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Old 03-22-2012, 04:25 PM
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Default Re: What reels can handle tarpon?

Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
The fact that Tred Barta was the salesman is really neat too. Keep us posted on the adventures!
Oh, there's more to it than that.

I was looking on eBay for a reel, and I came across a good deal on the TFO. But the seller had zero feedback, and I was suspicious that it might be a scam. I emailed the seller and asked him to send me his phone number so I could call him to verify the deal before buying the reel. I get an email back, and the guy says that he is Tred Barta. He doesn’t want to give me his phone number since he’s famous, but says he’ll call me if I send him mine. So I sent him my number and he called me a little while later. When the phone number came up on my caller ID, I saw the 970 area code and thought "Dallas". (Dallas is 972, but I mistakenly thought Dallas when I saw 970.) I knew Tred lived in Colorado, so I was thinking it was a scammer. (970 is Colorado now, but my mind is still in the dark ages when the whole state was 303)

In my confusion, it just didn’t sound like Tred to me. Definitely a similar accent, but sounded younger and just not the same as the guy on TV. I still thought it was a scammer. I wasn't rude with him or anything on the phone, but I just asked a few questions about the reel and told him I'd look at it some more.

Anyway, he told me that he had info about the things he is selling on his website ( I went there, and he has a Garage Sale page with all the same items. So then I knew that it was either really him, or it’s a scammer that copied all of his garage sale items and put them on eBay.

I emailed him from to let him know that either there is a scammer on eBay claiming to be him, or there’s a crazy guy in Texas that doesn’t trust anyone anymore.

He emailed me back, and it's really him. I apologized profusely, and he was very understanding and gracious. On a side note, I recently began writing an inspirational column in a new magazine, Texas Bowhunter's Journal, and I may end up getting to write a story on Tred for my column. His story is very inspiring.
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