTIES?
  31. Couple fly-fish around the globe year-round, and get paid for it.
  32. 2012 Sportfishing Summit Brings Industry Leaders Together
  33. Casting for Recovery Partners with World Fishing Network
  34. Orvis, TU Begin Project to Open 1,000 Miles of New Trout Water Over Next Decade
  35. Free Kindle E-Book Download until the 8th
  36. Another Fish Barrier Removed
  37. Alaska Hosts Fisheries Workshops and Conference
  38. Biscayne Bay Access Concerns Raised Again
  39. A very good read, and a simple/cheap solution.
  40. Man Finds Lost Finger in Trout
  41. Lake trout gives fisherman the finger
  42. Budget Law Will Freeze Sport Fish Restoration Fund
  43. Short Story on Fishing Alone this past week
  44. Where have the King Salmon gone. From the BBC
  45. Presidential Hopefuls Talk Fishing
  46. Casting for Recovery Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Adjust to "Life After"
  47. Take A Trip With A Hatchery Trout
  48. Fishing Tradeshows Join Forces
  49. Still the Best!
  50. Fly Fishing Museum Has New Website
  51. London Club to celebrate fly fishing far from home
  52. Simms fishing products honored with governor’s innovative business awards
  53. Riding High - The Science of Tarpon
  54. The winners at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
  55. Kenai River Habitat Work Lands National Recognition
  56. New issue of Montana Fly Fishing 'E-zine is out.
  57. Al Troth
  58. Maryland DNR and Striped Bass
  59. Hardy Loses a Legend
  60. OT--Little Brown Bats
  61. Astonishing Numbers Take Action for Bristol Bay
  62. Drought taking heavy toll on fishing industry
  63. More good news from the Elwha as Spawners Spotted
  64. Felt boot regulations
  65. Did you guys see this?
  66. Cortland Line Company Bought by Group of Private Investors
  67. Something other Buckeyes might find interesting.
  68. Obama Administration Reneges on Modest Steps To Protect Waters from CAFO Pollution
  69. Fish swim upstream of Condit Dam after breaching
  70. Click here to view the Game Fishers Diary!
  71. Online Fishing TV channel now available for viewing 24/7!
  72. AFFTA Announces Education Partnership With NFSP
  73. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ends Connecticut River salmon restoration
