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Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-28-2015, 06:56 PM
Replies: 21
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Posted By boyscout
Re: Smallmouth rod Help.

I use an 8 wt. I fish a few rivers that have some really big smallies and largemouth and also you risk catching a striper too. These rivers are wide and can get some serious wind and I have a...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-18-2015, 03:27 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 381
Posted By boyscout
Re: First Bass of the Year

I know where that is. Gators ain't the problem. Biggest problem is one of the locals who fishes it all the time. He carries a photo album of big fish he has caught and if he ever starts talking to...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-17-2015, 04:38 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 381
Posted By boyscout
Re: First Bass of the Year

WTG! Great looking fly. Those B10S hooks are awesome.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-02-2015, 04:57 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 602
Posted By boyscout
Re: Mini Muskies...

Ross, I too am in the upstate and have fished Goodale about 4 times.

When the pickerel are biting, it can be quite a hoot and there are bigger ones in there.

The bass are really hard to catch...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 02-05-2015, 05:47 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 418
Posted By boyscout
Re: Off the charts Pike fishing on the fly

Peter is right. I spent 5 days in the upstate NY catching small 2 to 3 pounders and that is the trip where me and my 8 weight bonded.

For the big boyz? I'm thinking solid 10 wt. And remember the...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 02-03-2015, 05:18 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 418
Posted By boyscout
Re: Off the charts Pike fishing on the fly

Just be careful releasing them...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 02-01-2015, 02:24 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 925
Posted By boyscout
Re: Smallmouth on popper.

I feel for you guys up there. It only got up to 55 here in SC today.

Yes, smallies on top are my favorite and yes, stripes are nipping at their heels.

But don't think I'd turn down a LM...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 01-29-2015, 05:03 PM
Replies: 37
Views: 1,779
Posted By boyscout
Re: General Discussion for Smallmouth

First off, some AWESOME looking flies on this thread! Also some really fat smallies.

reddington661 asked: Question numero uno: favorite flies/set-up for river smallmouth?

I use an 8 weight...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 10-14-2014, 06:00 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 959
Posted By boyscout
Re: Budget bass outfit

Did that on a smallmouth float on the New river. Worked great and made a HUGE difference. Took a while to screw up my courage to do it 2 miles into an 8+ mile float.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 09-03-2014, 05:11 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 929
Posted By boyscout
Re: How would you fish this river?

That spot has kayak/canoe written all over it. Looks like you could paddle upstream a mile and then drift back down hitting the good looking holes and structure.

I agree about bigger flies. Take...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 08-12-2014, 04:41 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 638
Posted By boyscout
Re: Smallie Success

Congrats on winning the challenge! Great post!
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 08-11-2014, 04:37 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 1,024
Posted By boyscout
Re: lost all my panfish flies in a horrible i misplaced them accident.

I feel your pain. I flipped my canoe in fast water a couple of years ago and lost all of my bass flies and broke my favorite rod.

Came close to drowning too.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 08-01-2014, 05:11 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 686
Posted By boyscout
Re: Top water smallie!

Great video and very nice smallie!

Music was cool too.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 07-25-2014, 07:19 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 1,712
Posted By boyscout
Re: 5 Weight Bass Flies?

I used a 5 wt overlined with a 6 wt line for years but like others have said, the 7wts and over can handle bigger flies and more situations (thick weeds, wind, etc) than a 5wt.

I liked Deceivers...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 07-25-2014, 06:56 PM
Replies: 32
Views: 2,845
Posted By boyscout
Re: A Beginners Journal

You got that right brother!

Keep at it and one day you will catch 15 and say it was slow. What is better is when you catch more and bigger than your spinning/bait casting buddies. It can happen.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 05-28-2014, 04:56 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 409
Posted By boyscout
Re: It is time!!!

Congrats on an awesome day of fishing...I mean catching!:punk:
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 05-28-2014, 04:53 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 1,007
Posted By boyscout
Re: What length bass leader

Maybe I can help. The big pinch of Copenhagen and camo jacket says it all.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 05-18-2014, 01:00 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 1,007
Posted By boyscout
Re: What length bass leader

For years I have been buying a 9ft tapered leaders designed for salt/pike/bass that taper down to 12lb. After using up about 2 ft from fly changes, I make a surgeons loop and add 12lb mono (no...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 05-14-2014, 06:40 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,207
Posted By boyscout
Re: New to fly fishing for bass

One thing I have found with LM and SM, sometimes throwing something really crazy can save the day.

For example, last year in March it was overcast, cool, and when we started, the spin fishing...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 05-14-2014, 05:54 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 646
Posted By boyscout
Re: couple questions about fishing for largemouths

bigjim and the others have given great advise.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but when it gets really hot I have a really hard time doing good on lakes using flies. Since you are...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 04-19-2014, 05:38 PM
Replies: 20
Views: 923
Posted By boyscout
Re: When and where for small mouth?

I spent a week in the NY Adirondacks and the smallie fishing was excellent. You also have the possibility of catching LM and pike also. Lots of fun.

Great action the last week of May.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-25-2014, 04:06 PM
Replies: 28
Views: 1,339
Posted By boyscout
Re: When do you like to fish poppers?

I'm in SC so I start seriously throwing poppers in April thru Oct. I target bass mainly.

When on still water, it is mostly early morning and late afternoon.

On rivers (my favorite) it's all day...
Forum: General Discussion 03-15-2014, 04:54 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 363
Posted By boyscout
Re: Geobass: Columbia

Wow! Words fail me. Thanks for sharing.
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-10-2014, 04:22 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 3,006
Posted By boyscout
Re: What are your top 5 bass patterns?

Those are some mightly fine ties displayed!

Tied in various colors and sizes...

1. Generic Deer Hair popper
2. Lefty's Deciever
3. Wooly Bugger - lead eyes
4. Clouser Minnow
5. Turned Up...
Forum: Warmwater Fly Fishing 03-03-2014, 05:33 PM
Replies: 16
Views: 1,125
Posted By boyscout
Re: hooks for largemouth

If I'm tying time consuming flies like hair bugs, I pay they extra and go for Gamagatzu B210 like mentioned in a previous post. Those thing are sharp and extremely strong.
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