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pogybait 03-21-2013 10:03 AM

Del Canty Lunker Hunter Systems
I've been reading, here and there, comments about Del and the Lunker Hunter System he developed in the mid '70s. Here is some information about this. Del bought the patterns and rights to the predecessor to the Lunker called, "The American Water Walker". Del redeisnged the Water Walker to be a safer tube by enlarging the rear for better stability. He and his lovely bride, Lilah, manufactured the tubes in his home in Leadville, CO, for many years.

In 1979, I learned about his system so I called him while on a trip to L'ville. I went to his house, drank coffee, ate donuts, looked at his world record mounted fish, and purchased the original Lunker Hunter tube and some accessories. The original tube was black on the bottom and international yellow on the top with removable storage compartments. Eventually, the tubes were manufactured in La Junta, Colorado, where the color was changed to international orange on the top and non-removable storage compartments. After buying my original Lunker tube, I purchased one of the La Junta tubes then, a friend gave me his La Junta made tube. I have all three tubes.

I was fortunate to have another friend who owned the American Water Walker. Before moving back to Michigan, he gave me this tube.

I'm interested to know the value of the Water Walker and the original Canty yellow and black and orange and black tubes. Does anyone have a feeling for this? The Lunker tubes I have are donut shaped and not the elongated ones.

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