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Old 03-22-2012, 04:16 PM
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Default Re: A good point made but.....................


I've decided to limit myself to 5 =)

It was a Hoffman #1 Grizzly neck that last did my materials bin in. That was back in 1977, after I had taken an hiatus from tying for about 2-1/2 years. I had left it in the original packaging, and it must have had eggs in it from when I had bought it in 1974. It was in a wooden box, "shoebox sized" with 4 other necks and 2 saddles, 2 golden pheasant necks and a silver pheasant neck.

When I opened the box, my first indication of a problem was all the feathers loose from the former skins they had been attached to... and the cloud of fluff that jumped out from the box.

NASTY scene. All the quills were brittle, many of the feathers were 'perforated' as if greeted by a shotgun, and the volume of beetles and bug carcasses nearly outweighed the original contents.

I had cedar blocks in the box, but that was my only line of defense... far from enough obviously.

Since that time, I 'commune" with any new natural materials introduced into the fold... they all get a quick trip to the microwave, a trim, a baptism in warm water and Dawn, cool rinse, complete drying, new home in a Ziploc or Glad freezer bag, labeling, a few days in the freezer, rise to room temperature, inspection for any crystals/moisture that may form in the bag, and THEN they are introduced to the family.

Only exception is fur on tanned hide... that gets brushed, microwaved, bagged/labeled, freezer, defrost only.

Cleanest materials in town? Ohyeayoubetcha.

If you've never seen the difference between a cape/saddle bought and stuck in the drawer and one bought, washed, rinsed, dried... you've never seen how BEAUTIFUL materials can be prior to being wrapped on a hook.
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Old 03-23-2012, 04:51 AM
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Default Re: What do you think about this for storing materials?

I think the metal parts cabinet is perfect for storing some materials. I used to put hooks, chenille, pre-cut foam a similar box. My hook collection was too hard to keep up with like that, so I took them out. But I still keep chenilles, estaz, foam, magic markers this type of cabinet. I put my fur and feathers in storage boxes with locking lids. (plastic) I was using moth balls, but they stunk so bad I couldn't stand it. Now I use cloves, and cedar in the boxes. When I get my material, I freeze it for a week. Then it goes into the moth ice box for 2-3 days, maybe more. Then they go into the appropriate feather or fur box. I also have some stuff in drawers like those shown in the previous photos. This is dubbing, and small patches of fur. Those drawers also have cedar and cloves. The furs all stay in zip lock bags. I'd never be able to sort the dubbing The thing about materials is, they keep increasing, and you are always buying a new box, or trying to sort material better so you can find it. I have rooster separate from hens. I have bucktail separate from regular fur. I have pheasant skins a general feather box.
I hope this helps.
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