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dean_mt 08-17-2012 02:00 PM

?Anyone know about March Brown Ltd. Fly Rod?
I am curious if anyone has or knows much about the March Brown Ltd. rods. There is a sale on one of those daily discount websites I frequent (but shouldn't) for the Diplomat rod. They are 10', 8 piece rods. They break down to like 16".

The few reviews I've found are positive, but nothing about the action or weight of the rod. Seems kind of like a novelty. But a 10' 3wt would be a nice Euro nymphing rig.

moucheur2003 08-18-2012 11:03 PM

Re: ?Anyone know about March Brown Ltd. Fly Rod?
I have a 9' 8 wt 6 piece March Brown Legacy rod that is really too heavy and stiff for an 8 but is much better as a 9. Don't know about the Diplomat series compared to the Legacy, or how the lighter line sizes feel, but I imagine all the extra ferrules in any multi-piece rod will at least add some weight. I have a 6 piece 6 weight TFO and a 7 piece 5 weight Orvis, and both of those are a bit unbalanced because of the extra weight in the ferrules. That's not necessarily a disastrous thing, but it is a disadvantage that you have to compare with the advantage of the extra compactness and portability.

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