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The Fly Cast Discuss fly casting with the expert, ask for help, learn to cast farther, increase your accuracy, troubleshoot your cast.

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Old 02-04-2014, 04:51 PM
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Default Re: Just wanna say thanks

I recognize you from somewhere else. Hmmmmm maybe OSA

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Originally Posted by lurker66 View Post
My tonne of distance is, if everything is perfect, about 40ft, lol. Im ok with that for now.
That should be far enough for Oklahoma trout fishing
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Old 02-08-2014, 09:18 AM
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Default Re: Just wanna say thanks

thanks for the tips guys. I watch my backcast sometimes but I usually just wait til I feel the rod tip load and then drive it. I will start watching my backs more.

Because sometimes if I don't put enough on it (or something) I'm waiting for that pull (rod load) and I don't feel it so I freak out and it messes up my rhythm.

I need to start watching so I see and feel.
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Old 02-08-2014, 11:46 AM
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Default Re: Just wanna say thanks

Originally Posted by fly_guy12955
What about , Silver. on this 'looking back' deal if you cast more toward a side arm stroke ? Would that be a more accurate tracking ?
Shoulder and torso rotation with a totally horizontal rod position will not affect tracking. So, Yes, you can look back easily while casting horizontally without affecting tracking. The more you move towards overhead casting the harder this becomes.

About separating "tracking" from "SLP":

"SLP" is "straight line path" of the rod tip due to rod bend. So the tip, when viewed from the side (on a vertical casting stroke), bends more and more during the middle section of rotation and remains fairly horizontal through a good section of the casting stroke.

See animation #3 Virtual Fly Casting - Instruction - The 5 Essentials

Good "tracking" is a straight line tip path when viewing an overhead cast from a helicopter hovering directly above the caster. Bad tracking will be evident if that tip path curves between the start and finish of the stroke.

In a perfectly horizontal cast, the viewpoint would be from the side at the same height as the rod above the ground.

So with a horizontal cast accompanied by a horizontal twisting of the torso and shoulders (as usually occurs when looking backwards), there will be no adverse effect on tracking. The twisting motion is occurring in a plane parallel to the rod. That twisting motion plane in an overhead cast will be 90 degrees opposed to the plane of the rod.

With an overhead cast accompanied with a twisting motion of the shoulders, adjustments need to be made to do this during (and/or after) the casting stroke in order to maintain good tracking on that, or the next, casting stroke.

If using a "thumb-on-top" grip, this is doubly difficult in my opinion and not at all "ergonomic". It is much easier on the body with a "palm-forward" grip - again, in my opinion. I also think it is harder to look back and maintain good tracking when using the Joan Wulff /Jason Borger /Steve Rajeff styles of casting opposed to the more "open" styles of Mike Heritage/Paul Arden/Lasse Karlsson.
__________________ Cheers, Jim

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