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pool 32 mag 04-23-2010 07:11 AM

The best from two worlds
I have now been to Austria several times, fly fishing in a great variety of places. And it has always live up to my expectations. Then last summer my very good friend Robert Stroh, told me of a place one of his friends owned down in Austria. It was located very close to the Slovenian border, in other words we experience some of the best fly fishing you could imagine, within 1 hour drive, in all directions!!. We would have a lot of great fly fishing in Austria (some only a few minutes from the hotel) and we would have rivers like the Soca in Slovenia - The best from two worlds - it sounded to good to be true, but with no doubt, I had to explore this place for my self.
We arranged it, and suddenly I found my self in a plain to Munich, then further on in a hired car to the small village of Primus, were the hotel were located. A typical mountain village, quit and beautiful - I don't know anything better - I want to get old in a town like that!!!. No graffiti, no gang violence, no cars, no noise - why do I live in a big city????
Everything went smooth, and I arrived early in the evening to the little cosy family Hotel Wutte. Here I was recieved with great friendliness, got myself a big sandwich and a Radler (German beer with lime - the best!!!) - then a hot shower and off to bed.
Next morning I came down to the breakfast saloon, here Robert and his fantastic wife Michaela, and their two "super kids" were already at the table, eating breakfast. I joined them and we started to plan the fishing.
Luckily for me, they were all very familiar with the place, so I just had to follow along - perfect, like having your own personally - guide family!! - at your disposal!!! :O)
They showed me some fantastic fishing, and we caught a lot of fish in all sizes that first day - rainbow, brownies and graylings - life was good!!!.
After a couple of days in the local waters, where Robert by the way broke his split cane rod on a HUGE rainbow - his #4 couldn't match a 5-6 kg. very strong rainbow (94 cm,) - but somehow he managed to land it with the top piece alone!! - that's what I call real fly fishing!! :O)

Then Milan came into the picture. He wanted to take us all to Slovenia, witch sounded perfect to me, since I'd never been there before, but heard so much about it.

Next morning it was an early bird for all of us, before the sun came up, we drove of to Slovenia.
We arrived after about an hour driving - to something that is hard to describe, simply because the colors of the river, we parked beside, were unbelievable. Words can harly describe what we were looking at - a turquoise-bluish river!!! - an unreal and fascinating sight. But as if that wasn't enough, we could spot several big fish in the very clear water, from the bridge where we stood. I just had to fish!!!. And we did!!.
Milan and I went out alone, and for me that was a gift. Not only were Milan an excellent fly fisher, but he knew every pool in this river, like the back of his hand - what a privilege it was to for me to be at the right place, with the right person. The experience I had with Milan that day, were beyond super!!. He showed me places I don't think many people have seen down there, fantastic nature and challenging fishing - the clear water in a combination with huge fish, made it difficult, but not impossible at all. I love this kind of fishing, where you have to think before you cast, everything has to come together, in a higher dimension - what a day we had, what a place we fished - I want more!!!.
Milan grew up in this area and his farther was a fly fisher as well, so there probably isn't a better guide in all of this area. Besides that he had the most amazing fishing technique, and I learned so from Milan that day - besides that Milan was great company, and we had a very good time together!! :O)
We ended our trip in Slovenia on a nice restaurant, where we all had a good dinner. Milan knew the owner so we got a special treatment - a perfect ending on a perfect day.
Next spring I have o go bak in may, where the big hatching stats and hopefully Milan, Robert and his family will have the same weather, the same atmosphere and the same sublime fishing.

Link o Milans nice little family hotel: Hotel Pension Wutte |

jpbfly 04-23-2010 09:52 AM

Re: The best from two worlds
Great article....I've been going fishing in Austria for 25 years ....beautiful and quiet country...outstanding streams and rivers....friendly people....very good hotels....and many other things...a little paradise;)

mcnerney 04-23-2010 11:00 AM

Re: The best from two worlds

Originally Posted by jbbfly (Post 89393)
Great article....I've been going fishing in Austria for 25 years ....beautiful and quiet country...outstanding streams and rivers....friendly people....very good hotels....and many other things...a little paradise;)

JP: Dang, now the word is out about your secret fishing spots!


dean_mt 02-03-2011 10:03 AM

Re: The best from two worlds
I am lucky for a number of things but one of them is that my brother is a teacher and for the past few years has been working internationally. He was in Costa Rica for 2 years and I did not get to go visit him (his first year there was the summer my daughter was born). Now he is Budapest, Hungary for a 2 year stint. He met a guy that fishes and is going to Slovenia this spring to give it a shot. I have seen a few webstie dedicated to Central Europe fly fishing, I am very excited about the propostion to get over there next spring.

Thanks for the great article and the link to the family hotel. I will send that to my brother as he loves to explore and travel. Any other info on the area would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

mcnerney 02-03-2011 10:43 AM

Re: The best from two worlds
Great story! JP has talked about the great fishing in Austria ever since I have known him, now I know it must be true!:D:D


madjoni 02-03-2011 12:16 PM

Re: The best from two worlds
Hi pool 32 mag :)
Nice to reed this and that you had great time :)
I met mr.Milan couple years ago and fish with him for 7 days.Great guy,good fishermen,specially with nymphs and real professional in business :cool:

jillianmarie 04-12-2016 11:08 PM

Re: The best from two worlds
I'm so glad I saw this! I just posted a question in the "General Discussion" forums about possibly booking a trip to Slovenia!
It sounds amazing! I'm looking at fishing in the Tolmin region, just because that's the area I've read the most about. I came across a website,, which has been pretty informative. But it's cool to see an angler's review on the adventure!
Did you see any marble trout? What rivers did you fish? Any recommendations on flies to use?

spameggsandrice 07-19-2016 10:32 AM

Re: The best from two worlds
Very nice article. Makes me what to go on a little adventure now.

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