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Oh! Darkling.
Oh! Darkling.
Published by flyfishingjack
Smile Oh! Darkling.

Oh! Darkling. 
Click the image to open in full size. 
Click the image to open in full size. 
Name of fly Oh! Darkling
Type of pattern dry fly, foam, panfish, trout, topwater, terrestrial, beetle
Tied and Submitted by flyfishingjack
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Beginner
Materials listed in order of tie in:Sz: 12 to 18 hook. Black thread. Black foam. Peacock herl. Rubber legs.
Hook Size: 12-18 size dry fly hook.
Thread Black
Dubbed Body Peacock Herl
Wing Black Foam cut and shaped to size
Head Black Foam cut and shaped to size
Target species Trout, bass, panfish
Fishing notes When nothing else is working, try casting this darkling beetle under a tree or some type of cover...and hang on!
1. Cut a small piece of black foam in the shape of a narrow number '8'. 
2. Catch butt of foam with black thread against hook. Catch the tip of 2-3 strips of peacock herl under the foam and thread up right before eye of hook, while catching thin silicone/rubber legs in figure eights, making sure legs look even. Secure with half-hitch right before eye. Cut legs to proper size. *TRICK TIME!* Dip the tip of your dubbing needle in acetone/nail polish remover, making sure it's only lightly coated, and touch the legs where you want a bend. The chemical reaction from the acetone and rubber will cause it to bend and harden. You can also heat up the dubbing needle gently and touch the bend-points to get the same effect. 
3. Wrap peacock herl, even and closely but not overlapping, to eye of hook. Catch with thread and half-hitch to hold in place for now. Work black thread over the herl backwards in wide turns to where the head will form. 
4. Bring foam forward, catch with thread and secure 3-4 turns down, to form the neck, then thread underneath foam back to behind eye of hook. 
5. Catch the foam in front, clip off, and wrap and whip finish to form head. Add a drop of cement to secure wrap. *Optional: Gloss or varnish (I use nail hardener) and brush a thin coat on the head to create a glossy hard shell look. 
That's all there is to it!  
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By tctrout on 12-02-2014, 07:49 PM
Default Re: Oh! Darkling.

Great pattern, especially the "trick" part. Thanks for sharing!

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By mcnerney on 12-02-2014, 08:07 PM
Default Re: Oh! Darkling.

Sweet looking pattern!
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