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BigCliff 04-29-2005 10:10 AM

Call to action!
:starwars: Here's a challenge to the entire board:

This weekend, either go fish, or use this board to get an answer to one of your fly-fishing related questions, or be very productive, and do both.

If you go fish, see if you can learn something, and then tell us about it.

I want at least 80% of us to accomplish one of those things.

I am headed off tomorrow to fish a clear limestone bottomed river with plenty of sunfish and bass. The thing actually even has some dinosaur tracks in the bottom of it. (ferreal!) I plan on catching over 20 fish and loving every minute of it. :thumbsupu

Fish Bones 04-29-2005 10:51 AM

Re: Call to action!

Great challange!!! I think I'm up for it... I'll do both.:thumbsupu

fshfanatic 04-30-2005 01:37 AM

Re: Call to action!
I am going to go tomorrow, Saturday, for the evening fish with some poppers and my 4wt!


BigCliff 05-02-2005 10:02 AM

Re: Call to action!
Ryan Watters and I had a great day saturday on the Paluxy River, near Glen Rose, Texas. We hit the river about 9:30, and started catching fish immediately. That first crossing really is a great spot, as long as you don't mind having a truck parked in the river blaring the Mavericks game when you get back to your car. More on that later.

The day started out sunny and seemed to be warming quickly, but the intermittent wind made it hard to judge how to dress. The 25mph breeze blowing upstream made us cold when it blew, and comfortable when it didn't. All in all, I'm still amazed we were wearing waders, long-sleeve shirts and were still cold at the end of April in Texas. The fish also seemed to be a little colder than they would have liked, and took a while to really warm up.

We both used a variety of flies. In general, Ryan's were smaller and greener, while mine were bigger and more tan. I think he caught the most on a damsel nymph and I caught the most on a tan wet caddis pattern with lots of sparkle built in, size 12. 90% of the fish were caught either from under a ledge or some other bottom irregularity, or from a shaded spot. We went all the way up to the large slow pool past the island/rock-bar by the "Jungle Run". I just came up with the term "Jungle Run" to describe a 15yd run that is so heavily canopied, overhead casting is only possible in one place, and even roll casting is impossible in most of it.

We saw a huge variety of fish, Bluegill, Longear, Greenies, Largemouth, Spotted Bass, Channel cats, Minnows, Drum, Lots of Carp, and some 30+" Spotted Gar. We plenty of the first five of those. I was pretty suprised that our Bass-to-Sunfish ratio was about 1-2, rather than being more sunfish heavy. I know that I won the prize for small fish of the day. I caught two minnows on a dry that were literally smaller than my pinky. When I set the hook, I actually threw a good backcast.

I caught 38 fish and I'm sure Ryan came close to catching that many. I did have a semi-unfair advantage though. I was fishing two flies most of the day and managed to hook two at the same time three times. Those hook-ups were all out of the same hole just below the first crossing. I told Ryan that I will now call it "Two Fish Crossing".

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