  74. Sportfishing Industry Launches FishSmart Tackle Program
  75. Job Vacancies - Nautilus Reels
  76. Gonna need a bigger net !
  77. Tenkara USA Announces Deal With Orvis
  78. Simm's sneak preview for 2013
  79. Buy a Tshirt and Support Bristol Bay Campaign
  80. New duo take the reins on Norway's Gaula
  81. Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods to Sell Direct
  82. Maybe Salmon fishing in Washington State may live up to the 'projections?'
  83. Two new fly lines coming from RIO.
  84. Update on the Spring King Run on the Rogue River.
  85. Mt Lion attack in Ca
  86. The King is Dead, long live the King ... from Seattle
  87. "I've Told You My Secrets" - Steelhead Expert, Harry Lemire
  88. C.F. Burkheimer Expands Advisory and Pro Staff
  89. Don't swim with the seals
  90. Fancy a job in flyfishing?
  91. Men with cancer invited to fly-fishing retreat
  92. Jw young & sons fifteen hundred series 1510
  93. There’s fly fishing, and fish flying, with NH aerial pond-stocking program
  94. Legal Effort to Overturn No-Fishing Zones in California Continues
  95. Costa Movie Supports New Sport Fishery in Guyana
  96. Monumental Sportsmen's Act of 2012 Introduced in the Senate
  97. Western Governors’ Association Touts Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation in the West
  98. Penobscot Dam Removal Marks Major Step in Recovery of Atlantic Salmon
  99. New life emerges as dams come down on the Elwha
  100. How to Maintain your Fly Rod
  101. Beware Fishy Stories
  102. To be perfectly honest 'NPR' has never been my cup of tea ... but there are genuine .
  103. How To Get The World's Most Expensive Fishing Book for Free
  104. Trout Unlimited Names Photo Winners
  105. Interesting things going on in Glacier National Park.
  106. Active service members and their families to get FREE National Park Pass'
  107. Film Festival Ties Up With FFF
  108. Spring Fly Fishing in Montana is Producing Big Results
  109. Coleman partners with NWF to support Great American Backyard Campout
  110. You're going fishing, would you leave the Pooch behind?
  111. Fishing in Schools Training in Austin.
  112. Browne Wins Gold Medal for Atlantic Salmon Magic
  113. The New Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo Set to Open in Jan 2013
  114. New Stillwater Fly Fishing Tournament Leaps Onto Manitoba's Angling Calendar
  115. Fish&Fly Strengthens Its Team
  116. Lead use in fishing tackle gets a reprieve
  117. Fishing exhibition, Dalian, China
  118. Have you fished The Green?
  119. Mac Users, Check Your Security;
  120. Interesting read: Canada's doing way with the "Penny."
  121. Stocking event
  122. Yellowstone Angler's 4 weight shootout
  123. Now this was a fun read; folks have a private trout hatchery in Montana.
  124. 2004 - 2005 Jeep Liberty recall.
  125. Estate of Billy Pate Auction
  126. Simms introduce new "Western-cut" waders
  127. New series of Trout Unlimited : On the Rise
  128. clotheslined
  129. Now this IS a cool read; Mom Nature knows best so why argue?
  130. MacNab Media launch new fishing booking system
  131. "The Movie"
  132. And the 'Commitee' that approved this purchase didn't even 'blink.'
  133. Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland - videos
  134. Fly Fishing in Europe - Perch and Fly is Worth a Try!
  135. Chuck Furimsky waded into his hobby for a career
  136. High mountain frogs, trout angling don't mix
  137. Rule rejection kicks off fish vs. water delta debate
  138. Most fish actually evolved on land, not the sea
  139. Simms launch new blog
  140. California Anglers Help Save Striped Bass from Potentially
  141. Anglers’ Fight to Stop No-Fishing Zones in California Moves Forward
  142. How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes
  143. Grass Carp
  144. Is Tenkara Fly Fishing a Fad?
  145. Snook season reopening on Atlantic coast only
  146. Spring chinook runs look strong for Columbia River
  147. “Rally for the Rivers” asks EPA to protect the Upper Colorado River from diversions
  148. Vermont Flood Recovery
  149. Opportunity for kids to learn to fly fish at summer camp
  150. Go Big Blue
  151. Win the Ultimate Sportfishing Experience with KeepAmericaFishing
  152. Fishing in Schools Program Coming to Missouri
  153. 20 year moratorium....
  154. Fish-farm foe defiant as court date nears in Canada
  155. 60 Minutes
  156. Kirk Deeters Top Fly Fishing Predictions for 2012
  157. careful where you wade !
