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Fly2Fish 06-26-2007 12:24 PM

Fly Tippet Threaders
Maybe it's just that my arms keep getting shorter (or perhaps the hand shake from celebrating too much last night over yesterday's trophy catch:wink:), but I've been looking more and more at threading aids, particularly for smaller flies.

From what I've experienced, the Quick Tye Tool is a complete waste of money, but Orvis' Magnetic Fly Threader really works pretty well, although I haven't tested it on the smallest midges yet. The threaders used by C & F/Scientific Anglers, which are an expensive variation to the old standby needle threaders for people who sew, also seem pretty good, and they do store easier than their sewing equivalents.

However, I'm wondering why six sizes (Standard, Midge, Ultra-Midge - all in long & short lengths) are necessary when it would seem that the Ultra-Midge would be a "one-size-fits-all" choice eliminating the need for the additional (& expensive) sizes? After all, the thinner-wire Ultra Midge would fit flies with larger eyes, but not the other way around for the Standard size with thicker wire.

madriverbrown 07-01-2007 10:50 AM

Re: Fly Tippet Threaders
I carry an Ultra midge with me at all times and I use it for all my small nymphs,wets and dries. Especially in low light conditions. C & F are really expensive. I got lucky and my wife bought me a threader box for father's day one year. Turns out I preload my box with all of my dries 18 and smaller and I keep one in a container in my chest pack for nymphs and wets. They come in packs of three I believe but aren't worth the price they ask. I would find a couple fellow anglers to split the cost with and just keep one. My ultra midge works very well for 18 and smaller and I have had it about seven years now.

Fly2Fish 07-01-2007 03:08 PM

Re: Fly Tippet Threaders
I was lucky enough to buy the C&F threader box at half price on sale at Orvis; even with that it was not cheap. But like you said, the size of the box's compartments are made to order for small dries.

Last I checked the threaders sold separately were in 4-packs, and seem to run $11 to $15 - around $3 and change for each. I'll probably keep the extras since there's no way I will be able to go seven years without dropping/losing one.

I still don't see any reason to buy the Standard size when the Ultra Midge size will work on any fly the Standard works on, plus as well on the smallest midges I have which the Standard is too large for.

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