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nicknorm 04-24-2009 10:57 PM

Need help choosing the right rod.
I've recently become interested in fly fishing, and I bought a rod rather impulsively. I bought a 9ft. 8wt. rod. This summer I am planning a trip to the Pagosa Springs area of Colorado, and plan to try fly fishing on the San Juan, and Weminuche Rivers for trout about 10-24 inches long. I've been doing some reading, and bought a DVD, and I think my 8 wt. is better suited for bass. My question then is this: Can I use my 8 wt. for the trout on these rivers, or should I invest in a lighter weight rod?

dorian.ducker 04-24-2009 11:06 PM

Re: Need help choosing the right rod.
Although an 8 wt. would certainly "work", a lighter weight rod would be much better for most trout fishing situations. Especially if you plan on throwing dry flies around. In my opinion, an 8 wt. would work for throwing big streamers around which isn't a bad way to fish for trout. On the other hand, if the places you are fishing aren't typically very windy I would get a 4 wt. I personally really like 4 wts. for trout. If there is much wind I would get a 6 wt. I know that a 5 wt. is standard fare for a trout rod, I just like 4's and 6's better, they do their job in their respective situations better for me. Good luck choosing!!

BTW...if you won't be able to invest in 2 trout rods down the rod, get the 5!

mcnerney 04-25-2009 06:28 AM

Re: Need help choosing the right rod.
nicknorm: Welcome to the forum and the great sport of fly fishing. As Dorian pointed out an 8 wt will work, but the issue is that the fishing pole will be so stiff there will be little or no bend in the rod when you have a trout on. A lighter rod 4 to 6 wt would be better suited for your purpose. Also, I hope you are not planning a fishing trip to the San Juan by yourself, you will be very disappointed. That is a tailwater and the fishing can be fantastic, but is rather technical. I would highly recommend you hire a guide for a day to see how he fishes that river and how he rigs the leader and tippet. The river gets some fairly heavy fishing pressure and the fish get rather picky at normal sized flies. I have fished the river a number of times and the guides all use size 24/26 flies on 7x tippet.


peregrines 04-25-2009 09:44 AM

Re: Need help choosing the right rod.

Welcome to the board. You've gotten great advice from Dorian and Larry. Where abouts do you live, and what are the fly fishing opportunities close to home--- it might help zero in on an another outfit looking beyond your trip to the Green, but also being geared for that too.

Although your 8 weight will "work" it's much more suited to bass, steelhead and light saltwater for everything from stripers, bluefish, redfish, sea trout, bonefish-- and is a great choice for those fish.

You may want to give some thought into where you'll go from here in terms of fly fishing-- looking beyond your trip to the Green a bit to other opportunities around you more locally. It's not uncommon for folks to have several different rod weights for different types of fishing. For fishing different conditions/species it might be a good strategy to skip a couple of weights in terms of bang for the buck-- 8-6-4 or 8-5.

Since you have the 8 already, you might want to consider a 5 weight-- it's a great all around trout weight-- a little more oomph than a 4 weight in windy conditions, but still delicate enough for fishing small dry flies. It'll let you throw larger dries like grass hoppers and stimulators on other rivers, as well, and of course not too much of a difference between a 4 which is a bit more suited for delicate presentations, shorter casts and small flies on spring creeks or specialized tail waters like the Green and 6 which is more suited for throwing bigger stuff (streamers, heavily weighted nymph rigs, large dries and longer casts on bigger water like big western rivers in windy conditions.

A 5 and 8 is a great combination for all around fly fishing in FW and light SW and might be the most versatile combination you could get in just 2 weights worth of outfits.

If you end up "specializing" in rivers like the Green where small flies are the rule, fishing for panfish or small streams for small trout etc you could add a 3 weight down the road, (but that is a lot more limited in terms of fishing for other stuff.), and at that point you'd end up with an 8-5-3.

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