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rag 04-18-2009 06:18 PM

Orvis T3 vs Superfine
I have been wanting to buy an orvis rod for some time and the 'free reel' deal is hard to pass up.
Does anyone have insight into the differences between the T3 and Superfine other than a fist full of money.
I'm trout fishing smallish streams using 5 wt and may try a 9'er.

ksbrowntrout2 04-18-2009 08:44 PM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
The T3 is a faster rod than the superfine, but if you are fishing small creeks for trout, the superfine is a better choice in my opinion.

There are some real orvis fans on here that can probably help you out with more of the tech aspect of it

estrother 04-18-2009 08:46 PM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
The Orvis deal is very good. I purchased a 3wt. Superfine (before the ~$80 price increase) with the same deal last fall; I chose the BBS to balance with the light rod.

The T3 series are medium to fast rods (mid to tip flex), and they are available in a wide variety of weights for all types of fishing. The superfine rods are mostly slow with a few medium (full to mid flex), and the Superfine are dedicated to fishing smaller waters for smaller fish. Having said that, you can certainly fish big water and catch big fish with a Superfine. Two weekends ago, I caught two 2+ pound bass with my Superfine 3wt. using 5x tippet and a #12 pheasant tail.

If possible, you should cast each type in 5wt to see what matches your casting comfort zone best. If you cannot, you might want to consider the 5wt T3 with a mid flex. It would offer you the greatest range of use. You would give up some delicacy/tippet protection, but you would gain the ability to more easily handle distance, wind and larger fish.

It really is a question of personal tastes and need; both are beautiful, well made in America fly rods. You should also review the information on the Orvis website, if cannot visit a store.

randyflycaster 04-19-2009 09:02 AM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
How small are the streams? Generally and 5-weight 9-foot rod is for bigger rivers.

For smallish streams I like a mid-flex rod. I have an old superfine rod that I love.

I heard the new superfines are much faster.

I don't think you can go wrong with either one. The superfine would have a higher resale value, as they're more in demand.


rag 04-19-2009 10:10 AM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
The bulk of my fishing in Pa would be on 130 ft and less stream widths for stocked trout.
I have an Orvis dealer nearby as well as another full shop that sells Orvis goodies. I can, and will, test cast first.
My first decent rod was a Fenwick glass from the 70's (just as graphite was coming out). I built a decent rod from a no-name 5 wt graphite blank in 1988, that has a somewhat soft action. Then in 1990 I built my present rod from a Sage RPLX 5 wt blank. It is a fast tip action and casts well (so I'm told by several who know). My timing has to be spot on with this rod.
I'm ready for a store bought stick with a touch more forgiving action.

estrother, I like your comments on the T3 (costs less too).
Randy, I agree with the big river/9 ft comment. I have also read where 9 ft is desirable for nymphing and line control in tight quarters. I question the difference a foot makes, but it must have some effect or they wouldn't make them.

The independent dealer has suggested the Superfine. He's a straight shooter and not giving me the hustle for a higher priced rod.

I'm leaning towards the T3 mid flex 5 wt at this point

rag 04-23-2009 07:31 AM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
I cast the Superfine 5wt full flex Orvis rod yesterday. It was very graceful in laying the leader out. But I didn't like the lower line speed and authority that my Sage gives me.
They didn't have a mid flex or T-3 to try for comparison.
As it stands now, I can't see laying out $600+ for a rod that doesn't give me goose pimples.

pszy22 04-23-2009 08:26 PM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine

Originally Posted by randyflycaster (Post 57125)

I heard the new superfines are much faster.


I've been fishing an Orvis Superfine 1 wt almost exclusively for the past 12 or so years. I literally wore out the first 1wt I owned, after 100s (maybe 1000s) of hours and 1000s of fish caught. It was one of the original unsanded versions. It was replaced, without question, with the then current sanded 2 piece 1 wt. That rod was noticeably faster than the original. I see that the current model is now a 4 piece. I'm guessing it might be a little faster yet.

The original rod I owned was by far my favorite, wish I still had it, but then, the only way that would happen was to have fished a whole lot less.

I guess the other thing that I find a bit amazing is the price inflation. Of course some of that is probably a result of the no quibble replacement policy Orvis has.

cwb124 05-05-2009 12:54 AM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
I am currently in the market for a 9' 5 wt Orvis rod. The local Orvis shop has been great to me and I like to support the local shops as much as possible.

The owner took me out and I casted a TLS, the T3, a superfine, and a Helios. I liked the T3 out of all of them (yes even more than the Helios).

Problem is the 9' 5wt 4 piece if out of stock now until June which is beyond the free reel deal so I gotta look into that. Frustrated by the wait and may move to a 6wt but I'm not sure.

flyrayfishing 05-05-2009 01:59 AM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
I have both...
A 4wt Trout bum Mid Flex 8 foot as well as a 9 foot 4 wt T3 Tip Flex................And for small streams in the mountains the Trout Bum is awsome as long as the wind is down..........Now for the bigger waters and the widy areas the T3 Tip Flex does the job very well.........
It dependes what and where you are going to fish...But they are both great rods to have.......As a matter of fact I was at the Orvis stor today and I think Iam goingto buy a 6 wt HELIOS to use on the Snake River and what have you..........

Davo 05-05-2009 06:22 AM

Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine
I don't have any experience with the Trout Bum Series but I do own a T3 906-4 Mid 7.5. I use it as my streamer rod mostly. I received it as a replacement for an old HLS 6wt 4 piece that had a broken tip. It was old enough that Orvis sent me a new rod rather than repair it. It is a perfect big water rod and will muscle the wind here in Wyoming no problem whether your throwing streamers ,dries or nymphs. The best thing to do is head into an Orvis shop and cast them both in a variety of line wieghts to see what feels best to you.

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