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  38. Finally Went Out Casting;
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  54. after much decision...echo I went
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  62. took the 2 hander to the river
  63. Ard started an 'inhouse' message board for us 2hander users.
  64. Spey
  65. Casting far far far.
  66. Best 'dissertation on Skagit lines and tips I've seen.
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  68. My first two-hander
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  81. loop 13' 2"
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  91. lot O steelhead flys
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  96. Now Im ready.
  97. Z Axis 6110
  98. Spey from Boat?
  99. Well looks like we'll still need a length of bike chain for a sink tip.
  100. A 1981 Hardy Spey at home in Alaska;
  101. Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt
  102. Its Offical. It has Arrived. Allen Olympic
  103. What else is needed.
  104. got the new rod
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  132. Ok, ok i give up! I'm buying one.
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  152. it is possible...?
  153. For those who use Ally's Shrimp flies what is your most successful presentation?
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  156. Red Truck Diesel Spey Rods
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  159. I'll show you mine if you show me yours (fly boxes)
  160. Incidental catches (a report 8-10-10)
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  165. It is here!
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