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  • 3 Post By nevadanstig

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Review: Piscifun Legend Fly Rod
Published by nevadanstig
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Default Review: Piscifun Legend Fly Rod

Hey all, about a month or two ago I was able to get my hands on the Piscifun Legend Fly rod. After being able to get out and fish it a few times, I figured I'd share my thoughts on it.

They do come in a few lengths and weights, and the one I have is a #5/6 8'6". It goes for right around $50, so this is definitely on the budget side of things. Initial thoughts were good. It comes with a decent rod sock.
Hardware is decent. The hook keeper, guides, and tip top are as good as any other rod I own. The rod comes with two stripping guides. The finish is pretty good, and I didn't notice any major mistakes or blemishes with that.
The reel seat and locking rings do feel on the cheaper side as compared to the guides, though I will say the rings and seat do look visually decent, were aligned properly and I didn't have any type of trouble with anything. The finish on the butt end seems fairly durable. I'm hard on my gear and after about half a dozen trips, I can't notice any signs of wear.
The big surprise is the quality of the cork. I was very impressed with the cork, and how little filler was used. I like to do pyrography work on my grips, which basically is using a high heat "pen" (sort of like a soldering iron with different interchangeable tips) to burn in a drawing. When you do this, the filler in cork doesn't take a burn, and falls out. Frustrating with cheaper grips. When I did the work on this one, there was hardly any filler. To the point of this being far and wide the grip with the least filler in my entire quiver of rods.
I decided to team this up with a Piscifun Blaze reel, and Shadow 5wt line. The rod casts quite nicely. It had no problems launching heavy nymphing rigs out to about 50'. The tip flexes nicely, not too much or too floppy, and seemed to have a decent amount of reserves in the bottom end. Comparing to some of my other rods, it's not QUITE as good as my HMG, but I'll say it's quite a good bit better than my eagle claw, and at this price, that's a much better comparison. It has good feel, and transmits the "feel" of the fish very well, keeping it exciting.
Some pictures:
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.
The pyrography, this was pre-shading:
Overall, the rod would make an excellent budget-minded back up or starter rod. I know my eagle claw probably won't get much use by me now, this will definitely replace it. Or again, this rod can be had with the blaze or sword reel for just over a hundred bucks and makes a great combo for the price. I remember paying twice that for a Cabelas prestige combo when I first started, and both this Piscifun rod and reel are miles beyond that Cabelas package.
And I guess I should talk about the reel a bit. The reel on this rod is a Blaze reel, which doesn't seem to be as popular as the Sword reel I have previously reviewed. But, after taking both apart, fishing them, fiddling with them, I'm 99% sure (Piscifun may want to confirm) that mechanically they are the same reel. Same bearings, shaft, drag, etc. Just a slightly different visual design offered in a few different colors. This is a good thing, I love the Sword reel, and this is no different. Smooth drag, smooth bearings, tight tolerances and an excellent finish. I went with the "coffee" finish on this one, which is different, but I still find it handsome. It's something that definitely works even on the more subdued vintage colored rods.

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By spm on 04-20-2017, 02:44 PM
Default Re: Review: Piscifun Legend Fly Rod

God review, nevada. I have often wondered about the quality of these rods.

Thanks for posting this.
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By nevadanstig on 04-20-2017, 03:31 PM
Default Re: Review: Piscifun Legend Fly Rod

Originally Posted by spm View Post
God review, nevada. I have often wondered about the quality of these rods.

Thanks for posting this.
Thanks Steve. I definitely feel they're worth every bit of the 50 or so they cost. Given the price, they are nice rods. No, they arent sages or winstons by any means. But definitely a step up from something like eagle claws or the cheaper "store brands" (ie cabelas, scheels) type rods. Great back ups, beginners, bushwackers, etc.

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By mcnerney on 04-20-2017, 05:38 PM
Default Re: Review: Piscifun Legend Fly Rod

Very nice review, thanks for sharing!
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