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Ray's Fly
Ray's Fly
Ray Bondorew's Northeast saltwater bucktail for striped bass
Published by peregrines
Default Ray's Fly

Ray’s Fly
Ray’s Fly Click the image to open in full size.
Type of fly } Saltwater baitfish bucktail streamer  
Originator of pattern if known Ray Bondorew from Rhode Island
Tied and Submitted by peregrines
Level of tying experience needed to tie this pattern Beginner, a fairly simple pattern using basic tying skills
Materials listed in order of tie in:
Hook Short shank salt water hook preferred to reduce fouling, size to match baitfish commonly size 4-2/0 Eagle Claw 254 used here, Eagle Claw 253 also a good choice
Thread White or yellow, yellow Danville’s Flat Waxed Nylon here
Tail None
Body Silver or pearl body braid. Silver used here.
Wing Wing of bucktail in 3 sparse layers, each layer slightly longer than the one beneath it.
Bottom layer white bucktail 2 x length of shank 
Middle layer yellow layer 2 ½ x length of shank topped with 2-4 strands of Krystal Flash, pearl used here 
Top layer olive bucktail 3 x length of shank 
Topping Strands of peacock herl 3 1/2 x length of shank
Cheeks Optional, junglecock, omitted here
Head Thread.
Special tying notes Keep this fly sparse, the key to this fly is the sparsness of the wing and the staggered construction of the layers. Keep the bucktail on top of the shank, tie in each layer of bucktail slightly ahead of the layer beneath it to reduce bulk. If you use a standard length hook, like a Mustad 34007 or 3407, you can cheat back a bit and leave the first ¼ of the hook shank bare metal, this will help reduce fouling. The dressing above is the original, but this construction can also be used with other colors, feel free to experiment—but after you tie some in the originals.
Target species Striped bass, bluefish, weakfish
Fishing notes This is an imitation for the Atlantic Silversides, a common baitfish in along the east Coast, it also imitates sandeels. The Ray’s Fly can be drifted in current as well as actively retrieved, and is effective fished on the point as a dropper on 2 or 3 fly rigs.
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By seaswan21 on 11-02-2011, 06:26 PM
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Default Re: Ray's Fly

Ray's is a staple for NE stripers, blues, albies and bonito...
Tie em small and sparse for albies and bonito...2mm eyes max..
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