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theboz 05-18-2013 08:15 PM

Blue Light Special Swap Fly of the Month!!
Had a busy day today met my buddy went in the boat for some Crappies to fill the freezer . We hammered them ! Got home before noon cleaned fish ( my way of paying for gas ) dropped the fillets over his house and headed to my grandsons ball game. Rained the whole game but was enjoyable just the same. Still coming down when I got home so decided to work on some tackle. Doing a grip on one of the rods I couldn't get it clean. Called Marco( Swirlchaser) gave me a way to get it like new ( thanks buddy) headed back to my fishing buddy's house to get it done .
All done and the rain stopped and only 5 pm what the heck I'll take my 5 wt and go to the lake near my house. So I get there and realize all I have is my SW fly box and my trout vest! What the heck I'm gonna use what I got and whatever happens at least I ended the day fishing.
Pull out the box with the Czech Nymph Swap flys and but on this blue fly.
Well the rest is history. Every cast was a fish and not just one kind but everything! Crappies galore , bluegills, pumpkinseeds , 3 stocker Rainbows , 1 big brown , a big stocker Brookie, 2 Largemouths a big Pickeral and as it got dark 2 nice Walleye and several more Crappie!
This is why I nominate Kerry Pitts Blue Light Special for Fly of The Month. Thanks Kerry great pattern real fish getter and I'm finally tired now thanks to your fly!!

dean_mt 05-18-2013 10:47 PM

Re: Blue Light Special Swap Fly of the Month!!
That's great John!

And funny because I headed to the river this afternoon with low expectations of catching fish in the very high, very dirty water but I just had to get out. When I found some slow muddy water I opened my box with every intention of fishing a couple of the flies from that swap with this great day dream that I'd pull up a big brown and then show it to everyone in that swap. Well, on the first cast I let it sink into the abyss and promptly caught a pile of something under all that muddy water and lost two flies! Plus I realized I left my camera. No worries, I did catch anything - did hook and long release a whitey though! - but had a great time in the rain and sun swinging a streamer for a couple hours.

I should have tried the Blue Light Special! I've actually thought about starting a thread for "fish caught on swap flies" especially after seeing the post that I think it was swirlchaser made for their clouser swap.

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O yeah ... I forgot to let you know since you were out fishing and having fun all day that your Mets lost today, make that 2 outta 3 to the Cubs. ;)

Kerry Pitt 05-19-2013 08:29 AM

Re: Blue Light Special Swap Fly of the Month!!
Nice to hear it worked for you! The blue I incorporated into it is supposed to be more visible than any other colour during murky or tea stained water conditions. I don't get to fish for most of the species you caught, nice to know and thank you for your kind words.....Kerry

mcnerney 05-19-2013 08:41 AM

Re: Blue Light Special Swap Fly of the Month!!
John: Great to hear feedback from flies from one of the swaps. Kudos to Kerry for the fly that just keeps on working! :D

sumojo 05-20-2013 02:07 PM

Re: Blue Light Special Swap Fly of the Month!!
That's great you out there getting some major hook ups well done .
im going to be heading to the Kern River soon and will be bringing them with me as well to try them out .:)

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