  158. Obsession; A Novice's Tale of Florida Redfish
  159. The New Olympic Series Two-Handed Rods from Allen Flyfishing
  160. Denver's South Platte River rehabilitation plan designed to restore fisheries
  161. Riverside Christmas trees recycled into fish homes
  162. Middle East "River runs through it"?
  163. Fish like a president
  164. The Missouri, the Clark’s Fork, and the Madison
  165. No More Broken Fly Rods with Fly Rod Saver
  166. Atlantic salmon reproduction!
  167. Poll Shows Most Alaskans Oppose Proposed Pebble Mine Project
  168. SmithFly Launches Hassle-Free Modular Fly Fishing Gear with El Poquito
  169. today's email from Stripers Forever
  170. Tackle manufacturer Hardy & Greys looks to trim HQ staff
  171. Speed, Muscle and Teeth - Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks on DVD
  172. Sanderson leaves Hardy & Greys
  173. Menhaden harvest limit
  174. 25LB land locked Atlantic Salmon
  175. Any of you 'cure' eggs for river fishing? Go ahead and admit you chuck bait at times.
  176. Alex Jackson (hooks) background-great read.
  177. A positive development for striped bass
  178. Menhaden: an 86% decline
  179. Flip Pallot back on your TV in 2012 in Ford's Fishing Frontier
  180. Pending All Tackle Length Record Sockeye - 74cm fly rod caught
  181. Gravel dredging in Vermont rivers
  182. Orangeburg National Fish Hatchery Celebrates a Century of Conservation
  183. Those Texas Trout Sure are Toothy!
  184. New Series of Fly Fishing The World Coming This Fall
  185. the respect
  186. Salazar Unveils Proposed Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge
  187. 'Snitch fish' aid Yellowstone trout removal
  188. VT Hatchery distroyed in flood
  189. Angler reels in artificial leg!
  190. Virginia: Developer Sues Wade Anglers
  191. Major Salmon River Restoration Project Completed in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest
  192. Commercial Fishing of Striped Bass in Hudson River Banned
  193. News from IFTD - Day Two of the Fly Fishing Show
  194. News from IFTD - Day One
  195. New Orleans Hosts International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
  196. Alaska's Salmonstock 2011 Huge Success
  197. What the Prez got for his Birthday
  198. Chetco River from top to bottom in a small raft.
  199. John Gierach interview
  200. Western Native Trout Initiative Announces Small Project Funding Recipients
  201. Exhibition celebrates women in fly fishing—and angling art
  202. Rockford's Peter Humphreys earns reputation as best spey caster in Midwest
  203. Catskills Fly Fishing Event
  204. Seattle rivers become salmon fishing options in August
  205. Golden Trout Wildfire
  206. Carp on the Fly Features in US TV Show
  207. Poisoned Lakes To Recieve Cutthroats
  208. AFFTA Joins TU in Opposing Bill that would Trash America's Backcountry
  209. Lahontan stocking for Tahoe
  210. I know what it says on the menu, but what's really on your plate?
  211. Shark fishing banned in the Bahamas
  212. Fly fishing for kids - Tahoe/Truckee
  213. Tubeology launches in USA with Umpqua!
  214. Northwest Miramichi goes catch and release
  215. Young Summer Steelhead Euthanized at Alaskan Hatchery
  216. Felt boots are back.
  217. Unique Opportunity to Fish Abaco with Flip Pallot
  218. The Fonz goes Fishing
  219. Residents speak out on proposed Pebble mine.
  220. so what is it worth to you?
  221. Threatened Bull Trout to be Restored to Oregon's Clackamas River
  222. Alaskan Artist Donates Summer Series to Pebble Mine Cause
  223. Win a dream fishing trip to Bristol Bay, Alaska
  224. Federation of Fly Fishers: Great Mission, But Lose the "Conclave" Moniker
  225. The Bigger They Are, The Ardea They Fall!
  226. Salmonstock! National Acts Headline US Concert to Celebrate Wild Alaskan Salmon
  227. A disgrace to their country
  228. a smallmoth question
  229. Cape Cod seals shot
  230. dolly varden fly
  231. A New Partner Joins Casting for Recovery
  232. Brit opens up the amazing fishing of the Amazon rainforest to fly anglers
  233. Orvis rolls out its 2011 free fly fishing clinics
  234. Canada loses moral high ground on salmon conservation
  235. The Big Issue: Losing America's Last Great Wild Fishery
  236. Maryland Whirling Disease
  237. One from the Archives - Jim Hardy on the Design of Trout Rods
  238. Trout Unlimited Sponsors Fly Fishing Academy for Bristol Bay Youth For Third Year
  239. Salmon River Revived
  240. Two of Washington's Toutle River tributaries open early for hatchery steelhead
  241. Lake Huron salmon fishery decline is a learning moment for others
  242. Quilcene National Fish Hatchery Releases Coho as part of Centenary Celebration
  243. New podcast published - T&T Reboots
  244. Oregon lakes may have ‘$1 million fish’
  245. Spring Chinook Fishery Reopened on Lower Columbia River
  246. U.S. National Fly Fishing Championship starts in Cherokee on May 19
  247. Proposal would restore cutthroat trout to Tahoe
  248. This is NOT GOOD; anyone know this guy??
  249. cortland reel capacities
  250. Scary Decline In Striper Stocks