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Flying Pig~Liquid Series 9' 8wt.
A shockingly great rod
When I opened the package at the Post Office the first thing I was struck with was the extremely nice case. I have never seen a nicer case. The rod when I got it home was equally impressive as far as looks and quality go. It has black wraps that are flawless. It has a very large loop tip and an...
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By delopez on 11-19-2012, 07:03 AM
Default Re: Flying Pig~Liquid Series 9' 8wt.

Originally Posted by stuie675 View Post
Yeah I am from Kansas City area, but Bennett is my childhood fishing area that my gpa took me to so I like to try and get down there when I can. Typically I go middle of week when no one is there since I am usually a loner when it comes to fishing, but I am always game on meeting people and finding new spots. I am also wanting to get down to the white river area, there is even a spot of land in AK that is for sale on craigslist that i was tempted to hit him up on, but I have a pending offer fora job overseas so we will see haha
Nice! I'm from the Saint Joseph area! Not too far from you. I've been trying to spey rod the Missouri, for, well, anything that will bite. But, I've been gearing up with 8wts (including the flying pig) to take on the large amount of lakes that we have around here. Of course, I'll be throwing from a boat, but I'm trying to target walleye, bass, etc. I'm always in need of another fishing partner!
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By comeonavs on 10-02-2014, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: Flying Pig~Liquid Series 9' 8wt.

Bumping a two year old review. We see a lot of which rod should I get BVK or Mangrove type of threads. I fished my 9'7wt Flying pig yesterday and it was awesome. I wasn't chucking big stuff just yet but easily could have. This rod for its performance and price point should absolutely be a part of those conversations.

This rod is a quality build, extremely fast action but yet not broomstick type of quality. Out side of the reel set which is fine just not in the caliber of what you find on $800 rods ( Sage , Scott etc etc ). The reel seat is very fine and does what it's supposed to which is hold the reel.

I was able to perform short cast delicately enough and then turn and punch 60' of line into a stout breeze and perform a reach cast or arial mend (as good as I can).

I ran the 7wt with RIO gold WF8F as the guy I bought it from said it would be a great combo and it was. For the once or twice a year I will streamer or boat fish, this rod just does all I need and then need for the $800 counterpart for me.
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By emann on 09-23-2016, 04:57 PM
Default Re: Flying Pig~Liquid Series 9' 8wt.

I apologize for bumping an old thread but it upsets me a little bit that the company isn't called "When Pigs Fly-Rods". On another note I am very likely ordering one of these rods in an 8wt and was just curious if those who have casted one think they would be Okay throwing a 30ft 250 grain sink tip? I know thats pretty light for an 8wt but from what I can find out they aren't broomsticks so I was hoping I could make it work without needing new line. Thanks.
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By delopez on 09-23-2016, 05:04 PM
Default Re: Flying Pig~Liquid Series 9' 8wt.

I had one. I liked a 300 grain full sinking line on it

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By delopez on 09-24-2016, 09:09 AM
Default Re: Flying Pig~Liquid Series 9' 8wt.

On another note, the 7 weight will do all that the 8 weight would do.

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