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Forum: General Discussion 12-21-2015, 11:45 PM
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Posted By mrp1
The Winter Solstic

The Winter Solstice occurs today at 8:49 PM; just about the time I will make this post. Today is the day we have the fewest hours of sunlight and the most hours of darkness. For me personally, the...
Forum: General Discussion 11-15-2015, 10:01 AM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: I need carp!

Great fish DRC! It looks like it was a good deal warmer when you were there than when I was there...

There are very few mirrors on my home waters. I will pass up casting to a large common if I...
Forum: General Discussion 10-25-2015, 07:51 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: did a cast and blast today-- big grass carp

Grass carp are not easy to catch. Good for you!
Forum: General Discussion 10-18-2015, 10:31 AM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Fly fishing for Carp in the US?????

JoJer, thanks for the props; that video was fun to make.

I will be the first to admit I'm not photogenic but carp sure are. :icon_wink
Forum: General Discussion 10-15-2015, 08:56 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Fly fishing for Carp in the US?????

Fly fishing for carp has really taken off. Try it. When you hook a few you won't just like it you are likely to love it. Carp are the best; they are the world's greatest sportfish. It isn't cold...
Forum: General Discussion 09-15-2015, 11:14 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Hip pack and net?

I am mindful that many forums do not like links to blog posts. I believe this post, "Nettin' Carp Like a Gunslinger, or, Carrying a Net Made Easy"...
Forum: General Discussion 09-14-2015, 10:51 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Thoughts on st croix imperial 7wt as a streamer rod

When St. Croix still had the Legend Ultra the Imperial was more of a medium action rod. When they discontinued the Ultra they made the Imperial a faster rod. They advertise it as fast but it is...
Forum: General Discussion 07-25-2015, 11:45 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Tactics for the dog days of summer?

Try fishing for carp. If you catch some you may begin to crave the "dog days of summer". :thmbup:
Forum: General Discussion 07-20-2015, 12:31 AM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: To the cabin we go

It sure looks like a great day of fishing to me. :thumbsup:
Forum: General Discussion 07-12-2015, 11:33 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Waterproof camera

I'm really liking my Nikon Coolpix AW130 which I just recently purchased.
Forum: General Discussion 06-05-2015, 11:15 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Forum: General Discussion 06-03-2015, 11:56 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Forum: General Discussion 05-26-2015, 11:10 PM
Replies: 35
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Posted By mrp1
Re: What did you catch this weekend?

Yesterday I fished for carp. I scouted some new water. The weather was great; it was such a wonderful day.
Forum: General Discussion 05-21-2015, 03:56 PM
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Posted By mrp1
Re: For the GoPro Fanatics!

Parkinson's Law says that, "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

In 44 years of fly fishing and 43 years of fly tying, I have found that "Fly fishing gear and fly...
Forum: General Discussion 05-09-2015, 11:59 PM
Replies: 8
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Redfishing video from the LA marsh

Great video Bluemoons! ...and welcome to the forum.
Forum: General Discussion 05-09-2015, 11:52 PM
Replies: 5
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Posted By mrp1
Forum: General Discussion 04-29-2015, 09:09 AM
Replies: 46
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Exhort your state's fishing

Washington: We don't have the blue ribbon trout streams that some states have. Large, non migratory trout are primarily found in stillwater here. We have many lakes that offer great trout fishing....
Forum: General Discussion 04-24-2015, 11:09 AM
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Posted By mrp1
Dropping the Fly--Adapting to Different Conditions--A Video

Most of the carp I catch are 25-40 feet away. There are times when murky water, cloudy skies, and hard wind conspire to keep from seeing carp until I am very close to them. There are also times when...
Forum: General Discussion 04-18-2015, 10:41 PM
Replies: 4
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Floating Line for New 5wt Legend Elite?

Congratulations on the purchase of your new rod, Croaker. I think you will love the rod; I sure love mine.

I have never fished a Barrio line.

I use my EFW905.4 rods for trout. I usually carry...
Forum: General Discussion 04-08-2015, 07:50 PM
Replies: 14
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Posted By mrp1
Re: New scadden boat

I'm sure you'll love the boat! PFD's for sure. The only other tip is to not let it sit in your garage; get out and use it a LOT.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 04-05-2015, 10:40 PM
Replies: 16
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Beautiful Creek Bass and Introduction

Good job Cameron. Welcome to the forum.
Forum: General Discussion 04-01-2015, 10:19 AM
Replies: 24
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Posted By mrp1
Forum: General Discussion 03-23-2015, 10:55 PM
Replies: 28
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Carp ??

Carp are big, strong, smart, and wary. They are the world's greatest sportfish.
Forum: General Discussion 03-13-2015, 08:57 AM
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Posted By mrp1
After the Hookset--a Video

I had hoped to produce at least 3 videos this winter--possibly 4. Hmmm... I have worked on them but alas, here is the first one I have actually finished. It is not meant to be instructional; it is...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-13-2015, 08:47 AM
Replies: 12
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Posted By mrp1
Re: Carp in Low-Vis Water?

Try nymphs or egg patterns under an indicator. Gregg Martin in Idaho has really done a lot of this and has success.
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