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Allen Myth 5wt
Allen Myth 5wt
Impossibly light, great value for the money.
Published by gatortransplant
Author review
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Average 98%
Default Allen Myth 5wt

The Myth is the new rod series from Allen Fly Fishing. I love my Xa's but when I saw the Allen Pre-Black Friday sale prices, I decided it was time to fill the fast-action 9' 5wt. gap in my growing arsenal...

First of all, the Myth blank is a deep green, which may have been the first thing to draw me to the rod. The color is downright awesome, and looks excellent when paired with the Allen Trout reel in the green anodizing. The reel seat insert is also green with a woven pattern. The hardware is brushed metal and looks great as well. The gold lettering on butt of the rod goes well with the green and the cork of the handle, and also matches the gold alignment marks on the rod sections. The black threadwork is also fitting, as gold thread to accent the lettering may have been a bit over the top. Here's a photo showing how the blank looks in the sunlight:
Click the image to open in full size.

When I first assembled the rod, I noticed a bit of play in the reel seat. Closer attention to fully up-locking the rings eliminates this movement, though the cork itself on my particular rod seemed a bit loose at one point. This may have been entirely my imagination and only more time spent with the rod will tell. However, the potential looseness had no effect on the rod's performance.

Since I wasn't fishing my usual waters and was instead fishing for stocked rainbows in Kentucky on the Myth's first foray, I had the opportunity to use a multi-fly set-up. With this set-up I was doing a lot of roll-casting, and the fast action of the Myth bodes very well for doing so. I have recently been working on improving my roll-casting, and the action of this rod made it easy to roll-cast long distances with excellent accuracy (these are certainly relative as I'm no professional, but I'm sure others will have the same experience). Roll-casting was not the only method tested, however. When the wind picked up and was enough to turn my fly line into a sail to tow my flies across the water, the rod had no trouble powering full casts directly into the wind, a fact which at first was downright surprising. It took little effort to switch from the medium-fast action of the Xa which I was used to to the fast action of the Myth, and once I had the new rhythm down I was able to cast to wherever I wanted my fly, even though the water wasn't particularly narrow:
Click the image to open in full size.
However, while the rod certainly casts a line well, it was the roll-casting in particular that was the most surprising, a fact which is pushing me toward purchasing a Myth 6wt for steelhead and browns in Buffalo on those days when the tree-line or bank is busy glaring over my shoulder...

The day's quarry had no qualms about eating so the rod got plenty of work in the fighting category. While the flex of the Xa seems at first to give a bit more forgiveness with the initial strike, the Myth is no slouch in bringing fish to hand. I was using 6x tippet for the first time, line which I felt would break if I looked at it wrong. However, while I wasn't fighting monsters, the rod protected the tippet just fine as soon as the fish felt the sting of the hook. Any flies or fish lost were to snags, poor knots, or just simple poor angling and were no fault of the rod (and typically the fault of the fly fisherman).
Click the image to open in full size.

Another highlight of this rod is certainly apparent when you first pick it up, but also at the end of the day. The Myth is impossibly light. Even after several hours of casting, physically it feels like you haven't even started fishing. When I handed it to my fishing buddy, he was equally amazed. The weight alone makes this rod seem like it should be far more expensive. Which brings me to a further highlight: the price. The Myth is aptly named not only for its weight but also for the speed which it should fly off the shelves. To the salesman attempting to keep them in stock, for the performance-to-price-ratio, these things should seem to be nothing but a myth. For those lucky enough to cash in on holiday sales, the price got even better, though the usual price is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Finally, there is the advantage of Allen's excellent warranty and customer service. Replacements for broken rods are both prompt and very competitively priced ($30) compared to other manufacturers' warranties. If you have questions on the rod or just want to talk their respective ears off, Justin and Evan are both very helpful and are very prompt in responding to customer questions or concerns.

Overall, the Myth represents another great series from Allen, with excellent performance for an excellent price. It's absolutely an option for the fly fisherman looking for a high-performance fast-action rod with a bulletproof warranty, and for far less than most rods in the same category cost. The only serious issue I have with my Myth 5wt is now I want a Myth 3wt, and a Myth 6wt, and now I want them to make one in a 12wt....
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  #1 (permalink)  
By s fontinalis on 12-14-2011, 06:52 PM
Default Re: Allen Myth 5wt

great write up again AJ, I certainly hope too snag myself a 3wt myth in
the very near future
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  #2 (permalink)  
By mbphotos54 on 12-18-2011, 10:56 AM
Default Re: Allen Myth 5wt

nice write up, I can say after seeing the gear in action that day I was promted to purchase some Allen gear for myself. cant wait to get it in and on the water.
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  #3 (permalink)  
By jpbfly on 12-18-2011, 12:25 PM
Default Re: Allen Myth 5wt

Great review AJThink you should get a reduction on your 3wt
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