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bekiu002 04-17-2010 09:19 PM

Central MN Trout
Since I started fly fishing I am constantly looking for places to fish near by especially trout. I have been thinking there was no trout around central Minnesota, that the south-eastern part of the state has been hogging it all. Then I stumbled across this page on the DNR site-
Streams - Montrose Area Fisheries Office: Minnesota DNR
I can't wait for trout season to start so I can try these streams and creeks out. If anyone who lives nearby wants to try one out feel free to PM me, it would be great to have another person to sniff out trout with.
Thanks Cabot
These streams are all around St. Cloud MN, about an hour away from the Metro on 94.

burtfishmonger 04-19-2010 12:41 PM

Re: Central MN Trout

first off, love your first name, cabot is a family name in my wifes family.

I am here in brainerd and we have two designated trout streams. Stony Brook and Home Brook.
I do know that there is another great stream around the Rice area and I have a friend who has sighted several fish in it.

I scouted Stony Brook on Friday afternoon, lots of suckers still with some browns mixed in. This stream is known for big browns, some of the biggest in the state maybe. I think fishing pressure is heavy opening weekend and then dies off. Most people fish mainly in Fritz Loven park, a couple miles of the stony in fritz loven has been "remodeled" in past years to be more fishing and trout friendly. You can fish north of fritz loven with less pressure but is harder fishing from what i know due to brush and trees.

Personally i was out stalking panfish this weekend, don't get to excited about the spookiness and finess needed to catch trout, I prefer Bass and pike baby!

arkman 05-19-2010 09:59 AM

Re: Central MN Trout
I went up last year and tried to fish Stony. I didn't make it 10 minutes before I was eaten alive. I might try again this year. My grandparents don't live too far from there.

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