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Fly Swap Trade flies with other tyers.

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Default Fly Swap Guidelines

What is a fly swap?

The purpose of a fly swap is to allow a number of NAFFF members to swap flies with each other to exchange ideas and techniques.

A fly swap consists of 12 members who agree to tie the appropriate number of flies and swap them with each other. Anyone can start a thread asking about a fly swap. A fly swap will usually require the flies to be a certain type such as Dry Fly, Wet Fly, Nymph, Streamer or any classification of fly that the Swap Leader and participants agree to. Joining a fly swap has some responsibility. Each member and the Swap Leader need to enter into the swap with good intentions and fulfill their obligations.

The following outlines the Fly Swap Guidlines:

1. Any member can post a request to organize a fly swap and suggest a type of fly to tie.

2. Other members interested in the fly swap will reply to the thread and agree on the type of fly to tie.

3. Before the Swap can proceed a qualified Swap Leader must volunteer to run the Swap. A qualified Swap Leader will be a member in good standing that meets the following requirements.

A. Has made 100 post or more.
B. Has provided the Swap Coordinator with their address, phone number and Email address.

Those members that have already ran a swap will automatically be considered a Swap Leader but still must provide the information stated in B.

4. The Swap Leader will be responsible for the following.

A. Determine the number of tiers required but no more than twelve.
B. State in a post the number of flies to tie.
C. Provide the date the flies have to be mailed to the Swap Leader.
D. The Swap Leader will be responsible to keep everyone notified of the status of the swap and issue a occasional reminder of the due date.
E. The Swap Leader will notify the swap members of his/her address by PM or Email.

5. Each member of the fly swap will tie the designated number of flies that the Swap Leader has stated and mail their flies to the Swap Leader by the established date.

A. The flies will be in a small plastic or metal container.
B. The tier will include their name and address with $2.00 (the exact amount to be determined by the Swap Leader) for return postage. If the member prefers he can send a self addressed envelop with appropriate return postage.
C. Metered postage is not acceptable for return mailing.
D. Each fly should be toe tagged with the name of the fly and the NAFFF screen name of the tier.

6. The Swap Leader will separate the flies and mail each participant one each of the flies sent in by the other members of the swap. So if there are 12 members you will receive one fly from each member of the swap or 11 flies. Any money not used for postage by the Swap Leader will be retained by the Swap Leader for his/her efforts. The extra fly can be retained by the Swap Leader or auction off for a chartable contribution

7. It would be appropriate if each member would post a picture of his fly and the recipe in the fly swap thread, but not required.

The fly swap is intended to be fun and to see what other tiers are doing. It is about sharing recipes and maybe even making friends. No one is expecting to see expo quality flies. I think it is more about tying flies that catch fish and not how good they are tied. Sometimes you see good ideas that you had not thought about doing.

Lots of experience is not necessary to participate in a fly swap. To all of you new tiers who lack confidence and are afraid that their flies may not be as good as someone else, join a swap, it will be well worth your time and effort.

International Swaps and Participants

1. International members may participate in any fly swap but must provide enough return postage to cover return mailing to their Country. Metered postage is not acceptable as return postage.

2. International Swaps are allowed but all flies will be sent to the Fly Swap Coordinator. The Coordinator will disperse the flies. In the event that most of the members are in a specific area the coordinator may select a member to act as a Swap Leader in that Country.

Fly Swap Coordinator

The Fly Swap Coordinator will coordinator the various fly swaps helping where he can and act as a Swap Leader in some swaps. He will maintain a list of Swap Leaders and their contact information. Mark (Peregrines) is the designated Fly Swap Coordinator.

Super Moderators

Super Moderators can organize and operate Fly Swaps as they deem appropriate without contacting the Fly Swap Coordinator.
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