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petee 01-31-2013 10:24 PM

Lemke Titanium Seat Hardware
Sorry to bore you with reel seat hardware, but I love burls so much I had to show it off. Just got my Lemke Titanium Spey seat hardware in today. And man is it sweet and definately worth every penny. I already had the insert turned and ready to go. As you can see the Spey hardware is basically the big brother to other fly rod hardware. The smaller hardware is a Lemke down locking seat. Joel Lemke was cool enough to turn me a tack for the end of the aft handle for a very minor up charge. Wish I could remember what the wood I used for the Spey seat was :wallbash: . It was a blank that was sent to me by another Bamboo builder. When I was turning it, it sort of smelled the Carolina Cherry. The one on the right is Carolina Cherry Burl.

The Titanium seat is going on my future Sage "One" Switch 7116-4. Yep, stepping to the dark side and trying out the whole Switch Rod thing ;). Haven't even received the blank yet and I already have the seat done. Talk about the cart before the horse. Shoot, I'll probably have the handles made before I get the blank.

And yes, the dimple on the edge of the sliding ring is suppose to be there. They are spaced evenly around the slider.

Thanks for looking,

wt bash 01-31-2013 10:42 PM

Re: Lemke Titanium Seat Hardware
WOW! Really classy look!

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