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Old 04-30-2008, 03:56 PM
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Question Basic patterns-different tying methods ??

Many of us have a "group" of special flies that we've been tying
for years, or maybe you are just getting started. If we are honest
there are many ways to tie the same "basic" fly so here's a simple
question for everyone. If you have let's say 10 special flies how
many ways do you tie that fly ? ( I understand the differences in
lifecycle, but I mean just different ways of tying a pattern.)

Let's use one of the "basics" to fly fishing, the Elk Hair Caddis.
I myself have tied at least 6-8-10 variations of that fly. Different
hackle, different hair, different body material. My latest uses
Crystal Flash to wrap the shank (3-4 strands) tied in at the
bend, then wound up/down the shank till I use it all up. Then
palmer wrap a light brown hackle, then finish off with the Elk
Hair overwing & head.

This Crystal flash method gives that extra sparkle that has
produced good results. My youngest daughter just gave me
on Monday a page out of our local paper showing a local
tier & the fly shown in the article was this version of the
Elk Hair Caddis.

How about you ??

Tie One On,
Fisher of Men
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Old 04-30-2008, 04:11 PM
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Default Re: Basic patterns-different tying methods ??

In the UK at this time of year, Olive nymhs account for huge numbers of fish, size varies, and guys who tie their own invariably use different materials.
I like to use Olive marabou, Antron, and an olive hackle, with the addition of Green glass seed bead eyes.
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Old 04-30-2008, 04:28 PM
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Default Re: Basic patterns-different tying methods ??

I've been tying flys for sometime now. But just in the past few months have I really gotting going into it. The first few I tyed, didnt look very good, but they did catch some fish. After hitting a few snags in finding tying stuffs and patterns, I got a begginners book with a lot of basic techs and many simple patterns. The only down part to this book was how it showed nothing but trout and salmon patterns. Not that it was bad, there arent many trout and salmon around my area that are fly accessable. So I managed to adapt a few of the techs in that book to what we have around here. Several of the patterns have worked very well for perch and crappie. I took two other patterns and adapted them to the fish I wanted to target the most. The one is the great Clouser Minnow the other was called Tequila Flash. The Flash is Maraboo with flashboo or crystal flash tyed in. So far the Tequila has been very good for pike. I had to further modify it since the hooks I was using were breaking (tips bending) and the stuffs I was using was needed to be changed to give it a better look. Over the last few months I've made close to 100 different flys. Most that I've tyed dont look very much alike. I find that the Clouser is easy to make over and over and keep the same look. But, the Tequilas dont look very much alike. Most of the small nymphs and grubbs I make each have a differant look to them. All have the nice poof but thats about it. Now I'm into fiber minnows. With these I use several types of fibers and stack them in just about any color arrangment I can think of. I want more fibers and colors to make more of these things since they look really good to me. So for me I find myself on 2-3 patterns that each get tyed a bit differant depending on what I need or think they will do best at. With these 3 types, I'd say I have many ways to ty them since there are many fibers, hair, and other stuffs out there. Those many stuffs can make many new ways, colorations, or set ups to make them.
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Old 04-30-2008, 05:51 PM
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Default Re: Basic patterns-different tying methods ??

Thanks for the input. I am a new tier and the idea that I can change things around a little makes it easier.
Easy Does It. But Do It
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Old 05-01-2008, 01:09 PM
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Default Re: Basic patterns-different tying methods ??

Having only been tying for a few months, I took a couple of lessons and went to local fly shops and watched several demos and have found that several of my flys I am using different materials then the patterns I have seen or found on various web sites, one midge pattern that I was buying last year I have tyed this year 10 different ways/colors/materials and will find out how many and which ones work the best as the procedes.
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Old 05-04-2008, 10:31 PM
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Default Re: Basic patterns-different tying methods ??

I find it stimulating to try different recipes for the same old patterns. For example last year I tied up a few caddis drys using CDC for both the wings and the body. They are very light and flitter in the breeze and yes they caught fish.
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