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Stream Works combo clamp
Stream Works combo clamp
Best. Clamps. Ever.
Published by cjottawa
Author review
Build Quality
Average 100%
Thumbs up Stream Works combo clamp

Click the image to open in full size.

From Stream Works own website:

A patented combo tool with unique lateral Power Jaws™ that de-barb hooks, crimp split shot and cut braided line, and release fish quickly... Power Jaws™ provide the gripping power of pliers eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. Micro-serrated stainless scissors cut the toughest lines. U.S. Patent #7,114,279

• Unique hook removal collar attached to the curved jaws makes releasing fish quick and safe
• 6.5" (16.5 CM) Mitten clamp forceps allow for opening and locking with one hand.
• Great for gloved hands
• Combination ribbed and smooth jaw surface grips large and small hooks
• Hardened stainless steel scissors will not rust
I've had the chance to use the clamps a few times now and they're great. The hook remover works like Ketchum Release tool; slide the tool down the tippet to the fly and it pops the fly out effortlessly.

The scissors have micro serrations for ease of cutting and the vice is positioned for maximum force just behind the pivot point.

You're getting several tools in one with this sub-$20 pair of mitten clamps.

The top marks I've given the Stream Works combination mitten clamp aren't hyperbole - it's that good. While I still own nippers, all of the other features of the Stream Works clamp get regular use and the scissor section is a good backup if the nippers fail or get lost.
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By MAD777 on 07-08-2013, 08:55 PM
Default Re: Stream Works combo clamp

I recently bought this "multi-tool" and have used it a few times. It is a beautiful tool and obviously well manufactured. It does replace forceps, scissors, nippers, and eye cleaners.

However, it is a large tool and I have found it to be too large for most trout and bream. Also, I wish that it took a bit less force to release the forceps.
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