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Ard Stetts 11-22-2012 11:05 PM

A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;

Please realize that the forum doesn't allow uploading photos from a personal computer directly to a post. You will need to use a third party photo hosting site or the photo gallery here on the forum. In either case you will upload to those locations, then link to a post. You may use either of these links to find detailed instructions for posting your photos to the threads here.

Photo Bucket;

Load From Your Gallery;

For other useful 'Facts' about forum procedures and answers to the most common questions from members check the FAQ forum. To find your way to this sub forum, simply click on the word 'Forums' on the menu bar found at the top of every thread. After the various forums have loaded to your screen, scroll down to find the FAQ section and to get an overview of all of our sub forums,


al_a 02-26-2017 10:18 PM

Re: A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
Is there ever going to be a change to make posting photos as easy as they are on every other fishing site I frequent? In other words, being able to browse your computer directly and insert into a post?? I seldom have the time nor the inclination to go through the cumbersome process of posting photos, and I'm sure a lot of other members are discouraged from posting them. What is the benefit to the site of having it set up this way?

flytie09 02-26-2017 10:26 PM

Re: A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
I agree it's a chore for sure. It's 2017.... there's gotta be a faster, more secure way. If not.... I'll shut up and take 30 minutes to make my post.😘🙈


Ard Stetts 02-26-2017 11:32 PM

Re: A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
We used to have the post from your desktop option but went to either having to use your Gallery (which is not something I do) but your Gallery has limited content ability. If you use the gallery method it works however, if you remove a picture from gallery to create room for new images the image on the thread is deleted because the host image has been removed.

I use Photo Bucket and it is actually easy enough that I continue using it. Yes you must upload to the 'Bucket' but once there you just copy the image url and paste it into the post wherever you want them like this.......

BTW, I got a couple nice steelhead on that fly last fall :) In Photo Bucket I keep all my albums 'Private' and have set up various folders so I can find things easily there.

We stopped the desktop loading because of virus risks. If someone were allowed to join and load whatever they had on the desktop there is no way for our software to scan the images. There may one day be a change to this but I don't know of it if it is coming.


JoJer 02-27-2017 11:45 PM

Re: A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
I used to use Photobucket, but it's become slow and loaded with ads.
Now I use Imgur. It's cut my posting time to 20 minutes. ;)

Ard Stetts 02-27-2017 11:54 PM

Re: A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
I realize this will sound like ostentatious spending but I actually pay for an upgraded account with Photo Bucket. It is 9.99 annually and there are no ads at all. With the upgraded account I can load 20 pictures from my desktop into an album in roughly 20 seconds and posting happens as fast as I can open the PB window.

I paid the big bucks because I didn't have time to fiddle around with the free programs and I've tried a few, flicker and another who's name I forget.

dean_mt 02-28-2017 09:52 AM

Re: A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
This is a test. Uploading from Google Photo has been an issue in the past, though with a lot of help from some users here, we figured it out. Basically Dustin (onemississippi) figured it out. But I'm trying a simpler route to see if this image sticks around.

Big dog, or small wolf?

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