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Nailer R. Naylor
Nailer R. Naylor
Classic New Zealand trout streamer
Published by ChrisinselwynNZ
Default Nailer R. Naylor

Nailer R. Naylor
Nailer R. Naylor Click the image to open in full size.
Type of fly streamer or bucktail
Originator of pattern if known unknown
Tied and Submitted by ChrisinselwynNZ
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Intermediate, a little more complicated pattern, previous experience tying different types of patterns helpful
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Streamer size 2-6 Spey style hook used here
Bead Beadchain eyes
Thread Black
Tag Silver tinsel
Tail Golden pheasant
Rib None
Body 4 segments, from rear, yellow, black, yellow, black (wool or chenille)
Wing Black dyed turkey marabou
Cheeks Lesser hen pheasant wing covert
Collar Soft black rooster
Head Black thread
History This fly made it in to the stores by chance, the night R. Naylor tied it the fly was lost to a trout and several days later the trout was caught by an other angler and the fly was taken in to be copyed, the shop that copyed it was Kellys of Rotorua and appears it one their old pattern sheets.
Special tying notes
Target species Trout
Fishing notes
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