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sarina1234 12-10-2007 02:36 PM

I need your opinion - hip waders
Hi everyone,

I am buying my husband a new pair of hip waders for his birthday and I am not sure what to do. We fly fish in the Sheep River near Calgary Alberta. It involves a lot of hiking through the woods and then stopping to fish. He does not fish very often (maybe 5 times a year in the summer).

Right now he has an old pair where the rubber boots are attached and they have suspenders etc. I went to buy him the same kind but the guy in the store is trying to sell me the “newest” version where you have separate shoes.

What would you recommend? I am not sure if I should fork out $400-$500 for some high tech hip waders that he will only use a couple times a year.

I welcome all opinions and recommendations on which stores to go check out as well.


Frank Whiton 12-10-2007 03:18 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders

First let me welcome you to the forum.

I think you are a little confused about what you are looking for. There are Hip Boots that have the boots fasten and there are two of them. One goes on each leg and they are held up by a belt. Then there are Chest Waders that have the boots attached and they pull them up like coveralls. they are held up with suspenders. There is also a Waist High Wader that has boots attached and you slip into them like a pair of pants. They are held up with a belt.

It sounds to me that you are talking about Chest High waders that are equipped with boots. The other type of Chest High waders have a rubber booty on the bottom and you ware separate boots over the booty's. For doing a lot of hiking the type with the booty and the separate boot can be bought with a very good fit. This style is usually best for hiking. The guy at the store may be right but you don't need to spend that amount of money.

TIA, I think the very best thing you can do is to give you Hubby a gift certificate and don't try to buy them for him. I know I would not want my wife to buy waders for me.


TIA, are these like what you are asking about?

sarina1234 12-11-2007 02:04 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders
Yes - the chest high waders equipped with boots (like in your picture) is the type he has right now and they seem to be working for him which is why I think I should just get that type again.

The guy at the store was trying to sell me the chest high waders with the rubber booty and separate boots over the booty. They had regular tracking for the sole and you can interchange it with a felt like sole for walking on slippery rocks. I just think that would be annoying in our case as we are constantly hiking in the woods and crossing the river.

The cost for the best pair of waders was $320.00 and the best boots were $179.00 - are these prices out to lunch?

Is there really a huge advantage to have the chest high waders with the separate boots?

He doesn’t like gift certificates as he thinks they are impersonal which is why I do not want to go that route.

Thanks for the welcome and your help!

headhunter 12-11-2007 04:19 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders
first do not need to spend upwards of 500 dollars between waders and wading boots. There are plenty out there that work very well for less money. I hate to say this..but I will...if I were your husband I would want the gift card. Then you know he is going to get exactly what he wants.

I use the wading boot wader combo because I think the boots fit me better and are lighter especially hiking in and out. Interchangeable soles are trendy but fraught with peril. Too many bad stories regarding the korkers. Look for choto sts or the lesse priced citicos. Orvis makes a good boot as does bean all for less than 175 dollars.

Waders? Breathable? Neoprene? Non breathable? Too many variables to guess.

Frank Whiton 12-11-2007 05:21 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders
Hi sarina,

Thanks for over looking me calling TIA. After I posted I figured out that your name is Sarina and you were thanking us ahead.

You seem set on getting the boot-foot type and I suggest you look at the Simms, Breathable Boot-foot wader. They are very well made and they use to have a terrific boot. I am not sure you can get them in a hard rubber bottom. I am not sure what boot they are using today. Cabels's has a good selection and you can learn a lot just studying their ads.

If the gift certificate is out then I would get hubby in the car and say we are going to buy you a Christmas present and take him to the shop. Don't discuss prices just let him pick out what he wants. This won't work if you just have to have his present under the tree. I will say again, buying waders for another person is very hard to do.

Sarina, let me tell you why it is hard to buy waders for another person. The foot has to be big enough for the socks that are worn but not too tight or the feet will get cold. The legs have to loose enough so you can raise your knee up to your waist with no binding. The body needs to be tight but not too tight to wear a sweater or jacket tucked into the wader. All of these things impact how a wader fits. Many people buy waders that are too tight and the buyer is never comfortable in the waders. Proper fit is very important.


imxer 12-12-2007 11:38 AM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders
Hello Sarina ------ Since you do more hiking than fishing, you might want to keep the waders/boots lightweight. Stocking foot, breathable waders with separate wading boots should be appropriate . This type boot will give you
better ankle support & a snug fit while hiking or in the river; the breathable waders are more comfortable than most. Height, chest or waist, depends upon the water depth you are fishing/crossing. Sole on the boots depends upon the type, [ rocky, sandy etc.], bottom of the river.
Since you fish about 5 times per year, you don't need to spend a lot of money on this. Suggest you look at what Cabelas has to offer starting with their boots & Hodgman waders & go up from there. What you choose can be easily exchanged by your Husband if he would prefer something else.

Fly2Fish 12-12-2007 06:53 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders

Originally Posted by imxer (Post 16983)
. . .Height, chest or waist, depends upon the water depth you are fishing/crossing. . . .

Imxer, I got the impression that it was hip waders she was looking for. And since hip waders can be snapped down to knee level, they're hard to beat for both mobility when walking out of the water and ease of on/off. For 4-5 times a year, I'd suggest she stick with these boot-footed, and if he gets into the sport more, he could then move up to breathable chest height with stockingfoot (foldable down to waist height) and wading boots to access more area wading.

And I would add, Frank's absolutely right. He needs to pick out his own waders.

Just my opinion, having both . . .

imxer 12-13-2007 12:18 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders

Re waders: You are right, the lady is asking about hip boots. My error

Re who buys the waders: I'll leave that for her to decide.


Joni 12-13-2007 01:59 PM

Re: I need your opinion - hip waders
First off, for the record, Hodgemans makes a stockingfoot HIPPER for like $24.

I got to ask what the terrain is like in your area to fish. If there are bushes and branches, then I recommend going with the more layer (thus higher price)
Articulated knees and a gravel gaurd are nice features also. But as stated...let him try them on first, and specially if he goes with the stocking foot. A must to try the boots on with your waders regardless of what a sales clerk tells you. Some people have more slack in the bootie then others and that will take up space in shoes
I also agree that you do not need to spend $500. Cabela's, Patagonia, L.L. Bean are just a couple of names
I can't speak about other companies, but I will say Orvis Rubber booted (felt soled) that are in my opinion, very comfortable. There are some out there also with a lace up boot that would be very nice.
I would like the boot attached at times, specially when the shoe laces freeze up.

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