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two_nymph_rig 06-04-2012 09:34 PM

Want to tie czech/caddies nymphs
I am just starting out in the tying world. I have been tying some midges, and want to start jumping in to nymphs. I like to do a lot of high sticking with weight, so I figured I should start tying some czech style nymphs. I have been watching some videos, but I really do not know where to start when it comes to buying the materials. the closest fly shop is about 45 minutes away, so I will be ordering my stuff online. So, if somebody could provide a list of materials to buy, and maybe a few of their favorite patterns, it would be greatly appreciated. (remember, i am a beginner) I do have various colors of dubbing, and dozens of spools of 6/0 thread.

jaybo41 06-04-2012 10:19 PM

Re: Want to tie czech/caddies nymphs
The possibilities are endless, but I will say that I am quickly becoming a huge fan of all things UV. Even just a little bit of it seems to have made a difference when I've added a material with UV properties to my flies.

I was messing with a pattern a few weeks back and found pretty good success. I'll try and get a photo posted sometime tomorrow. Here's the down and dirty pattern.

Tungsten Bead or regular bead with no lead wire if you prefer
Partridge Czech Nymph Hook, size 16
Rainbow Scud dubbing
pink UV dubbing for hotspot
Black UV dubbing for the collar
Scud shellback, clear 1/8th size
XSmall black wire wrapped around the shellback

I picked up materials from various sources., and a local shop. You should also take a look at Feather-Craft, they have a great selection of materials. All websites mentioned are highly recommended.

One thing to add, there is a book that I highly recommend for nymphing techniques as well as some great fly patterns. George Daniel's Dynamic Nymphing. It's a must have book IMHO if you are into nymphing. It's available on Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle edition.

Hope this helps.

williamhj 06-04-2012 10:23 PM

Re: Want to tie czech/caddies nymphs
Hopefully an expert will chime in but until then here is my two cents.

I use lead tape for weight. It is nice to shape a thin and heavy body to dub over.
I use some mono and flash to create segmentation.
I use thinskin for the back. I segment the dubbing with something thin and flashy, pull the thinskin over the back of the fly, then go over the segments with the mono which you can pull tighter than the flash for more pronounced segments

For dubbing I just do the abdomen in something dull, a section of something lighter above the abdomen and then something darker for the rest of the thorax. Pick out the dubbing on the bottom to make a buggy looking fly. Be sure to tie in the thinskin well at both ends andnleave room to tie off at the head.

MoscaPescador 06-04-2012 11:21 PM

Re: Want to tie czech/caddies nymphs
On the west coast, Steve Corbay of Fly Tying Specialties is the man when it comes to Euro style nymphs. His online fly tying business specializes in this category.

Welcome to Fly Tying Specialties

He is a great guy, too.

Here is Andy Burk, a Northern California fly tying guru and Umpqua signature fly designer, tying Burk's Bottom Roller.


JoJer 06-05-2012 02:19 AM

Re: Want to tie czech/caddies nymphs
I have lots of substitutes for thin skin materials for the tops of flys like this; Sugical glove rubber, thin yellow and green plastic sheet, some dk green vinyl strip used to tie plants to stakes.
You can dub the fly with light colored dubbing and color with markers.
I've seen shaped lead/no-tox material designed to fit the top of a hook to shape and weight nymphs and I think I could make a close copy starting with thick solder or fuse wire and shaping it with pliers or hemostats.
Build the whole body with colored glass/plastic/metal beads and cover with skin or coat with epoxy or Hard head.

jaybo41 06-05-2012 12:53 PM

Re: Want to tie czech/caddies nymphs
Here's a couple shots of the nymph I mentioned in my previous post.

Here's a video by Kevin Compton from Performance Flies doing a Tungsten Torpedo. I have had good success with this one too.

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