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Simms G4 BOA Boot
I like the new soles. I like the BOA system. I generally like Simms products. But these are awful. The most uncomfortable footwear I have ever worn. Not just wading boots, any footware. They are built like ski boots. Just walking around the fly shop floor for a minute was PAINFUL. They dug into my...
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By myt1 on 05-15-2017, 08:58 AM
Default Re: Simms G4 BOA Boot

My concern with the BOA system is if it fails you are pretty much dead in the water.

If a shoe lace breaks you can fix it in the field.

I have the BOA system on my road bicycle shoes and I have had it fail. When it broke I was able to finish my ride with my foot being completely loose in my shoe; then I took the shoes to a local bike shop and they were able to install a new BOA system. If I was camping and fishing in the wilderness this wouldn't have been an option with wading boots utilizing the BOA system.

The particular problem I had with the BOA system was with the round tightening knob breaking. I did have a buddy though who had a problem with the metal wire on his BOA equipped wading boot breaking; although they were not Simms boots and decidedly lower end.

Also, during the course of a typical bicycle ride I do have to reach down and tighten my BOA laces several times per ride.

I have the Simms G3's and although I have had to suffer with frozen laces when putting them on after leaving them outside during freezing weather I appreciate the simplicity and reliability of this system.

The G3's are heavy duty and are primarily my winter, early spring, and late fall boot. For warmer weather fishing I use Simms Vapor boots. They are easy to walk in and I have used them for two seasons of fishing, often backpacking with them, and they exhibit what I would call normal wear.

I'm very happy with both my G3's and my Vapor boots.
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By wf0 on 05-15-2017, 09:18 AM
Default Re: Simms G4 BOA Boot

I had a pair of snowboarding boots with a similar lacing system. It broke, the makers wouldn't fix it. Ususable. Worthless. Trash. Too "digital", like a new fangled car that you can't work on when it breaks down. I like "analog" shoe laces better. You can adjust where you want the tension too with laces. With the ratchet lacing system, it's all or nothing.
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