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king joe 04-04-2014 01:28 PM

"Dum Bass, table for one"
and by dum bass, I mean me.

Ok, so if you followed my "tax time..." thread, you will know I am now the proud owner of a G Loomis 13'4" Roaring River Dredger.....a beautful spey rod!

YOu will also know that I got with the rod, 475 gr skagit.

The rod was slightly was the line.

SO, I went to start setting up my spey reel. Hit one of my stores I usually running line, backing, a couple sinking tips...and straight mono for leaders/tippets. Excitedly, I go home and lay out my toys.

I uncoil the skagit head....and look for the ends....and where you can insert the Title.....DUMB ASS, Table for one.

When I buy new fly line, the ends are marked. As this is used, its not marked though as it is skagit, there is a significant difference in the to looped ends.

NO problem, I say....RIO website will have the information.

Nope...if anything, I found conflicting information there. Looking to other sites, same thing...conflicting reports. Some sites say "the thickest end to the reel"...some vice-versa.

So, what's a brother ta do?

Any help...or links that clarify this...would seriously help. I went out today for steels...and 'was' going to play with the new spey...but I wasn't confident in my setting it up so I 'only' fished/nymphed. Actually, I dodged floating iceflows and casted a bit...but it is always a fine line.

Thanks in advance

King Joe Outa Here!

Ard 04-04-2014 02:32 PM

Re: "Dum Bass, table for one"
Hi Joe,

Maybe some of the Skagit guys will confirm but I would go with the taper out front. I don't have any short heads like yours but taper to the front is my vote.

tyler_durden 04-04-2014 04:02 PM

Re: "Dum Bass, table for one"
There's usually a short, steep taper at the rear of the head and a long gradual taper at the front. The thickest part of the head should be closer to the rear.

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