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drc 12-15-2012 09:25 PM

Bass Worm

This isn't the best picture but its a fly that I made up today. I'm sure there are dozens out there like it but I'm not sure that they're made this way. This is a pretty easy way to make a long tail for a worm.

I took a 3/0 salt water hook and tied three pieces of medium sparkly chenille and braided them, leaving a few inches unbraided.

I used my hackle pliers to hold the braid in place while I took the hook out of the vise and put in a fish skull 35mm articulator shank in the vise.

I tied the braid onto the articulator shank and rapped the rest of the chenille to the end of the shank. after tying that down I tied in some orange marabou.

I then went back to the hook, put in some lead wire and tied down some more chenille.

I then formed a body with that using mono as ribbing and adding in some silk legs.

I then tied whip finished my black thread and formed a head with neon orange thread. The fly has great action and is very durable. still working on the weed guard.

caseywise 12-16-2012 12:10 AM

Re: Bass Worm
that's quite a creation.... i like it:teef:
i think large mouth would luv that all day long.
nice job:D


fredaevans 12-16-2012 11:30 AM

Re: Bass Worm
Do that up in 'Pink' and it would have Steelhead written all over it.


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