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laurenz 07-18-2007 10:10 PM

Flyfishing Aruba
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Three years ago I moved to Aruba, but because I could not find much information about fly-fishing on the island it took a few months before I started fishing again.
Walking the beach at sunset one night with my wife chanced everything.
Always watching movements in the water made me discover tailing bone‚€™s.
It did not take long before I hooked on fly-fishing again!
The nice thing for people who like too fly fish in Aruba is that you can almost fish anywhere on the side of the island where all the hotels are.
There are many different species to fish for, but my favorite will always be the bonefish!
Searching for bone‚€™s, I also bring a steel leader just incase and last week it paid of.
Last week when I did not find a bonefish and was just about to give up I saw movement in the water.
When I took a better look my hart stopped and before I started breathing again I put on a steal leader and after a few try‚€™s it happened, I hooked my first shark!
And fishing with a 12 pound test leader it took a while before I landed him.
I knew I had a camera in the car and was not too far away.
It was only a small bull shark but it did not take long before half the island knew about it!
So if you come to Aruba bring your best rod and not just flies for bonefish.
Remember there are no shops that sell fly fishing gear!

Greetings Laurenz

philbush1127 05-14-2013 11:18 AM

Re: Flyfishing Aruba
That's pretty wild! I have always wanted to go fishing in Bonaire but that obviously wouldn't go over well

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