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Old 12-28-2015, 08:23 PM
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Default type 3 vs type 6 sink tip

Ive been using rio 15 ft sink tip type 3 on an 8wt this year. Going after smallmouth and stripers on texoma and have had some luck. Also on the river below the dam. The guys up north say anything faster than a type 3 for smallmouth would be too much. Was wondering if a type 6 would have an advantage for getting down deeper to the stripers on the lake or on the red river?
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Old 12-30-2015, 05:51 PM
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Default Re: type 3 vs type 6 sink tip

I see you're not getting any uptake on your question, so I'll add the little bit I know. Don't know anything about Texoma or stripers, but I used to fish a 10 ft type 6 sink tip on my 6 wt for getting down in some of the local lakes. The thing was a total be-otch to cast. Serious hinging effect in the tip. I've been much happier since I went to a type 3 full sink. It'll get as deep an anything, you just have to be a little patient.
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Old 12-30-2015, 09:37 PM
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Default Re: type 3 vs type 6 sink tip

Well I have type-3 and type-6's, some in 10' some 15' lengths and up to the big boy (for me) being a type-8/24'. First off with none of them do I have a hinging problem. That I suspect is probably due to the line make/model you're using (all of mine being Cortland). True to form they all do sink pretty much at the rate they state type typically relating to "inches/second", and that rate though seeming as though it will help you get to them quicker so generating more/quicker casts doesn't really play out that way.

In fast flowing water it can make a big difference. That difference proving itself out when you need to get into a deep hole quick as the water flows through it....The T3 might pass over the hole, the T6 might get you down by the back of it, yet the T8 will get it down fast so you can really sweep through the hole.

In still water it really doesn't mean that much in that you're not going to sink it so fast that a fish suspended higher in the water column will miss it leaving it for those you target. It will help keep it down/lower as you strip in that each strip if quick enough will raise it some, yet then it re-sinks and we're only talking a rising and falling of a few inches.

With that in mind they will all sink to the bottom and if the sinking portion is shorter than the depth they will still pull the floating portion down (the more dense the type, more so), yet it is all that line down which really slows your fishing.

The lake our house is on only has a 5-10' bottom. Retrieving or more re-casting the T3 is as effortless as a floating line, the T6 a bit tougher requiring a lot more line to be stripped in before you lift it out, and the T8 is a flat out nightmare. Now it is supposed to be 8"/second, however it will be on the bottom about the time I begin to strip, and in that my strips are perhaps a foot quickly overcome any lift that may happen and in short order I have 30' of line dragging on the bottom.

Think of it this way, my strip might make it rise 3" in a second yet in the two seconds to recover it has sunk 13" below where I started so it's a battle you can't win........In the end I literally have to strip in all of the line except perhaps 10-15' (so I'm into the sink tip being 24') just to be able to cast it back out, and then have to false cast to get enough line out to get the range I need.

Point being......

Yes the T6 will get the line down quicker and keep it deeper during aggressive stripping, yet it will take much more time and line retrieve to get it to where you can lift it out and re-cast.

So keep that in mind when you make your decision.


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Old 12-30-2015, 10:05 PM
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Default Re: type 3 vs type 6 sink tip

Thank you for the good advice guys. I went ahead and ordered the type 6. I noticed when I have a heavy brass eyed clouser, the fly gets down enough usually on the lake. But when Im throwing non weighted or synthetic flies,, it seems to not sink deep enough. The T6 will come in handy when fishing from my kayak when the stripers are 15 feet or deeper I think. Also when there is fast water on the river, the T6 will be a better line. The T3 I think will usually be better when going after small mouth. I should be getting the new line in this weekend and will let yall know how it works out for me. Thank you!
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