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Old 05-15-2009, 06:36 PM
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Default Saltwater fishing in VA

Hey all! I am just about to take the plunge into salt water fishing. Being broke means no guides for me yet, so any advice on where to fish in VA would be great.

i am not picky about much, just would like a reasonable shot at catching something that swims, in a place i can access pretty easily....

thanks in advance for your help!

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Old 06-08-2009, 09:03 PM
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Default Re: Saltwater fishing in VA

Virginia has many great places for fishing of all types. Not only do many residents of this beautiful state spend considerable time on the waters but so do many people who travel from other parts of the world to enjoy the great fishing that Virginia has to offer.While the freshwater fishing is rampant throughout the state as well, many people come for the great saltwater fishing opportunities along the coastal regions of Virginia. Saltwater fishing in Virginia has no limits to season or weather. In fact, some of the best saltwater fishing in the Commonwealth can be done after Labor Day when the seasonal fishermen go home for the end of summer. You can find some excellent fishing in the Atlantic, off the coast of Virginia and we're going to tell you how to do so. If you want to know how to catch saltwater fish in Virginia, here are some tips and hints to help you along your journey.
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Old 06-09-2009, 07:01 PM
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Default Re: Saltwater fishing in VA

Hopefully someone from down your way will weigh in with suggestions.

For starters, there's an Orvis store in Roanoke that might be able to give you some advice on where to go and a few pointers. They may know of a SW FF club they can point you to--- that will really help get you off to a good start--- many have group trips etc.

Other than that, I'd explore your state F&G website, maybe they list access sites and parks you could check out, local tackle shops (not just fly fishing shops) that cater to surf fishermen, and look for local fishing reports to at least get a sense of where you might get access and have a shot at a fish or two or three. If you can get a tide chart and some sense of the best tides to fish different areas, that would be great.

I'd concentrate on areas that have some structure like river mouths (James River?), inlets, points etc that tend to hold fish rather than the open ocean beach/surf. These tend to be easier to fish then wide open sandy beaches, and you'll probably have less wind and waves to contend with. The type of places where other people might fish with small plugs like Bombers with 9 foot spinning rods would be perfect for a fly rod (as opposed to 12 foot surf sticks and 3 ounce plugs) at least to start.

As far as gear, you'd want something like an 8 or 9 weight, a fist full of flies (Chartreuse clousers size 1 and a few 2/0 white deceivers will cover you for now), a shooting basket and you're good to go. You can buy a shooting basket for around forty bucks, or just make a simple one out of a rubber maid dishpan and some shock cord. Just burn or drill a hole in each end of the top of the rim of the short sides, and run the hooks on the shock cord through. You can tie over hand knots in the shock cord to get whatever tension you need around your waist. The shooting basket will keep loose coils of slack line out of the water and you'll get a lot more distance than trying to rip it out of the water when you cast. It also helps keep it from picking up **** in the water and wrapping around rocks if you fish from jetties.

If you have a boat, you have a lot more options and can do some zipping around. Keep asking questions

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Old 06-09-2009, 07:32 PM
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Default Re: Saltwater fishing in VA

Here is a link to some reports for the viginia beach area.Dr. Julie Ball's Website I have never fished that area but the site has alot of useful links. I fish the eastern shore of VA often. There is very good fishing but shore access is very limited and a boat is almost a neccesity.Chris'Bait & Tackle Fishing Reports Flyfishing shops are unheard of on the eastern shore. I know of a few fly guides Capt Chris is one of the best Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Fishing Charters in Virginia I hope this helps.
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Old 07-02-2009, 11:28 AM
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Re: Saltwater fishing in VA

The basic rig you should have is an 8wt or 9wt about 9 ft. The line should be a sinking or intermediate line with a short leader say 3 to 4 ft. The rockfish like Clouser, Sand Eel and Deciever flies in 2/0 hook size they are fairly cheap at some place like Dicks. The croakers like Shrimp and Crab patterns in a size 4 moving real slow on the bottom. The flounder like Clouser patterns in a 1/0. The other gear you'll need is a shooting basket, needle nose pliers and polarized sun glasses. The trick is to fish the tides coming in or just going out a slack tide is only good for pictures, Then look at the surf coming in and see where the waves break thats where the fish are going to be in little holes and behind rocks. Its something in the water thats making the waves break at that paticular spot.
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