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txbevo 11-23-2008 10:30 PM

Pond Boat/Bass Buggy on River
I am trying to decide which route to go on purchasing a boat. Do I go kayak or pond boat/bass buggy or pram? I prefer to fish on rivers, but I live within a quarter mile of a lake and the reality is that I can get on the water there for an hour or 2 much more frequently than I can get to a river. I want something that can handle both stillwaters and rivers and the yak would probably fit best for the combination. However, I like the stability that a pond boat (such as what you can find at Bass Pro) or pram offers over the yak. My question is this: Can you float a pond boat/bass buggy down a river such as the Brazos? Anyone here do that? I would think that having the use of a trolling motor would let you float then motor back up to where you put in.

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