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Old 12-05-2007, 10:13 AM
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Default Re: 8 Wts

Hi to all,

Jackster is right about the shoot-out articles. They should just be considered a source of information and not your only guideline in picking a rod. I find the Fly Fishing Insider report to be more in line with my experience. It all comes down to personal style and experience. The problem with this style of report is they judge everything on how far they can cast with a particular rod and how it works for an expert caster. Many times the information is not useful to an inexperienced caster. Fortunately the inexperienced caster is looking for a lower cost rod and most of those have an action that fits their experience.

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Old 12-05-2007, 04:39 PM
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Default Re: 8 Wts

What the Andersen/ratings show is the closeness of the raw scores, even with his flawed criteria, the top 10 rods are...just like all ratings whether it's our dream machines in Car and Driver or Road and Track or having the wife drop consumer reports in your lap while watching the game opened to washing machines...the top ten are almost always separated by less then 10% raw score...

IMHO Flawed criteria because one size, as in what and where fishing, does not fit all. For me sight fishing on flats for tarpon, permit, bonefish and redfish the most important rod criteria is: What gets the fly to the fish when the guide calls the big fish at 90 feet and closing...see your rod tip... see it right at 50 feet.... yes...let go...when you have a full dose of "buck fever" what works in your hand and that hand may have a rod in it 20 days in a year or 200 days in a year. Since a typical day of tarpon or permit fishing involves casting to at most 20-25 fish and at least 30% of the time between 5 and 10 fish....bonefish in the islands: size doesn't matter 40 to 60 fish...size matters(above 8 lbs) 10-15...Andersen's criteria of rod weight and swing weight differences of less than 10 % are irrelevant(besides it's that lump of alumin on the seat that's the weight); His X factor criteria is likewise irrlevant...his fun to fish with/got to have criteria is only relevant after you have caught fish with the rod not before...because after you have caught good fish with any fly rod it's the best for you...for me it's the 10 wt TCR and the old 11 wt XTR three piece....two distinctly different rods but they hook and catch big fish for me better than all my others I have or had.

His performance distances are 35, 60 and 100...100 is lawn casting...not "real world" fishing(watch anybody who can dump 100 feet of line... is it on the water or is it on lawn where the back cast can hit the grass/asphalt with minimal drag... is there a leader and fly and does the fly end up at the end...I have seen guides dump 100 feet of line but only a very few times does the fly end up at the end and it takes three complete cycles to get there including a water load )...35 feet is 25 feet of line and a 10 foot leader to fly...for 8-12 wts that's a cast to a fish that the guide and I missed...that's just luck....but the 60 feet performance is the distance or better yet 50 to 80 including leader to fly..

My "try out" for a clear water flats fly rod 8-12 wt same respective line for all rods in the respective wts: Asphalt...have about 15 feet of line out tip with 9 foot leader and appropriate sized/weight fly in hand...then 35 feet line coiled on the "deck"...roll out of hand forward...then back shoot five...then forward shoot five...then back shoot five ...then forward shoot 10 feet which rod does it best for you(the fly goes where you aimed it) at this 50 feet including leader with fly then try to get 60 feet out same number of casts or one more full cycle...that's your sight fishing flats rod ...not your trout rod...not your steelie...not your bass rod...
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